Guinness World Records (27 photos)

May 4, 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver - then managing director of «Guinness Brewery» - went hunting in the area Veksford, Ireland. He witnessed a dispute over the fastest bird in Europe, but then I realized that it was impossible to find in directories. Then he came up with the idea that such a book could become popular. The first edition of the "Guinness World Records" on page 197 appeared August 27, 1955, and at Christmas it has become the most popular book in the UK. Since the release of the first edition has sold over 400 million copies. Last published book - "Guinness World Records 2010».

Joel Bullock of the United States pushes his masterpiece - the biggest ball of rubber bands. Ball weighing 4097 kg was measured in Loderhille, Florida, November 13, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

The largest number of people dressed in Smurfs, was 1 253. These are people who came to the festival "Muknomaniya" in Kaslbleyni, Ireland, July 18, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

The record for the 100-meter race with obstacles of 22, 35 seconds. Record holder was the German Maren Tsonker in Cologne, Germany, September 13, 2008. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

The world's largest pocket knife is in the unfolded state 3, 9 meters and weighs 122 kg. It was designed by Telmo Kadavez from Portugal, and is made by hand Virgilio Raul also from Portugal, January 9, 2003. (Guinness World Records)

Heaviest lemon in the world weighed 5 kg 265 g and was grown by Aharon Schemel on a farm in Kfar Zeit University, Israel. (Guinness World Records)

Scott Murphy of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, bent aluminum pan 30 cm in diameter in 30 seconds July 30, 2007. In girth received "lump" turned 17, 46 cm. (Guinness World Records)

The largest number of mugs of beer, which she has carried 40 meters, is 19. This is done in Mezenihe Anita Schwarz, Germany, November 9, 2008 in Guinness World Records Day. (Nick Hannes / Guinness World Records)

Sam drove Uekeling 453, 6 miles on a unicycle for one day in Aberystwyth, Wales, from 29 to 30 September, 2007. (Guinness World Records)

Jean-Francis Vernetti from Switzerland collected 8 888 different plates "Do Not Disturb" of the hotels 189 countries around the world since 1985. (Guinness World Records)

The total length of nails Melvin Booth (left) from Michigan 9, 05 meters. Lee Redmond (right), which did not cut nails since 1979 and carefully rasp them to grow up to 8, 65 meters, has lost its "wealth" in the accident in February. 68-year-old record holder said that this is the most dramatic event in her life, but also recognizes that without them much easier. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

227 T-shirts were put on Jeff Van Dyck to event Unizo in Brecht, Belgium, on April 24, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

Garry Turner from the UK can stretch your skin on the abdomen to 15, 8 inches, and all because of his syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - connective tissue disorders, affecting the skin, ligaments and internal organs. In this disease infestation collagen, skin firming and determining the level of its elasticity, which leads to a weakening of the skin and improved joint mobility. In more serious cases, this may lead to death due to rupture of blood vessels. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

1911 - exactly as many bottles of soda with Mentos were collected in one place - namely in Latvia students Graduate School of Business TURIBA June 19, 2008.

The biggest jicama weighs 21 kg and was grown Leo Sutisna in West Java, Indonesia. (Guinness World Records)

The largest collection of clones from the game LEGO Star Wars consisted of 35,310 individual models and was compiled by LEGO in Slough, United Kingdom, June 27, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

The oldest man, bungee leaping, is Helmut Wirtz. Wirtz was 83 years 8 months and 7 days old when he jumped on the bungee in Duisburg, Germany, August 9, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

The largest collection of watches owned by Jack Shoffu from the US, which brought together 1,094 hours of June 17, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

The new record of 23 January 2009 established Wim Hof ​​of the Netherlands - he spent 1:00 42 minutes 22 seconds completely buried in snow. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

The largest chalk drawing was 8361, 31 meters, it drew 5,578 children from schools in Alameda, California, for a special children's project from May 27 to June 7, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

The record for the fastest ride a wheelie sitting on the steering wheel was made Enda Wright in York, United Kingdom, July 11, 2006 and amounted to 173, 81 kilometers per hour. (Guinness World Records)

The longest ski in the world is 534 meters in length. On these skis have driven 1,043 skier at the event in Sweden September 13, 2008. (Jonas Borg / Guinness World Records)

The oldest player in table tennis - Dorothy de Lowe. She was 97 years old when she represented Australia at the 14th World Table Tennis Championships among veterans in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 25, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

"Snake Boat" from Alappuzha, Kerala, India, is 43, 7 meters in length. Her team consists of 143 people, including 118 rowers, 2 drummers, 5 helmsmen and 18 singers. The boat appeared in public in Kerala, India, May 1, 2008. (Guinness World Records)

The biggest speed on a skateboard in a standing position was 113 miles per hour. This record set by Douglas da Silva in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 20 October, 2007. (Guinness World Records)

The most massive cluster of Santa Claus was held on the square Gilholl Square in Derry, Northern Ireland, December 9, 2007 and was 13 000 people. (Guinness World Records) 15,244,924

PAV1 Badger, created by «Howe and Howe Technologies», became the youngest armored vehicles, accounting for only 1 meter in width. He is strong enough to take down the door, but compact enough to fit in the elevator. His commissioned Protection Service of California's population. (Guinness World Records)


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