Guinness World Records (26 pics)

May 4, 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver - then managing director of «Guinness Brewery» - went hunting in the area Veksford, Ireland. He has witnessed a dispute over the fastest bird in Europe, and then I realized that it is impossible to find in directories. Then he got the idea that this book could become popular. The first edition of "Guinness World Records" at 197 pages appeared August 27, 1955, and by Christmas she had already become the most popular book in the UK. Since the release of the first edition has sold more than 400 million copies. Last published book - "Guinness World Records 2010».

1. Joel Bullock of the United States pushes his masterpiece - the biggest ball of rubber bands. Ball weight kg 4097 was measured in Loderhille, FL, November 13, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

2. The largest number of people dressed in Smurfs, was 1 253. These are people who came to the festival "Muknomaniya" in Kaslbleyni, Ireland, July 18, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

3. The record for the 100-meter race with obstacles of 22, 35 seconds. Record holder was the German Maren Tsonker in Cologne, Germany, September 13, 2008. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)


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