Most eerie plants on our planet

Bloody tooth / Hydnellum peckii
This cute fungus looks like chewed gum oozing blood and smelling of strawberries. But do not try to eat it, because it will be the last, "delicacy", which you will taste in your life.

The fungus is known to mankind since 1812 and is considered inedible, ie once, in the dark times pretemnye lived genius who sacrificed for the glory of science with their lives, to warn the children from eating this' delicacy ».

In addition to its outstanding external qualities, this abomination has antibacterial properties and contains chemicals or blood thinners. What can I say, soon, this fungus can be a substitute for penicillin (which, incidentally, was removed from the fungus species Penicillium notatum).

If you are missing a thrill and you are going in that whatever was to perpetuate his name in the annals of history (Darwin Award and the title of the most stupid suicide on Earth you, consider, already in his pocket), just lick is a miracle of nature ... < br />

Other names: strawberries and cream (Strawberries and cream), tooth juice (The red-juice tooth), tooth devil (Devil's tooth), bleeding tooth fungus (Bleeding tooth fungus).

Doll eyes / Doll's Eye
In the best case, this "beauty" looks like an alien weed, and at worst - in the dug-in totem impaled him with human eyes, a serial killer who marked the burial place of all of its 666 victims.

This unusual plant has been called "doll eyes." There is also less saying the name of this horror - white black cohosh.

No features other than their appearance, this plant does not have, you can even taste it, then tell about their feelings.

Filthy horn octopus / Octopus Stinkhorn
Sometimes, watching these creatures, you begin to wonder about the sanity of the creator. Of course, there are times when and nasty things are in fact quite pleasant to the taste, smell ... but this is not the case: the fungus, called "filthy horn octopus", not only disgusting looks and stinks so that is not described in words .

In principle, this mushroom is not poisonous, but you can hardly taste it, because it emits a scent that when you try to cram it into his mouth, you most likely just fainted.

Another name "stinking horns octopus» - Clathrus archeri.

Sea anemones Mushroom / Sea Anemone Mushroom
Side by side with the "stinking horn octopus" in Australia grows and his brother in stink - mushroom sea anemones, fragrant trupochinoy.

Both fungi are hitryuschie creatures, and in order not to end his mortal existence on the sole of his boot compassionate Australians, at first their lives, they pretend to be unremarkable whitish toadstools. After a while, these Crafty begin to bud. The process of transformation into a terrible monster is just a couple of months: during this period pileus divided into 4-5 pieces, forming a kind of petals. The stench is not only a defense mechanism of the gourmets who want to try new taste sensations, but bait for the flies, which are the main carriers of spores of these fungi.

Other names sea anemone: Aseroe rubra, mushroom starfish (Starfish fungus).

Devil's Claw / Devil's Claw
"Devil's Claw" - is something like the thorns of our repya which, when running a hand Tagged best friend repeatedly tangled in your hair. The main difference between the two hangers is in appearance: if the thorns repya - cute little lumps that and asks in his hands, the devil's claw is more like an evil spider-eating, which is just waiting to grab you in the throat.

Once these demonic contraption "were carried out" only in Arizona, where Native Americans (Indians) are woven baskets and terrifying kind of laid out their entire "minefields" that the enemy preferred to get round.

Today the "demonic claws" already completely occupied the entire north-west of the United States. Perhaps soon this abomination gets up to Russia, so if you do not want to fall victim to the "devil's claw", start stocking "Roundup" and build barricades pregraditelnye now.

Other names: devil's claw / claw Devil (Devil's Claw).

Myshetsvet Chinese / Chinese Black Batflowers
After all, Batman is not accidental chose the symbol of criminal intimidation of the population Gotham bat. For these darkspawn terrible: small evil eyes, thin legs with large hooked nogtischami, sharp teeth, plump body, unevenly covered with hair, and enormous wings - is not a description of a terrible monster from another low-budget, but no less scary horror movie? And if you are one of those who consider them cute little animals, feeding fruktikami, you probably change your mind when one of these creatures clutched in your face and suck up a drop all your blood ... But, unfortunately, for you will be too late.

