Innovative wind panel

Oleksandr pryymak is a native of Ternopil region, but for several years she lives and works in Lutsk. He is sure to pay for electricity in times less, or not pay at all is possible thanks to the wind, the kinetic energy which is free. He is now all free time is engaged in the manufacture of the prototype of his invention: wind panels by which the energy of the wind to turn into electricity.

Hunters of the wind

It all started with the fact that Alexander became interested in windmills and how they work and even at home doing little, and then the large models of wind turbines. However, later the idea arose that it is possible to use the wind, which "empty" blowing on the wall of the house, with a certain advantage. Have in mind that it is possible to make some kind of structure, you need only to fix on the wall and through which the energy of the wind into free electricity, which would benefit the owners of the house.

"I came up with the idea to create such a vetrorotor — rectangular windmill, which could be hung on the wall. But I also wanted to make it work silently without vibration and ultrasound and did not create discomfort to people. That people do not hear what they have behind the wall something moves or vibrates. Moreover, unlike conventional wind turbines which have lower energy conversion factor (to 40%), in my fictional wind panels, this ratio will range from 50 to 60% ", — says Alexander.


Will look approximately so wind the panel on an apartment building


First family reacted to the invention of the skeptical. The only one who immediately became interested in the idea and supported it, was uncle Alexander, who have a lifetime of dealing with the issue of safety of nuclear power plants. It inspired the Ukrainian inventor to move forward in this direction.


The principle of operation of wind panels

Wind panels are a modular design, which can be add or remove. For example, if the wall of the house was not sufficiently secured two wind panels, in order for their number to increase, it is not necessary to remove the entire structure. Simply connect additional units. Accordingly, if the design is too large, the extra panel can be removed.


Wind panels, unlike wind turbines take up little space


The principle of operation of wind panels looks like this: two rows of blades located at an angle of 45 degrees to the wind moving vertically. When the wind falls on the first row of blades, he pushes them down. Then part of the wind, which is left, is reflected and falls on the second row of the blades and pushes them up. That is, the wind is used twice and thus gives its maximum kinetic energy.

Since these two rows of blades will be fixed on the wall at the edges of the chain, then the whole structure will move in the same direction. The materials for the blades will be either fiberglass or carbon fiber, so the design won't freeze or clog with snow in the winter.

Weatherproof panel can be put on a par with a kind of wall along the road or coast that saves space, unlike traditional wind turbineswhich need a lot of space.

According to calculations, wind panels begin to work when the wind speed is 3 m/s


Environmental aspect

A well-known fact that the technology of energy production from wind is safe for the environment and the environment. Because the production of electricity thus results in the emissions of carbon dioxide or any other harmful substances.

Wind panels take up little space and can easily fit into any landscape. Besides wind energy, unlike fossil fuels, inexhaustible.

The invention of Alexander Priymak compared to conventional wind turbine is safe for birds. After all, if you speak the language of statistics, one large wind turbine causes the death of three birds per year.

Trade wind panels will be established in Lutsk

Alexander Priymak said he was working on a prototype of his invention on the basis of the Lutsk state of emergency "Stator", which, in fact, engaged in the production of conventional wind turbines.

The world had already seen the invention of Alexander ClimateLaunchpad at the competition, the final of which was held in Odessa. It is through participation in the finals ClimateLaunchpad Alexander Priymak met with representatives of the laboratory of new products DIY LABthat was interested in his invention and promised to support him.

However, this decided not to stop. Presentation of the prototype will take place at the exhibition of renewable energy, which will be held on November 8-9 in Kiev.

"The bulk of the production will be in luck, here is a big building and a very strong technical base," — said the inventor.


Who in the household chores wind panel?

In General, wind panels can be installed as owners of private houses in the countryside or in the private sector of the city, and residents of apartment buildings.

According to Alexander Priymak, his invention will be useful for those who have items removed from settlements. Ideal — hotels in the mountains or recreation centers that have problems with the power supply. Also it can be private households who want to build a house in a place where have not conducted the grid.

The second potential customer is the large farms that are more likely to suffer from rolling blackouts, in the season when the work of drying that dried crops.

"The wind is free. You once bought a wind bar and it is not necessary either to charge or something else to invest in it. The payback period from four to six years. But given inflation and the constant growth of tariffs, this period may be reduced in times" — the author of the development.

Also the inventor says about a hybrid system of wind panels — when the blade panel, you can apply such elements as a flexible solar panel. Then the system will be able to get energy not only from wind but also from the sun.

So now Oleksandr Pryymak task is to convince of the importance of his invention, and of the need for environmentally friendly electricity production is not only family or friends, but all of Ukraine, and later, perhaps, and the whole world. published




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