The world's largest wind farm on the roof

Recently, the company Venger Wind and us renewable distributor SWG energy Energy has announced that it has installed on the roof of the medical center Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) in Oklahoma city the world's largest wind power station.

Specifically for this project, which was carried out in the framework of the sustainable development strategy OMRF, manufacturer Venger Wind built V2 18 wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation of the blades.

All directional wind turbines have been integrated into the design of the building and precisely positioned to collect wind, blowing both from the North and from the South. Unlike most vertical wind turbines, which have a relatively small size, the installation of V2 are characterized by their massiveness. Each of them has a height of 18.5 feet (of 5.55 meters) and is designed for the production of 4,5 kilowatts of electricity.

In addition, unlike conventional wind turbines, which requires electricity from the network, the vertical turbine can start producing power at wind speeds of 8.9 mph (14.4 km/h), which is much lower than the average wind speed in Oklahoma city.

Venger Wind is a global company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of small wind turbines to produce clean electricity. V2 wind turbine technology designed by the Finnish engineer Sigurd of Johanna Savonius who first invented the wind turbine Savonius in 1922.

Speaking about the project, Ken Morgan, President of Venger Wind has noticed that he has a huge potential in providing wind energy within the urban environment, which is especially important in the context of the ongoing urbanization. Roof wind farms can be a viable alternative to typical huge wind towers to ensure safety are established farther and farther from human settlements, thereby contributing to the rise in cost of electricity from renewable sources.

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