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About modeling a lot of rumors and legends, but what is actually happening inside the know except that only those who spins it. Often, however, this knowledge down, and to us, mere mortals, and we have the right to at least a glimpse of what in ordinary life can only guess. Let's enjoy this right!

When any Russian girl suddenly realizes that he wants to be a model, the first thing that comes to mind? Yes, that's what you need to go to modeling school. But in fact, the model schools are not required in principle.

I came to modeling school when I was 16 years old. In fact, it's an amazing concept that exists only in those countries where the business model is not well developed. In Europe, these schools do not have at all. This is an easy way to make money, but need to have a model in this: to learn to walk nicely and look good in the picture, it is enough to have a mirror, high heels and a video camera. Alla Kostromicheva model

However, we, in Russia and in the CIS countries, believe differently. Especially those who earn on this. For example, Anna Boyarinova - manager by the Agency President:

If you treat every case with the amateurish point of view, for the secretary also optionally be competent, because there is a program to test the Russian language. Probably, too, the artist does not need to go to the Surikov College to take place. So here. Of course, there are schools in which the Study last year and a half. It sells. Put defile eight lessons can even be a person that is poorly distinguishes right and left. But any major modeling agency has a model school. Why is that? Just because we can not show the girls green customers. The school teaches not only because fashion shows, but also the basics of working in front of the camera, the basics of make-up - elementary to the girl did not come to the auditions with smoky eyes. Our school is the only one in which there is a course of style required for each model. For the ability to properly look properly combine the colors of the clothes, pick up her wardrobe, to emphasize its advantages and hide flaws. This is an important nuance that when the model comes to casting, instantly assess designers and photographers. The girl, who has not passed a model school, you can instantly calculate: the way it behaves, how to move. In the end, there is a complicated impressions when you need to walk in a dress with a train and corset on dvadtsatisantimetrovyh heels, and that such eyes expressed horror. Of course, many designers like "new faces". Before the start of fashion weeks they call and ask first brand new show girls. We show them around thirty models that have emerged over the past few months, and of these, for example, three of which have come more recently. But designers say: "They are not walking." But I also understand that there is time before the show, nauchatsya.

And Julia Shavyrina, founder of the modeling agency Avant, believes that the model school - vestiges of the past and a promising model that they are not needed. And rightly says.

Abroad, there is no such thing. In Russia, there are still modeling school, but mainly in the province, since it is the main source of income modeling agencies in the regions. A promising girl, the school is not required, but on the other hand, it did not hurt. Girls who graduate from their first win at the time of casting by the experience shows and more liberated behavior, but if you model a good agent, he will make it his program to prepare for working abroad. We occasionally teach the basics of fashion shows, although I advise everyone to watch FTV home and spend hours walking in high heels. Also, we try to make the most testing shooting and shooting in Russian magazines to the girl feel confident before kameroy.

The same opinion Tatiana Mikova Booker agency Grace Models.

Model schools exist mainly in the regions. We often call and ask if we have a model school. Many people have a misconception that if you are not able to go, so you do not take. But this is nonsense. Show how to walk, can even our managers, and after - to send the girl home to train. Everything is learning. From the model of schools is even worse: sometimes teach, so that will have to be retrained. The girls who came out of the model schools, no advantage over the others do not. Although there are exceptions, when the girls come with a good fashion show, we have just the rady.Verdikt simple. Girls, if you are high (175-180 cm), thin, you do not have more than 20 years and you have an interesting appearance - do not waste money and time on modeling school.

What, then, to spend time? On modeling agency.

What model of two agencies? Mother agent - a person who represents the interests of the model. Its main function - search for foreign agencies. This can be done through the Internet, sending pictures. But if the model is possible, it can go to Paris alone and avoid all the agencies is sufficient to have ordinary photos, which will be understood how a girl looks in the frame. Foreign agencies are not interested in modeling the experience in Ukraine or Russia, so the simplest shooting will suffice.

