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Many Internet met the tests that were supposed to tell you everything about your past life. Believe it or not - your business. But, perhaps, you will learn about yourself something new.

First, let's define LETTER YEAR you were born
In the vertical column of Table 1 find the first 3 digits of the year of your birth in the last horizontal. At the intersection of the lines - letter year!
Table 1
For example:
You were born in 1990.
We find 199 left column, and 0 at the top.
Letter Year: Z

Your sex in a previous life
Instead of your birthday month get LETTER OF THE YEAR.
If the letter at the top - you have been a man
If the bottom - woman

Table 2
For example:
You were born in April and your YEAR LETTER Z
This letter is contrary April bottom of the table.
In a past life you were a woman.

For the same Table 2 define symbols, signs and numbers profession
Symbol and figure looking over the letter YEAR
The sign on the left, near the month of birth
For example:
You are a woman born in April and the number of years your Z
Your symbol - a circle with a square inside
Your number - 2
Your sign - in

Place your birth
In the right column of Table 3 we find a symbol, and in the bars in the center (at the arrows) your date of birth in the same line with the date of birth, the left, the two outermost columns specified including your place of birth. Consider your floor in a past life.
(For an explanation, see. Table 4)
For example:
Your symbol - a circle with a square vrutri
The number of birth - 17
You are a woman means your number of place of birth - 64
In a past life you were born in central India
Table 3

Table 4

Your activity in a previous life

In order to find out what you were doing, use your numbers and symbols obtained in Table 2
For example:
Your number 2, Your sign in
Finding B2 in Table 5
You've been a cartographer, an astrologer. Astronomer ...

Table 5

Table 6 Purpose present life posmotert corresponding arrow in Table 3.



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