Of course, all of the above - a joke in the world there are only a few species of bats that feed on blood, which attack animals only in his weight class, but agree that playing without a shudder in the heart on flying across the sky rat is simply impossible.

Let's take a closer look at this nasty plant.

And here is a picture taken from a different angle.

Mother Nature did their best to try to create the most horrible and disgusting at the same plant, endowing it with all the hallmarks of a bat and adding to be sure beam flagelliform tentacles. It is a product of childhood nightmares is called "Chinese myshetsvet».

The flower is grown exclusively as a decorative plant brave gardeners who literally nightmares cultivated, fertilized human pain, fear and despair. In reality, these people either steel balls or complete lack thereof, because no normal person would not be able to make your stay on your garden site plant that looks as though he had just descended from the paintings of unsound mind of the artist, who was trying to draw a vase, and uses human head as incubators to nurture their larvae.

Well, as you? Does not this abomination is similar to hanging upside down bat, just waiting dark to spread their wings and soar into the sky ... I apologize for the last photo, no not a plant, but a real flying mouse, but agree , there is a similarity in the world is hardly a man who stumbled into the predawn hours on myshetsvet be able to distinguish it from a living being.

Hand of Buddha / Buddha's Hand
I do not know what kind of crazy genius decided that this thing is like a Buddha's hand, for me it is something more like a hentai tentacles that are about ohomutat another busty beauty. In practice vile tentacles are quite edible, you can even say delicious, citrus fruits, which are incredibly popular in China and Japan. If you recall sortiropodobnyh chain restaurants, it is easy to understand why the Chinese baldeyut from eating this gimmick, but from the prim Japanese I did not expect.

In fact, the hand of the Buddha - a strange kind of lemon, which often in addition to skin did not. Fruktina attracts Eastern peoples are not only an unusual appearance, but also for its aromatic properties in Japan because it is brewed tea, while China kept the house as a talisman, which brings home good luck, happiness, drives off any evil spirits and bestows longevity. Even these tentacles do Limonov jam, marmalade and smelling the perfume of violets.

And some of the serious: it is generally believed that the Buddha can be tricky to wrap, fold and turn your fingers while praying, and in such moments, his hands are very similar to those monstrovidnye Lemons. You are what you want, but if this is indeed the case, if I had the opportunity to meet in a dark alley or a good-natured Buddha Freddy Krueger, I would most likely chose the latter.
Other names: citron, cedar, lemon Corsican, brush Buddha.

Venus Flytrap / Dionaea muscipula
I will assume that even some two million years ago the dinosaurs and monsters devoured were the true masters of the planet. But evolution - is the enemy of extremism, and all the giants have either died out, or to survive, acquired more mundane dimensions, so today flycatcher - a small plant, feed exclusively on insects, caterpillars, slugs and frogs.

How it works: Inside the mouth-sheet is full of tiny sensory hairs. The victim, crawls on a leaf, these annoying hairs, which in turn give a signal to reduce the cells of the inner part of the leaf, and the "fall" begins to close. After some time, the inside of the plate begins to secrete digestive fluid, and exhausted by unsuccessful attempts to get out the victim slowly digested (this process takes a long time - for example, to digest slug, flycatchers take about a week).

Cedar-apple rotting fungus / Cedar-Apple Rust Fungus
What makes a healthy juicy apple rotting lump abominable horror, giving shelter to the whole brood of worms? If your answer is - "cedar-apple rotting fungus" (abbr. KYAGG), then most likely, you will be smart and just read this artful interweaving letters adorning the beginning of the story!

KYAGG - a fungal infection, transforming, and cedar apple fruit beyond recognition. About this abomination even now you can shoot horror: infected fruits in just a few months turned into hideous monsters.

