Tale of angels to think

On Saturday at 8 am, he was awakened by a phone call.
 -series, Come quickly come. Here in the office of the tax ghouls bursting.
 Threatens to cause a riot if now they do not open the cabinet.

Serge quickly jumped into his pants, washed his face cold running water and jumped into the yard. "Ten" started up immediately, and Sergei, not allowing the motor to warm up, pressed the gas pedal. The journey from home to office, he knew by heart, on weekdays journey took 50 minutes, but it's Saturday, and Serge had hoped to get about 15 minutes ... cell phone rang: "Grey, well, where are you? I'm more of them could not hold back! "" I am going, going. Tell me, after 10 minutes I will! "Disconnected the phone and threw it on the passenger seat, Sergei saw enable signal sfetofora and pressed the gas, hoping to get into the" green wave "to the next intersection ...

He had not even realized that it was ... flashed a shadow on the left, screeching brakes and the bounce. Windshield Seregina "tens" flew into small pieces and scattered around the cabin, digging sharp shrapnel in the face. Rudder hit in the chest and shook her head so that she almost did not come off. For a moment, he lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes, I saw the final picture of his accident. "Six" which he at a speed of 80 hit in the side, spinning jumped to the sidewalk and wound on a lamppost ...

"Blah, but because I was green!" - Thought Sergei and tried to open the door.
 The second time the door gave way, and stiff-legged out of the car, Sergei. In addition, he was driving a "green" no thought in my head was not.
 Automatically covering the driver's door behind him, Sergei was surprised to see both of his car trying to get out a man in a rumpled white suit.
 -Eee. Man, are you here? You are intact? - Sergei thought that maybe he still knocked the guy, he staggered to him through the windshield, and now is trying to get out. -Muzhik - It is you, - said a white suit, shaking himself - and I Guardian Angel.
 -Che? What is an angel? Man, do not worry. Now the "fast" call ...
 -Wait, Sergei, is not so simple. Look around.
 Sergei looked. Around Moscow street was familiar. True to its intersection was broken "ten" and on a pole hung mangled "six". If it was not an accident, it can be said that nothing unusual was not around ... except one: the street was not a single movement and can not hear any sound. Machines that moved froze a moment ago, the drivers they looked with surprise to the accident, and the rare pedestrians on sidewalks froze, as if playing "Hang».
 What kind of garbage? It knocked me that or I was dead? Or maybe I do is dream? - Thoughts flew leaps and streamed back cold sweat.
 -Unfortunately Not dreaming. - Angel said. - You, earrings, got. And was truly ... You died ... Well, almost - for some reason hesitated white kostyum.- I actually barely had time between you and the steering wheel to jump, and then we would not talk. Well you never wear your seat - continued Anegl, and it seemed to Sergei, he said quietly to the side, "dolboep» ...
 The head of the Grey quite dizzy. The brain could not make the muscles of the mouth to utter a word, but my head just spun, "Green. I went to the green light "... and Angel continued:
 -you Know how many of these idiots in Moscow? That's right! All of you feel that you just do not happen. And we, the angels, only a dozen for the entire metropolis. That's spinning like a squirrel in a cage. And then there's the second day of traffic can not fix it.
 "Green, I went for the green" - throbbing in my head Yeah, I know that you have a "green" was. - Angrily threw Angel. - Do your apponenta too "green"! - He nodded toward the "six" -There everywhere on all sides "green"! - And softly he said: Okay, earrings, do not you worry. Sit down, here you can right on the asphalt. Now I'll try to explain.
 Sergei sat down on the asphalt in the middle of the intersection and silly twisted his head, not understanding.
 Angel continued:
 -In General, Sergei, you're dead. No, you almost died. Cut one? This "almost" is giving you a chance, but I do not know vospolzueshsya you or not. Or rather, you do not even have the chance and the choice. The difference between "chance" and "choice" catch?
 Sergei nodded blankly, although the difference is not something that he barely even knew what Angel said.
 -Hey! Come as early as you! A guy you or not? And now Black primchatsya time and the choice you have left.
 Black -What?
