35+ rare photographs from the past life of the great politicians

This photo of 20, or even 30 years. characters imprinted on them only vaguely resemble themselves present. At the time of the photo, they were not well known, and now occupy high government positions. What were the world's politicians and their spouses in their youth.

Vladimir and Lyudmila PutinyPozhenilis in 1983, divorced in 2013.

Unlike most of their foreign counterparts, the Russian president is extremely jealous of information about his personal life. No wonder the media Vladimir was referred to as one of the most secretive politicians, and pictures from the "past life" of the Russian president - one, two and miscalculated. However, among those that have, you can find very entertaining. For example, this.


Some people mistakenly believe that in this photo taken in 1970, the young Putin is dancing with his future wife Lyudmila. In fact, with the collected hair in a ponytail - President classmate Lena

. Meeting with Lyudmila happened much later - in 1980. Future First Lady was then only 25 years old.

Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Shkrebneva


The courtship lasted three years, after which, in 1983, signed for the pair.

Vladimir Putin with the eldest daughter Maria in 1985


The second child - daughter Catherine - in the family of the future president was born during his trip to the GDR

Vladimir Putin and his wife during a business trip to East Germany in the late 1980s

. 57e6c16ca1.jpg


Dmitry and Svetlana MedvedevyPozhenilis in 1993

At the time of love with his future wife, Dmitry Medvedev was the first-grader in a regular school in a residential area of ​​the northern capital. He studied at the 1 "B", and it is -. 1 "B»

In 14 years, Dima Medvedev and Light Linnik started going by the handles, and the end of school and did become a real couple.


The next step - the registration of relations in 1993. Future policies and his lover at the time was 28 years.


Finally Medvedyevs family was formed in 1993 after the birth of a child - a son Ilya

Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana and son Ilya

. 030ee14922.jpg

Dmitry Medvedev and his wife in 2011

Alexander and Galina LukashenkoPozhenilis in 1975

If anyone can compete with Vladimir Putin, the ability to hide privacy, so it is the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko. The head of Belarus never displays the first lady out.

As admitted in one of his interviews the wife Galina Lukashenko, in his youth her future husband went to see her on a date for four kilometers on foot in any weather. However, long walks future policy is not scared no accident: Alexander G. was very athletic boys

. 05a316d668.jpg

Courtship escalated into a serious romance, and even some time later - in marriage

. 107e3f446e.jpg


Delicate relationship soured after receiving Alexander Lukashenko President of the Republic. Take a seat head of state, the husband moved to the capital. Galina with which in fact he became the first lady had to stay at home - in the village Ryzhkovich

first lady of Belarus Galina Lukashenko near his home in the village Ryzhkovich

. 584cf0c296.jpg

The couple are rarely seen. According to Galina, often she comes to Minsk to visit her husband. The president himself to the village to the First Lady visited by little.

Valentina and Vladimir MatvienkoPozhenilis in 1972

Girl in a flared dress with blond curls and flowers in hand on the picture below - the chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko

. 9e09f3bd4d.jpg

This photo was taken at the beginning of the political career of the future speaker of the Federation Council: at this time Valentine finished high school, made the first steps on the career ladder, and at the same time preparing for marriage. Chosen future policy became her classmate Vladimir Matvienko.


Married with Vladimir Matvienko Valentina son Sergei was born in 1973 (in the center).


In recent years, the husband of Valentina Matvienko, confined to a wheelchair and is almost out of the house - living in a mansion near St. Petersburg

. 5b918315b4.jpg

Helen and Michael MizulinyPozhenilis in 1976

For many Russians the name of Senator Helen Mzulinoy, ardent opponent of abortion and a defender of traditional family values, associated with the image of the lady with gray hair in a chastely buttoned shirt and skirt to the floor. In other words - a woman who not only have never been married, but do not go on dates. In reality it is not. Elena Dmitrieva (maiden name), like all normal people, was young, in love (in a political scientist and lecturer Michael Mizulina) and even went to the registrar of the bride dress. The proof in the image below.

Wedding Elena Mizulina



Angela Merkel and Joachim ZauerPozhenilis in 1998

Unlike Elena Mizulina, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in his youth was a girl more free views: do not shun parties and did not hesitate to accept the courtship of young people of different

Angela Kasner with a friend in the early 1970s



In 1977, a student of the third course of the University of Leipzig, Angel jumped married her fellow student Ulrich Merkel (later a politician left his name itself).

However, this marriage did not last long - already in 81, the couple broke up

. "We got married because everyone got married then," - said Merkel later

. His second half of this woman met in 1984. Chosen German "Iron Lady" was the chemist Joachim Sauer. Officially, their couple relationships recorded in 1998.

Merkel and Joachim Sauer



Bill and Hillary KlintonPozhenilis in 1975. As Angela Merkel, the 42nd US President Bill Clinton met his future wife and the First Lady on the student's desk - Yale

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham in student years <. br>



Officially, the husband and wife, William and Hillary began in 1975.

Wedding of Bill and Hillary



On the 13th birthday girl her father became a US president.


Bill and Hillary Clinton in 2016


Barack and Michelle ObamaPozhenilis in 1992

44th US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle brought the work in a law firm in the early 1980s.



couple decided only on the official registration of relations in 1992.



Six summer couple Obama acquired the first-born, daughter Malia Ann. And in 2001, six years before winning the presidential election, the second child was born -. Sasha

Barack Obama with his wife and daughters


US President and his wife in 2015


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