I think all these people models? No. They have very different professions

We used to see people having a bright appearance on the screens, magazine covers and fashion catalogs.

We, the editorsof the Website were very surprised when learned that he chose these babies instead of a runway.

Andreas Ottensamer, musician

Andreas is a virtuoso clarinetist. Let's see how he plays "Chardash" Monti. That's crazy!

Evan Antin, a veterinarian

Instagram Evan 747 thousand subscribers and millions of photos with fluffy and scaly patients.

Marshall Perrin, fire

Canadian Marshall Perrin sometimes participates in fashion shooting, but his main job is to fight the fire.

Eva Kaili, a politician

Eva is a member of the Greek Parliament. And its decoration, of course.

Michael Warsaw, the doctor

Russian immigrant from new York Michael Warsaw is the orthopedic surgeon. On instagram "Dr. Mike" signed by 2.2 million people, while People magazine named him the most handsome doctor on the planet. In addition to medical practice Michael does charity work.

Onion, Sulic, musician

Onion, SLIC — Serbian cellist of the Duo 2 CELLOS, who managed to make doubles on cello cool show.

Anthony of Misura, basketball player

Misura Anthony plays basketball for the Croatian national team. It has become one of the most prominent participants of the Olympic games in Rio.

Lasse Malberg, marine

Lasse — conventional marine from Norway. He was called Thor, and his instagram signed 594 thousand. Say, career models he still can not be avoided.

Bobak Ferdowsi, astrophysicist

Bobak Ferdowsi — NASA engineer who directed the landing of the Rover Curiosity on the Red planet. He became famous for his hairstyle Mohawk, color and pattern which are updated for each new mission.

Pietro Boselli, Professor of mathematics

Pietro — candidate of technical Sciences. He teaches mathematics at University College in London. On his instagram signed by 1.7 million people. Pietro tried his hand as a model, but then returned to teaching.

Jade Raymond, a programmer

Canadian jade Raymond engaged in programming. She is the producer of the game Assassin's Creed.

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