Foreign Agency - an organization that stands between the model and the customers. Outwardly, it looks like a commercial exchange: a long table sit people in hands free, which are constantly on the phone, something to write, scream, and at first glance do not understand what is happening.

Foreign agencies are trying to pass through itself as much as possible models. The girl comes for one season, the agency is trying to arrange for her work as much as possible, and after some time, the model simply will burn. It appears everywhere, and the client does not want more of her. To avoid this, the parent agent is necessary to maintain the exclusivity of his ward. It reserves the right to decide what kind of work the model will perform, and what not.

For foreign agency in the first place is always the customer. With many customers working in the agency over the years, the age of the model - a lot shorter. Therefore, the Agency will dispute the client side.

The first step in modeling career - find the parent agency in the country where it is located. My mother's agent is currently Woman's New York. Alla Kostromicheva, model

Look modeling agency. If you are in Russia, the Russian look. However, sometimes it happens that the agency finds itself models. This practice is very common in Europe, the most famous girls model themselves do not come to the agency. They just found on the street. In Russia, too, this method is practiced.

We have a scout, he travels to the regions, looking photos of models on the sites of regional agencies. Anna Boyarinova, model agency PresidentU we have a man who travels to Russia. He arranges auditions, pictures of girls in swimsuits and no makeup. Then he brings all the stuff into the office, and we collectively decide what the girls call to Moscow, some do not. Tatiana Mikova Booker agency Grace Models

Tips from Alla Kostromichevoy when choosing a foreign agency:

The contract model with foreign agencies a few important points. First, pay attention to the percentage that is the part that holds the agency of the fee model. More important that the contract was written that it was a foreign agency Motherboards. The contract with the agency should sign the model itself, in any case, not the parent agency. Even if both agencies say that between the two contracts should be that your contract with your signature and all the information about how much they will pay what the market is controlled.

Secondly, it is important that the market, which controls the agency, located in the same country as the agency itself. For example, the model goes to New York and signed a contract there - sphere of influence of this agency must be New York. Otherwise, it may happen that the agency wants to control the whole world market, which will be working girl. And when she goes, for example, to Paris and tries to find an agency out there, it can not do so as the New York agency has a right to it and in the territory of Paris. This can not be allowed. It is necessary to conclude a contract in New York, the other in Paris, three in Milan and so on.

It is important that all agencies cooperate with each other. Otherwise, if, for example, on the same date each agency will be for the girls their own work, they will conflict. And everyone will convince her that the work that it offers - is the most important. In this case, again, important is the role of the parent agent who tells you that it is cheaper.

Alla Kostromicheva also divided explaining the concept of "Season" and "exclusive┬╗.

Season - the period of time from one week to the other fashion, that is, about 10 September to 10 February. If a girl makes her first season, it is better to start with New York. Casting director auditions conducted at all major shows, there are about 10 people, and it's the same people, and for the New York and Europe. At the beginning of each season they make so-called pre-casting: See all the new faces of the season. And if a girl starts with Milan or Paris, there is a great probability that casting directors do not take it, and the model that has been in New York and already there to be seen.

For the first season of the model is important so-called exclusive - a contract with the brand under which the aspiring model does not have the right to participate in any show of fashion week to show the brand, even if the show takes place on the last day of fashion week. Good exclusives for the first time considered Calvin Klein, Prada, Balenciaga. All the days until the display model is actually living in the territory of the brand: it makes bows, hair & makeup test.Naprimer Barbara Palvin began his career with the exclusivity for Prada.

Alla Kostromicheva about earnings model:

The more she worked on shows and in magazines, the higher the rate - that is, the minimum amount for which the agency is ready to give a model to shoot. If you are completely new face, this amount may be $ 200-300 per day of shooting, and if you are well known, it reaches $ 3000 and above.

