Gift angel

Interesting story of an old friend sent kamero. This is not humor. Just a beautiful story.
 - Angel flew out the window, shook himself from the snow goose bumps ran from the abrupt change temperetura. He looked at me and said: "chtoli pour tea ... can not you see I'm cold? with lemon and raspberry jam if you can ... ". I looked at the shattered glass, broken frame and torn curtains. Then he looked at the visitor smeared with blood and snow and asked:
c sugar?
-nee. thank. I have no sugar.
-strongly hurt herself?
-well no. will soon heal.
and the reason I did not doubt. I make a disposable bag «Lipton», throw a lemon slice, stretch mug with the words "I'm sorry, but the jam turned into stone. it is necessary to hammer away, and I do not have a pick ».
Angel shrugged, with a few small feathers ballast planned on the kitchen floor, blew steam and sipped tea.
praise for the delicious tea I did not expect, because this tea, I do not collect, packed in bags and not put any significant effort to ensure that it was really delicious.
to distract the visitor from thinking in favor of tea, I decided to ask the first thing that came to mind.
 - But why fly naked? cold because ...
 - And where you saw the angels dressed?
 - Well, to begin with, I did not see angels, you - first.
 - Then turn dumalku and think.
 - Aerodynamics chtoli?
 - Well, that too. - She said with a grin and noisily sipped tea.
anything clever in the head is not climbed. and the nakedness embarrassed guest. those who argue that sexless angels - angels never seen. I can assure you that it is not. well at least it looks no different from ordinary mortals. except that the large wings, like crows, showed that their mistress does not belong to our world.
to be honest, I did not know where to go. The room is a real angel and casually drinking tea with lemon and sugar without taking off my mirror-blue eyes. I do not know how to behave and what to say. though one consolation - there is no experience with such guests.

Well, that thought up? her voice thawed and became more melodic and kind. really nothing to do with overflow bells, according to "angelologists" and nothing to do with harps. just a nice, quiet and calm voice.
yes something for nothing is not far-fetched. How do I know what you order there?
-All much easier to fool, our skin is devoid of friction. so no wear long delayed.
-that "why»?
Well why do you deny the friction?
-You really do not know the story. ehh ... a long time - a long time ... wait a minute, you have free time?
-today is Sunday. No plans for the day, so I'm free. Come on, tell his tale.
-so. a long time ago, when men and angels live in one dimension, side by side, working, having fun and grieving, there were cases of marital union between a man and an angel. and as you probably already guessed is born ...
-No, born Blood-humans-poluangely. they absorbed the best qualities of both races. the beauty and magic of the angels, intelligence and ability to survive in humans. except that no genetic code programmed. There has been a breakdown. and as a consequence - cleaning system. as the configuration of matter and the world could not contain such creatures in one time space. and the system has made their adjustments. angels and men were separated by time and distance. In addition, the system to protect themselves from the likelihood of repetition and amended the physical model of angels and men. so the angels lost their friction, and the people - the ability to move INSTANT 10,000 light years from Earth. Yes Yes Yes. you had such hidden features. you have not had time to open. although there have been individuals who have opened "transfer." but before the opening of public knowledge is not reached. like this.
-daa school ... we did not talk about it ...
-uvy. but in our schools is the same.
-More tea? - I said, and thumped his mug of coffee 3 tablespoons.
-No I think I'll be the same thing as you. Only stronger and sugar ...

a few minutes later, we were sitting, or rather I was, and an angel hovering a few millimeters from the chair and drinking coffee. I'm with milk and sugar, and a winged creature - Black Kofeische. with a capital letter. as I brewed it for about a quarter of the banks. from a dose of a human heart to stop. Angel and cat-like squinting, relished the liquid bomb still eating chocolate waffle cake. Chocolate + Coffee ... what kind of metabolism in them? .. wait a minute! and how she holds a mug? I immediately asked the questions of the guests, but was even more incomprehensible answer about the gravitational field of the skin and angelic direction of the vector against them that touches the outside. and the angels themselves can and should address, and keep, and beat, break, destroy, stroking and caressing. but I'm still little understood. but I stayed in this opinion that the gravitational force vectors are directed against what may be at risk for an angel, but the question of clothing was left unresolved. Well, okay. maybe it's just a whim of a single angel, please visit me. but I was worried about another issue. and perhaps it was the most important. if so, an angel appeared to me, this is clearly not just. Angels, according to "angelologists" arrive for three reasons:
1) tell you it's time to light the
2) to say that you have not time to light at the
3) say something very umnoedat Super job for life
and determine the cause of the visit is possible only by name. Now it excites.

I beg your pardon, but could you please introduce yourself? - Courage I asked. - You probably already know not only my name but also the amount of hair on the head, lung capacity, foot size and the level of hemoglobin in the blood, but of you I do not know anything. That's not fair!
Angel leaping laughed and introduced herself: "Lalael." beautiful and unusual name. and best of all, it does not belong to the group of names of Hell. Well, one question less.
-So, what can I do for you? - I asked cheerfully.
Forgive for arrogance, but I can first use your shower?
Angel got really arrogant, but cute. and deny not seem hospitable.
-no problem. let's go, I'll see.
gave a big white towel, showed where the hot and cold water, he said he could use anything and in any quantity. and he went to the kitchen - Cleanup Coming guest. at 11 pm hard to find a new frame and glass, so I struck up a window with polyethylene, splinters swept, wiped blood stains on the floor. and when it was taken away, I sat down in his favorite chair and listened. roared the water in the bathroom and it seems that she sang. I sang something very sad. It was captured by only the melody. complicated tune, frequent changes of tonality and rhythm. "A word?" You ask. most likely this language no one on Earth knows.
lulled by the quiet singing, I dozed off. Still, not every day your window angels fly.

the sound of water stopped and the singing stopped. He snapped the heck in the hallway angel appeared with a towel on his head. rapidly spread its wings, and all within a few meters from the dark water. She smiled shyly and said:
-Sorry, but you're in the bathroom so closely, and then quickly dries.
-daaa ... dries quickly. - Dreamily she repeated her myself.
Are you ready?
just in case I still brewed tea. but the present. added oregano, lime blossom and rose. a few cloves sliced ​​lemon and folded them neatly on a silver platter. plus sweet and condensed milk. not tricky treat, but to accompany the conversation quite descend. but the conversation did not take place. She touched my hand and I passed out. last thought was "a sophisticated robbery ...»

I woke up on the sand. roasted sun, roaring surf, tickled the heel of the oncoming wave, gulls hovering in the air. He stood up on his elbows and looked around. I lay on the snow-white streamer wild beach behind me - the rainforest. in a small clearing in the passing beach was my furniture: computer table, chest of drawers, a wardrobe, an ancient lamp, stove, refrigerator. looked at the laptop, the power indicator glows green. fridge too faintly rattled and trembled. Finally I saw a door. an ordinary door. through which a fall from the landing to the apartment. Once the door was standing in the sand. standing next to a coat rack. and all the rest in the same places as in the apartment.
I went to the door and looked through the peephole. everything is as it was. through the lens of "fish-eye" could see the staircase door neighbors raspredelitelnoy panel on the ceiling.
-Well? like? - I heard a familiar voice and turned sharply.
at the kitchen table and sat Lalael drinking tea with oregano, lime blossom, rosehip but with no sugar and smiled.
-highly! and you stay?


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