10 things you should not tell people to depression

Never and for no reason. h3> The man in depression - a very receptive and vulnerable creature. Sometimes one wrong word spoken can worsen his already difficult state. This article - the cry of the soul of all past hell of depression. Just do not, do not be so with us to talk!

Website advised to heed this advice and to be more sensitive to your loved ones who are going through this difficult illness.

«Come on, have some problems worse than you» h3>

Dude, the fact that someone has more problems, not make my problems disappear!

Better tell me: «I'm so sorry that you feel bad. The more you help? »

«Believe me, you'll feel better tomorrow» h3>

Depression - is not something that takes place in one night!

Let's just say: «to deal with it step by step, and I'll be there with you to help».

«Life is unfair» h3>

And it will help me feel better? With these words, you only aggravate the situation, belittling my experiences.

Say: «I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. Together we can handle ».

«You just have to live with it» h3>

A person with depression, is already trying to put up with it. Everyday. So as you can. Advising him is, you seem to say that he was badly mismanaged.

Better say: «You do not have to deal with difficulties alone. I will help you ».

«Life goes on» h3>

Well, yes, of course, life goes on. But hearing this, the first thing I think with my depression, I'm in the way you live.

Just tell me: «In your life there are many things that make life worth living. Come together to re-open them ».

«I know how you feel, I have one, too, was depressed» h3>

Not everyone is equally well with difficulties. It is time to understand that already. Again, this phrase thrown belittles the power of my misery. Depression - is "a little" more complicated than a bad mood or a bad day.

Better way: «I even can not imagine what you're going through, but I do my best to understand you».

«Do not you think that you're being selfish» h3>

Rather, a person with depression and so critical of myself every minute, so do not add fuel to the fire. And remember: Depression - is not an option. Nobody on their own is not there.

I want to hear it: «I miss you. The more you help? »

«Go have fun, have a drink and forget about it» h3>

How much can you repeat the Depression - it's not just a bad day. It's like a thousand bad days in a row without a chance of light at the end of the tunnel.

This option is best: «I would have liked to spend more time with you. Maybe some coffee and talk heart to heart? »

«Friend, you are sad g ** but» h3>

The man depressed every minute is struggling with himself, trying to get out of the quagmire of negative. The last thing he wants to hear right now that it annoys someone.

Better say so: «I do not like to see you so sad. Let's somehow fix it ».

«Because of what you all upset?» h3>

Depression is not always due to some very bad incident. Sometimes it just happens. This does not mean that it is not serious.

It is necessary to say: «I'm sorry I did not realize that you're so bad. Do not worry, I'm here ».

«Stop feeling sorry for yourself» h3>

Depression and "feeling sorry for myself" - these are two different concepts. Although they often go hand in hand.

Tell me: «I see how hard you have to. What can I do to help? »

«You have to start running» h3>

The depression is very difficult to do something to start.

Better say: «I need company for walking. Let's take a walk together ».

«You are strong, you can do it» h3>

Depression will make anyone weak and helpless.

Just say: «I believe in you and believe that you can do it. You're not alone, I'll be there ».

And do not forget, please, that depression - a serious disease. If your loved one is suffering from this disease, I am sure that he went to a doctor and be with him at this point.

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