The most well-paid impressions of brands such as Diesel, Y-3, Mango, ie more commercial. As for other activities, you can make good money on the set of catalogs and advertising campaigns. The most well-paid contracts - a contract with perfume brands and videoreklama.

Models have very tough schedule. Myths about the beautiful life, parties all night - just myths. If the model works - it works, and does not rest.

Usually, call-time - the time at which the model should come to the backstage - administered three hours prior to the show. But brands such as Dior, it may be five hours. When I did the show Alexander McQueen, call-time is seven hours.

There are a number of girls, which allows the designer to bring in just a half hour before the show. He can say that at least half of the models present three hours, ten came in two hours and five girls - a half-hour. It all depends on other shows, which is showing in the conflict. Conflict - this is when the shows are about the same vremya.

Become a model is not easy. Either you are born to it, and you instantly find a scout of some agencies, or simply do not know. But if you think you have a chance and you cry designers, feel free to go to the agency. What do you need models? Alla Kostromicheva:

Learn Engish. Read contracts. Never, in any case, not to say anything bad client, even if you have something not very satisfied. Provide parent agency to address these issues. Be patient.

When was my first audition for Calvin Klein, I came to New York for the first time. I came to the pre-casting, and I had to wait for it to start about four hours. Then I was told that I passed the first round and they want to see me again. I arrived the next morning, too, waited for a few hours, and I was told today that the designer wants to try on my dress. I come again, I wait for the designer in the end it turns out that he did not come and I need to come back the next morning. The show I finally did, but not before sat at the door 27 hours! Therefore, the first thing would have to stock it with plenty of patience.

Not all women get to the top, I, for example, at the 41 th place out of 50 according to, but the chance to have everyone like Sasha Pivovarova have, for example, who came to Paris without any expectations, and then in the first season made exclusive for Prada - opened and closed the show and then a few seasons has been the face of the campaign. Everything is possible. This is a huge lottery, where there are no guarantees, but there are always shans.

The model must have a strong character, says Caroline Helena Bode - Booker of the Elite modeling agency in Paris. In addition it must be able to work on camera.

The best models - those who are not afraid to take part in the shooting process. A good model always comes to film prepared in advance and thinks the image itself may offer some ideas for the shooting. It is best to not work with the one that constantly looks at his polaroids to check whether it looks, and to that with this follow the whole process of shooting. Also, the model is important to find your niche and know your winning hand. Many of them find their own unique way. Someone is going to pose in the role of angry girl, someone in the form of a cool model. Dean Tandervoll, fotograf

The model must be charismatic and efficient. Yes, the model must be a lot of things. And to succeed in this field is not easy. Go to bed? Who said that? Unfortunately, this is only a myth.

And finally. Karl Lagerfeld said that the need for the model to become a supermodel.

In order to become a supermodel in the first place to what is called "to be non-ideal" to have a strong personality, at least outwardly. We need people to be able to remember your face, and then recognize him at first sight. That is why supermodels 1980-1990-ies are still working in the advertising of high fashion - they are easily recognized, people know and remember their faces.

For example, this little blonde Russian, Sasha Pivovarova - instantly memorable face, and when you look at other models of many people there, we have to wonder - this is the woman, or this one? It is very difficult - to become a supermodel, but, you see, in fact, there is no "universal council" how to do it, because the circumstances, conditions and data your every pretender.

Can you become a supermodel - it depends on many things: how much effort and energy you are willing to invest, what to sacrifice, what is your life energy, your aura, from what can be exciting or disappointing. You can not blame anyone that's not enough to help in the development of your data since, except you, no one can do anything here.

All necessary data for this profession you should bestow upon the nature and the most necessary - is that in you there was something new, fresh and different, that you can bring to our business. However, natural talent or lack of it - is the greatest injustice in the world.

Not so simple as many think. In the modeling business really difficult. Often the models are not maintained, give up, throw in tears. And the fashion industry just spits them. Good or bad - do not talk to us, we just take it for granted.


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