The most interesting plant in the world running on wind energy

Among the leaders in category of wind farms there are the most powerful generators, and the most extensive complexes with the installation of hundreds and hundreds of individual turbines. Let's try to make a list of the most notable projects that are already operational and supplying electricity regularly. For clarity, we will specify the main parameters of the stations, their location and the fact that clearly displays the complex in the category of "most interesting".


Wild Horse Wind Farm (wind farm "wild horse"). The object occupies an area of 348 km2 near the city of Ellensburg in Washington state, USA. The design capacity currently reaches 273 MW, which was possible due to the simultaneous operation 127-mi turbines with a capacity of 1.8 MW and 22 — capacity of 2.0 MW. Notable of this station that was built and run entirely by local taxes, for the needs of local residents and full support for them.


London Array offshore wind farm, located in the Thames estuary. It is the largest offshore station in the UK and around the world. Its capacity of 630 MW-enough to power 47 million homes. Very profitable it was on the shores of Albion to use the persistent and strong coastal winds, so that offshore power plants will continue to grow and gain power to eventually make the UK probably the most "green" in terms of security of electricity production.


Tehachapi Pass Wind Farms — wind power plant, located at the junction of the Mojave desert and the valley of San Joaquin in southern California, USA. In this area is constantly blowing wind, moreover, almost always in the same direction — this was the impetus for the rapid development of wind farms. In this area, as such there is no single set of power plants, but more than a dozen companies have already installed more than 5,000 turbines, which not only produce energy, but also practiced new innovative approaches — to help in this ideal environment and the stability of winds. The total capacity of farms — 562 MW.


Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Cooperative (co-op wind farms in Middelgrunden, Copenhagen, Denmark) — a very modest station, only 40 MW. This remarkable complex of another aspect. Its construction and operation fully paid locals, who are shareholders of the cooperative. At the same time this plant is a good example of how you can take advantage of the wind with marine and coastal wind farms, even on the busy waterways. Besides the obvious use in power generation station attracts from year to year more and more tourists.


Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center (Taylor, Texas, USA). The world's largest wind farm as of 2008. However, it is not remarkable for its size and power. This station was the lawsuit developed into a very nasty and a big deal. In the end it was closed by a court decision, and the center of attention all squabbles were oddly the aesthetics of the complex and its negative impact on farms located in the same district.


Altamont Pass (Central California, USA) — in fact, the old wind power plants built in the United States. The complex is notable is the large distribution density of the generators. Together with a large number of installations for production of electric power come great problems related to the influence of wind farms on the environment. According to statements of environmental organizations, it is this complex killed more birds of prey in the entire history of the development of wind farms. The reason lies in the location. These are the most popular route for birds, especially eagles.


San Gorgonio Pass (palm springs, CA, USA). The plant is located in a very convenient location. Almost all summer a very strong wind blowing — the average speed is between 24 and 32 km/h, more than providing energy to a power plant in peak months. The best places hard to imagine.


Gansu Wind Farm (Wind power plant Gansu, China) is still not completed, the power plant, which currently produces power of 5000 MW. This is a tremendous performance by world standards. In addition, in 2020 it is planned to increase capacity up to an incredible 20,000 MW. What will become in the future a long time the world's largest-scale generate electricity through wind energy.


Jaisalmer (Jaisalmer, India) — the largest complex for production of electricity through wind energy in India. The development of this industry in the country began relatively recently, only in 2001 was launched the first installation of the complex, and in 2005 was already reached capacity of 1,000 MW. This case is interesting for its example of how you can quickly deploy such a significant power wind farms.

Wind turbines

Each power plant running on wind energy, is equipped with a variety of generators — they are the "workhorses" of this promising industry. However, not all well-known innovative and surprising approaches that now appear in this area. We used to see the huge blades and capleton generators located on very high poles-platforms — they simply cannot be present in urban areas.


The problem of distances and safety related to wind energy are trying to solve radically different ways. One of them is the use of modern wind turbines, the QR5. It's an amazing design, in which the blades appear in the form of vertical plates or spiral, mounted on a vertical axis of rotation. The principle of operation you can clearly see in the video.

The QR5 turbine is much more compact than traditional options. Their height can vary from a few meters up to ten, and the radius to be only a few meters. Their productivity, more efficiency now surpasses all counterparts with the usual screws. This is a very promising direction and engaged in the development of many large companies and private engineering teams, so expect soon another impetus to the development of the industry. Massive turbines with a vertical axis of rotation was called the Windspire. published



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