 -And, Yes! Sorry. It is only in your mind until they are black, as well as I White. That's what you're seeing us so. Here you'll die eventually, will be distinguished from the angels savior angel of death, and while the use of color differentiation, OK?
 "OK" in the mouth of the angel sounded like something is appropriately situation and Sergey had begun to rebound.
 Well-ka, once again I tell you - Angel?
 -Angel Angel - Angel sighed in relief.
 -Yeah ... I Angela Davis - in the eyes of the bad sparks appeared Serega - man, tell me which of us is crazy? Or...? - Earrings suddenly dawned - yes it did I was crazy, and you're a male nurse in a mental hospital, so ?! - He cried almost joyfully.
 Angel sighed:
 -No. Once again, look around.
 Sergei looked around the street. Nothing has changed: the car stood on the sidewalks people played "Freeze." Only a wound on the pole "six" came three men in black.
 -Here. Behind him already prishli.- Angel said.
 -He died? - Said Sergey starting to think poorly.
 -Umer Died ... - Angel said quietly.
 -And Where to now? In hell?
 -That You have little people! - Exclaimed the angel - well, why just in hell, then? Where did you all an idea of ​​hell? Yes, and there is no hell! Listen, no-o! And this ... So, probably, it will be sent to reincarnation. He laid not exactly scored points. Many of them, as you call it, greshkov. And now he sat behind the wheel drunk. Probably exactly - reincarnation!
 -And When I die I also have to reincarnation?
 -Gm ... - Angel thought. - You harder. You're a little bit not to get the necessary points, followed by reincarnation is not sent, and produce in angels ... The guardian angels, for example ... But I hope that if you die now, your score will increase and you will definitely be able to avoid reincarnation. Although this is optional. - He added with a smile angel.
 -How Are you "hope"? - Sergey did not understand - Well you my guardian angel, you have to protect me and not expect that I'm going to die!
 -First, Who told you that I am your guardian angel? No, well, of course, I had to protect you, but ... well, today I am not yours. And secondly, you're dead, dead! I just took you 5 minutes to talk. I must confess that I have an opportunity to fix it. That is, to make sure that the accident had happened. Well, I can, for example, at the last moment you pierce the wheel, then you just kuvyrkneshsya in the next number, and there are no cars - probably stay alive. And that ace in the "six" fly past ... By the way, too, will remain alive, but the points of his life as a second fall.
 Sergei listened attentively to the angel. He has realized that what is happening is not a dream and not delirium.
 Well then what are you standing there? Come on, pierce the wheel. Let me break the car better, but you'll stay alive.
 -Sereg, But it you want - to live to stay? - Sincerely I asked Angel. - You train for 32 years, you have lived four eight-year cycle. The house mother in the country built a tree planted there. Son, whom you incidentally, has not visited for three months, lives with his mother - the wife of your ex. Good kid, right! Soon he will be the new pope. You know, I suppose, that Natasha has married again?
 Yeah I know ... and I know her fiance - Sergei muttered, - even get married. But that has not seen her son for a long time, so you understand: work, spun-runs ...
 -Exactly. All you twist Wert and live-when? And why?
 Well you have just read is not the morality! And without your morals sucks ...
 -Yes indeed. Once the philosophy to go now. I will explain everything to you later. So you decided?
 -In What sense that he decided - not realized Sergei. - What about the accident? I want to live, of course!
 Angel frowned.
 -You Understand, I also want you to stay alive, but there is such a thing ... look around carefully. Just look carefully!
 Sergey again began to look around. People like figures in a wax museum remained in place.
 -And I have to see something?
 -Eh - Anegel sighed - I hope that you yourself will understand everything. Look over there - and the angel pointed in the direction of the idea was to drive studded Sergei "six". There is a pedestrian "zebra" frozen girl 25 years old, pushed a baby carriage.
 -So what? - I am not yet fully realizing asked Sergei.
 -Tfu You! - Angel could not resist. - I now her guardian angel. I got it?
 -Ponyal - Sergei nodded resignedly.
 -Well, Just realized that you on your terms 5 minutes for reflection. I drove until the enthusiasts out there on the road hatch open. - Said the Angel and disappeared into thin air.
 But Sergei was left sitting on the pavement ...

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