Here's how it works: from a tiny fungus spores developing spherical body of impressive size - from 3, 5 to 5 centimeters in diameter when wet, this abomination is stratified, forming a repulsive mustache.

As a result, pine nuts and apples turn into vicious little Cthulhu.

And yes! We strongly recommend that you try them on taste. You never know what

Rafflesia / Rafflesia
In the photo the kids, eat the incomparable flavors of Rafflesia, which with the same success could push through their "bright" head in the point of the village public toilets.

Rafflesia - parasitic plant of the family Euphorbiaceae (Euphorbiacea) with the largest flowers in the world, some of which reach a diameter of one meter and a weight of more than eleven kilograms. The parasite spends part of its life in the tissues of the host plant, which act as the vines of the family Vinogradov growing in the tropical rain forests of Indonesia and the Philippines.

It is not unusual plant stem and roots, and it is the main part of a giant flower with five petals fleshy.

Giant parasite was discovered in 1818 during an expedition of Thomas Stamford Raffles on the island of Sumatra. Found then copy was 1 meter in diameter and weighed 6 kilograms. Travelers struck not so much the flower and its incredible size, and a terrible smell of corpses that come from him.

Because of this unusual smell Rafflesia flowers pollinate conventional fly. By the way, the flowers - it is the only thing left from her relatives by Rafflesia - the "normal" angiosperms. Leading a parasitic way of life in the "body" of the vines, Rafflesia has completely lost any signs of plant - roots, stems, photosynthetic capacity, and all the nutrients the parasite gets out of the "body" host.

Rafflesia seedling gradually introduced into the roots of the host plant by means of suckers (haustoria). Those parts of the germ, which for some reason were outside the "body" of the owner, just die. Presumably, the Rafflesia seeds are awakening to germinate under the influence of discharge potential host plants. These substances and orient the direction of growth of seedlings.

Chinese rune flower / Chinese Fleeceflower
Fruits "runic Flower" have frightening forms that make them look like little potato people.

Chinese uproot these tiny underground inhabitants of the land, in order to use them naked defenseless body as a panacea for all ills, including impotence, cancer, AIDS, dementia, etc. etc ...

Before we turn to the life-giving powder, men exposed to all kinds of torture, including boiling, osvezhevanie, soaking in moonshine and dismemberment.

Mark my words, the potatoes will soon get tired of Chinese oppression and revolt against the whole of humanity. So several times think before you decide to restore their "mojo" with "Rune flower».

Porkupinsky tomato / Porcupine Tomato
Spravochku: porkupin - tree porcupine.
Porkupinsky tomato - grows in Madagascar, five-foot monster, whose leaves are covered with fearsome spines orange. It spiked miracle-Yuda incredibly beautiful purple flowers, gathered in clusters, which he lures his victims to him: and you're lean, to frustrate one of them, and find yourself impaled on the "deadly" spikes.

Besides the fact that the tomato porkupinsky spiny and toxic, it is also virtually impossible to kill: the majority of chemicals him uneasy and he can survive the fierce cold and even drought. As you know, this is the creation of nature - the monstrous weed, which has set a goal of its existence, the seizure of your infield. In a short time, one plant can spawn whole army porkupinskih tomatikov that in the weeks turn into 1, 5-meter giants, each of which will fight to the last, and shed not one liter of your blood before it is rooted uprooted from the land. < br />

So if your garden filled porkupinskie tomatoes, do not try to engage them in open battle, but just take away his legs.

Penisoobraznye plants
Finally penisoobraznye plants that are crazy popular in the expanses of the United States.

You want to buy chlenoperchik? Then you are in the Amazon. Googling, you will certainly be able to find chlenogriby, chlenogrushi, penisovidnye cactus ... and so on to infinity.

After contemplating the horror of breeding mind immediately begins to emerge picture garden where everything is grown ... Oh my God, now I know how to look perfect nightmare Russian guy!




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