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Photo - art direction, which is popular all over the world is growing every year. And no wonder, because all around us is full of beauty, and all it wants to capture.

< Website likes to share the work of talented photographers and to discover new names for themselves. We've put together a collection of pictures, to admire us in 2016, and we hope that you enjoy them as much.

Heroic attitude to work 20,459,644

Wildlife Photographer Daisy Gilardino has managed to capture a special event in Canada - when polar bears first come to light with a four cubs. For unusual photoshoot she spent 13 days in Wapusk National Park and waited for about 117 hours near a bear den, with an average temperature of about -50 ° C.


Wedding photographer who is still studying in elementary school ee59498a73.jpg

Willie Regina (Regina Wyllie) - 9-year-old girl the photographer enjoying considerable success with honeymooners in Scotland. From the early years of Regina is interested in photographing (her father is a photographer), and more recently even involved in the filming weddings. It is possible that major advances in Regina photos yet to come!


a long journey for the sake of amazing frames 4e93ad4385.jpg

Professional photographer Johan Lolos (Johan Lolos) a few years ago left their homes and began to roam the world, capturing all the most beautiful. Last year he spent in New Zealand. Johan traveled more than 15,000 miles in order to shoot these incredible landscapes.


Fantastically beautiful pictures with a unique atmosphere 8960239147.jpg

Magical landscapes Pascual Aida (Aida Pascual), international master of photography and conceptual art, could not fail to catch the eye of our editorial board. The photographer was able to skillfully convey special melancholic mood through use images and accents.


Full romance photo project "100 kisses" e095f8c525.jpg

Create hundreds of pictures of kisses from all over the world decided to Argentine photographer Lehmann Ignacio (Ignacio Lehmann). In this project, he collected random photos of people who have decided to strongly express their feelings. They remind us of how invaluable love and warm relations.


Grand Prix AdMe Photo Awards 2016 49f7edabe2.jpg Award

The author of these two black-and-white pictures - Photographer with the pseudonym Nikolai Endegor. For a spectacular shot of a model and actress Catherine Temple, named "Phoenix", he received the Grand Prix at the prestigious international photo contest AdMe Photo Awards 2016. For the victory in the contest fought 4419 photos, many of them conquered the jury of his emotion and expressiveness.


Sony World Photography Awards 2016 2cc37c99df.jpg

This image simply submits their views! For his work "Magic bamboo forest" photographer Kay Nomiyama (Kei Nomiyama) from Japan was named "Photographer of the Year" in the Open section of the largest photo competition Sony World Photography Awards. The contest 230 103 photographs were presented. Competitive photo Nomiyama made on the island of Shikoku in the beginning of the rainy season to see fireflies fly.


A good portrait of the sisters brought amateur photographer Delaware Sam (Sam Delaware) from the US title of "Photographer of the Year" in the junior section of the competition. Sam became interested in photography at the age of 12, he is now 18.

International Competition Smithsonian Photo Contest 2016 cda2caa657.jpg

The biggest winner of the 13th international contest organized by the Smithsonian magazine in the field of travel-photos was Albert Ivan Damanik (Albert Ivan Damanik). Its unique picture shows the view from the slopes of Mount Sinabung on Sumatra island in Malaysia. Valuable frame was lifted a week later after the local authorities have asked the population of the nearest village Dzheraya leave the danger zone within a radius of 7 kilometers.


Photographer Alice van Camp (Alice van Kempen) like to discover abandoned places in Europe, along with his favorite bull terrier Claire. The result of these journeys are bright pictures. Through snapshot created inside an abandoned train, Alice was a finalist in the Smithsonian Magazine Award "Reader's Choice" category.

Audubon Photography Awards 2016 f54a695967.jpg

Picture Steve Thorne (Steve Torna), done at Lake Yellowstone in the United States, won in the category "Amateur Photography" at the competition Audubon Photography Awards 2016. The competition is held US National Audubon Society, one of the oldest environmental organizations in the world. In the framework of selected the best shots, showing birds in their natural habitat. Hundred magnificent shots of the contest are presented here.


Photographer Colleen Gara (Colleen Gara) for picture "Crows" has received a promotional prize of the contest in the nomination "Photo Amateur". This stunning picture she made in Banff National Park in Canada.

HIPA 2016 9a073538b0.jpg

Photographer Francisco Negroni Rodriguez (Francisco Negroni Rodriguez) managed to effectively capture the lightning flashes in the eruption of a volcano in Chile Calbuco. For this stunning photograph in which realism can not believe he got the 1st prize at the international competition HIPA 2016 General category.

Of particular value attached to the frame that the volcano Calbuco silent 40 years before again reminded of itself. Coming out of hibernation, he threw the weight of the ash and the sky has become orange. Authorities evacuated about 4 thousand people who were in a radius of 20 kilometers from the crater of the volcano raging.

National Geographic Travel Photographer 2016 8cc7183eb8.jpg

These charming chanterelles in Hokkaido captured Japanese photographer Hiroki Inoue (Hiroki Inoue). Snapshot "Wherever you go, I will follow you" won 1st place in the category "Nature" of a prestigious international competition of National Geographic Travel Photographer 2016 by the magazine National Geographic.


And this mysterious picture, the author of which is a Japanese photographer Takashi Nakagawa (Takashi Nakagawa), won 1st place in the competition in the "City" category. Traveling to the city of Marrakech in Morocco, the photographer decided to capture a mirror image of madrassas in the surface of the water basin.


Grand Prix this year, won the Chinese amateur photographer Anthony Lau (Anthony Lau). He presented the image of the driver of horses, made during his visit to Mongolia. Frame "Winter Rider", according to the author, was captured early in the morning in cold weather, and the photographer was not easy to convince myself to get out of the car.

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