7 little daughters and son Russian officials who stormed Forbes

When the big December press conference, Vladimir Putin told how proud her grown daughters, he said: "They are not engaged in business and not get involved in politics. They will not climb. " Maybe it's just because there are others who "climb" is not so shameful? For example, Cyril Shamalov, dollar billionaire and alleged husband youngest presidential daughter Catherine: according to the data of Forbes, the 33-year-old son "friend of Putin" and co-owner of the petrochemical holding company "Sibur" without competition was one of the largest public procurement in 2016 to 148, 8 billion rubles.

Sons Yuri Chaika, Prosecutor General

Senior Artem has a powerful business empire, whose interests stretch far and wide, from the construction and real estate, including overseas, to sand quarries and salt mines. Since 2014 he is the sole supplier of crushed stone for the "Russian Railways". According to Forbes estimates, on all this Artem earns at least $ 200 million. Artem Seagull with a business partner in the hotel business in Greece Olga Lopatina (aka - the former wife of the Deputy Attorney General): 51,485,256

According to the anti-corruption fund Navalny, 40-year-old Artem - a resident of Switzerland (ie, persons with documented right of permanent residence in the country). There he had a private villa for $ 3 million with a view of Lake Geneva and the Alps - pictured right


And thus began after, including the post of adviser to the governor of Moscow region on a voluntary basis. Incidentally, in the summer of 2015 he was even awarded an honorary diploma of the President's "For merits in the implementation of effective projects of innovation development of the Moscow region and an active social life┬╗.

However, the civil service has not attracted Igor. At 27, he could become a deputy-governor, but declined the offer to focus on entrepreneurship. Since 2014 he and older brother, began to acquire assets of the Railways. In particular, his company is now partially owned by the country's largest production of sleepers. In

2015, both Yuri Chaika's son became the heroes of the acclaimed film-investigation of "The Seagull", exposing them as the people who built the business on criminal activity (including links to organized crime groups) and corruption schemes. After him, the LDPR faction in the State Duma even made a draft law to ban the children and wives of officials to have their own business.

The son of Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev

About Alexander Kolokoltseva Runet learned in 2012 - then the opponents of his father, qualify for a ministerial seat, in the absence of another "compromising" took up her son. 28-year-old former employee of FSB attributed criminal business and the accused that he had "taken under Pope large sums of money and throws people". However, it was unsubstantiated, and the media "exposure" is not supported. The Network is the only small photo allegedly Kolokoltseva Alexander, but it is unknown if this is really the son of the interior minister.

Another 4 years of relatives Kolokoltseva Sr. did not touch until, finally, the "Vedomosti" do not there is information worthy of publication - that the 32-year-old Alexander is associated with a very promising business at $ 500 million in construction and real estate transactions in the capital. This business with him generously shared by representatives of the Armenian diaspora, which, in particular, was built in the center of Moscow pompous shopping center "Erevan Plaza┬╗.

But in general Kolokoltseva Jr. versatile business interests, the newspaper writes: In addition to the construction, it is involved in the restaurant business, is engaged in telecommunications and development of websites and applications for mobile operators

Niece Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev

Father: Alexey Tkachev, the State Duma deputy from the "United Russia", the brother of the Minister

Anastasia Krattli (nee Tkachev) was a student was one of the richest promyshlennits fertile Kuban. Its assets, according to "Vedomosti", including two pipe plant development company with ambitious projects of apartment buildings, as well as a large cattle-breeding complex, covering a third of the market of the Southern and North Caucasian Federal District.

But this is not the entire list. In 2012, another company controlled by Anastasia, has acquired two state contract for road maintenance and construction in the Krasnodar region on the total amount of 117 million rubles. In general, the business may be, and "small" (as he called it all day by Alexander Tkachev), but coverage is certainly the widest.

Son of the Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko

Exit of our political vocabulary of the word "tandem" is perfectly suited for this family business: it was during the St. Petersburg governor Valentina her son Sergei to take your business to dizzying heights and signed (albeit unofficially) in dollar billionaires. His company, the speaker called "Empire" takes literally everything from trade and construction to transport services and advertising. State orders rolling in - only one of them Matvienko, Jr. received 2, 8 billion rubles. Looked very lucky businessman koloritno

Valentina Matvienko indignantly denied their participation in the filial success and even threatened for such "insinuations" by the court. But as soon as she released the governor's chair, Sergei companies as somehow very sharply were an outsider. Now the 42-year-old Matvienko remained only a fraction of the "imperial" possessions, while he switched to the social activities related to the legal protection of drug addicts.

Did you know that Sergei was married to singer Dawn? She found the apex of his career. But this union did not last two years, a divorce issued in 2006.

The daughter of former Moscow deputy mayor Yuri Roslyak

And finally, the short story is one of falling: February 25, a court sentenced 36-year-old Mary Roslyak, who headed the bank "Moscow Lights" to 4 years in prison for fraud and embezzlement in a large scale. According to investigators, in 2010-2014 she withdrew from the bank 6, 5 billion rubles through the notoriously bad loans one-day firms and theft from accounts of private investors.

In the aggregate charges banker faces 10 years, but she went on to deal with the investigation, which softened the punishment. In addition, she was given a 14-year delay as the mother of two minor children, that is about to give birth to a third child.

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