13 interesting facts about the "Man of 2015" Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel was named Man of the 2015 edition version of Time. German Chancellor - one of the most influential politicians in the world. From its decisions and policies depends on many things, from the state of the European economy, to solve the biggest since the Second World War, the crisis migrantov.No like all people from the Iron Angels have their habits, preferences and fears. Website said 13 things you did not know about "iron" Frau Merkel.

Phobia h2> Angela is afraid of dogs as long as one of them grabbed her leg. It is known that before each official meeting her staff are always warned that nearby there should be a single dog. This item is identified and before Merkel's visit to Russia.

According to numerous testimonies of the media, Putin repeatedly used their dogs to psychologically suppress Merkel. In 2007, he invited the angel to the meeting in the Crimean residence, and when they posed for photographers, in walked a huge Labrador Koni. Seeing as Merkel's tense, Putin asked sarcastically: "The dog does not scare you?" We also know that the year before he gave her a stuffed dog on a leash.

real name h2> Maiden Name Angela Merkel - Kasner. The family of her father is of Polish origin. Merkel - the surname of her first husband, fellow physicist, whom she married in 1977 and divorced four years later.

Childhood h2> Merkel's father was a minister in the Lutheran Church. Soon after birth, the angels, he moved his family from western Germany to the east, is under the control of the USSR. Despite the fact that thousands of Germans are fed back manner. A disciplined and prudent approach to politics Angels often credited her upbringing.

Nickname h2> German supporters call Angela Merkel «Mutti», that the German translates as "Mom." And as a student, despite his modesty and unsociable, the future Chancellor of Germany worked as a bartender at a student disco.

Aversion to risk h2> Merkel's childhood was very careful and well-inclined obsumyvat their decisions. Once at the age of nine in gym class angel stood 45 minutes in the tower diving - before you decided to jump into the pool.

My favorite way to communicate h2> Angela Merkel loves texting - correspondence via SMS or using a mobile messenger. This is the way it poluchetsya news, communicate with colleagues and gives orders. German Chancellor considers it a way of communicating the fastest, most reliable and efficient.

Scientific achievements h2> Angel has a degree in physics and a doctorate in quantum chemistry. Some believe that her success as a politician comes from its scientific analytical approach to the situation. She was the only woman among the researchers in the Department of Theoretical Chemistry Academy of Sciences in East Germany.

Smart move h2> In the late 1970s, Merkel has moved to the position of assistant professor at the engineering school, and she was asked to join the Stasi - the secret police of East Germany. She says she refused, saying that because she received a bad spy, as it is not too talkative. The work she did not receive. If she then joined them, her subsequent political career would have been impossible. Some politicians in the united Germany after any contact with the Stasi considered shameful, and many were forced to resign, when they were discovered their past relationships with the organization.

Personal Crisis h2> After her divorce from her first husband Merkel she lived illegally in an abandoned no man's apartment near the Friedrichstrasse train station in the heart of Berlin at the Brandenburgsih gate. On the 30th birthday of Angels, her father came to visit her and said, "You are not too advanced in life»

Discipline h2> In the night the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, when Germany rake up all night, 35-year-old Merkel chose to go to the sauna and userdstovat alcohol, not to get tired before the next working day. Later, she strolled along the border, marking the event with strangers, drank one glass, and immediately went home.

Hidden talent h2> Judging by the numerous reviews, Merkel - a very good cook and knows how to oven stunning cake with raisins. One day she was spotted shopping at the grocery conventional supermarket. Somehow she confessed to the President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan, that every morning making breakfast for her husband.

The secretive husband h2> Merkel husband, Joachim Sauer, a professor at the University of Berlin, so do not like the publicity, he did not even show up for the inauguration of Chancellor Merkel in 2005.

It is also known that he continued to fly budget airlines, although he was allowed to travel with Merkel on service aircraft. The couple loved to go to the opera together and walk on foot. Due to the interest of Joachim to the opera, as well as dislike fall into the spotlight, the German media dubbed him Phantom of the Opera. And according to the most Merkel Joachim almost never grumbles.

"The only thing he complains - that, in his taste, too little cupcakes pastry crumbs. In the end, the son of a confectioner, "- said Merkel.

Love football h2> Chancellor Critics argue that Merkel's "started to love football on duty" only because it is befitting to behave leader of the country. However, Angela herself claims that her love of football began as a student, long before a career, with a visit to a football stadium in Leipzig.

Merkel often comes in the locker room of the German national football team to congratulate them on their victory, and one day she accidentally found there naked soccer star Bastin Shvayntaygera.

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