18 extraordinary animal hybrids, the existence of which is hard to believe

One of the main features of a person is his burning desire to change everything around. For hundreds of years scientists have different time created a huge amount as hybrids of plants and animals, the latter of which often resemble the characters of science fiction, but we can assure you that they exist in reality.

Liger (Lion male + female tiger)

Ligers - the largest cat in the world today. The biggest liger is the Hercules of interactive theme park "Jungle Island". In male-Leagrove, with rare exceptions, almost no mane and unlike lions Ligers can and love to swim. Another feature Leagrove is that females Leagrove (ligritsy) can produce offspring, which is unusual for hybrids.

Tigon (male + female tiger lion)

Currently tigrolvy not as familiar as his "counterpart" Ligers, although in the late XIX - early XX centuries was the opposite situation. Tigrolvy never found in nature as tigers and lions are now different habitats. Normally less tigrolvy lions and tigers and weigh about 150 kg.

Zonkey (+ zebra donkey) 11,199,083

For hybrids zebra donkey typical trace on the back, on the belly and the "cross" on her shoulders.

Jaglion (male + female jaguar lion) 33,660,502

To a greater extent in yagliona prevails brown coat color with dark spots, as well as a compact physique jaguar. There is also a crossing with a black jaguar. This offspring turns black. They have a short but thick mane on his head and neck, which extends to the chin.

Geep (goat + sheep) 59,822,135

Home goat belongs to the genus of mountain goats, domestic sheep - sheep genus. In goat chromosomes 60 and 54. Therefore, in sheep offspring resulting from mating, usually stillborn.

Grolar (polar Grizzly Bear +) 27,412,076

Polar bear and grizzly bear are genetically very similar, and can produce fertile offspring. Most of these hybrids living in zoos, although there were several instances of seeing them in the wild.

Coywolf (+ coyote wolf) 49,658,447

Koyvolk - resistant natural hybrid coyote or any other North American species of wolves. Externally similar to the large coyote or red wolf. Koyvolkov is difficult to distinguish from the "pure" red and eastern wolves, which themselves look like a cross between a coyote and gray wolf; as well as the small size of the gray wolves with ryzhinkoy in color.

Zebroid (zebra + any kind of horse)

Zebroid usually form more like the mother and father have the stripes on the legs or part of the neck and torso. If we talk about the nature, the zebroid difficult to tame, and they are more aggressive than ordinary horses.

Savannah Cat (domestic cat + African serval)

Features savanna - an elongated body, elongated neck, long legs, large round ears and a dense spotted coat. From other species has a more developed intellect.

Wholphin (small black male + female orca dolphin kind of dolphin)

He became the first hybrid Wholphin named Kekaimalu, born in Marine Park in Hawaii. It was a female, who was able to have offspring. She gave birth to a cub at a very young age. The kid died a few days after birth. However, in 1991 Kekaimalu has given birth again, her daughter was given the name Pohaykealoha. Within two years, she cared for her cub, but nursed him. Pohaykealoha died at the age of nine. In 2004, there was a third cub. Thus, we now live in captivity only two instances.


In the 70s Beef bred more than six thousand ranches across America. Since then, their popularity has declined significantly, but the meat of this animal have loyal fans.

Hinny (male + female horse donkey)

With the exception of the head with short ears hinny looks a little different from a donkey, except that his voice sounds a bit different. Mules are bred in the Mediterranean countries and Asia. However, since they are inferior mules for performance and endurance, much rarer than mules.

Narluga (+ narwhal beluga)

It is extremely rare, although recently there has been an increase in the North Atlantic nablyudeyny.

Cama (+ Camel Lama)

Both animals belong to the family of camelids, but naturally have different habitats.

In animal reproduction center in Dubai in 1998, a hybrid born male named Rama, and in 2002 - a female named Camila. Animals are the offspring of female and male llamas dromedary. Fertilization was artificial. The opposite combination has not led to success.

Dzo (wild yak cow +) 64,157,553

Dzo is found in Mongolia and Tibet and Nepal. It is used in agriculture. Such hybrids are larger and stronger than yaks and local bulls which makes them ideal pack animals for transportation of equipment for climbers who intend to climb Mount Everest.

Leopon (male + female leopard lion) 21,278,990

Head leopon resembles the lion, while the rest of the body resemble leopard. For its size leopon larger than leopards, lions, but less.

The first documented case of the birth of leopon occurred in India in 1910. In 1910, in Bombay had two cubs - leopon. One of them died at the age of 2, 5 months.

Mulard (Muscovy duck duck + Home) 20,439,255

Mulard not found in the wild due to different geographic area of ​​common mallard (Eurasia) and wild musk duck (South America), are displayed only on the initiative of the person to rectify the shortcomings of these rocks.

Zubron (+ cow bison) 64,921,631

Bison, a European forest bison, threatened with extinction, but gets a chance to survive thanks to the efforts of biologists, has launched a project for the return of the bison in the forest. We can say that zubron - European response Biff.


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