Ugly Ducklings And Demure What In my Childhood was Our and Foreign Celebrities

One from the first years of life bathed in compliments: all call them for the extremely adorable doll face and good behavior. Others have been less fortunate: he had to accept the role of an ugly duckling due to the angular appearance. Looked like the most popular Russian and foreign celebrities in early childhood, look at fresh gallery Haba.

Catherine Zeta-Canstage to the acting profession and the movie woke up the future star, when she was just a baby. Then Katherine was not distinguished by distinctive exterior, and it was a pretty normal little girl with short pigtails. But future celebrity was cheerful and lively child without complexes and with pleasure participated in children's theater productions, which later played into her hands.

Jody Postcolony kid was a Tomboy in early childhood, the Oscar-winning actress jodie foster. Future star wore a playful short cut where it was quite difficult to distinguish from the boy.

Sergey Shnurov here a big fan of swearing and musician Sergey Shnurov childhood brawled, and looked quite harmless: he was a typical Soviet child with kind eyes and chubby cheeks.

Nikita Dzhigurda less charming and an exemplary boy was eccentric and explosive actor Nikita Dzhigurda.

Julia Robertsfree how to become a beauty, Hollywood actress Julia Roberts had to play the role of ugly duckling. Little Julia was a modest girl-nerd in big glasses.

Merrill Trips of a similar problem encountered in early childhood and Meryl Streep. However, the role of the ugly duckling did not prevent her in the future to get an Oscar and a place among the Actresses of style icons.

Justin Timberlake was carrying the first years of life with the appearance and future heartthrob Justin Timberlake.

Sergey Lazarev, Russian singer Sergey Lazarev childhood was very nice and the sports boy: with 4 years seriously was fond of artistic gymnastics.

Mila Tunicatunica received praise for a pretty face and a little Mila kunis.

Nicole Kidonakis Nicole Kidman, which since the childhood spoiled by compliments for the doll face and beautiful hair, in 4 years began studying ballet. Love to dance subsequently led a future star in the theater, and then to the movies.

By the way, the children of a Hollywood star is not so lucky with looks. See how looks the adopted daughter of Nicole Kidman and the offspring of some other celebrities.

Anastasia Volochkovoj to become a professional ballerina caught fire at the age of 5 years and Anastasia Volochkova. However, she would not trade dancing on her acting career and brought his plan to the end.

Joseph Prigorodnoy of the main hallmarks of a future star producer in childhood was not any beauty, and seriousness. As soon as the little Josef was 12, he got his first job – got a job in a Barber shop. And after 4 years and even went to independent navigation – left their hometown of Makhachkala in Moscow.

Kate Middleton last. This perky girl with short ponytails — the wife of Britain's Prince William Duchess of Cambridge Catherine.



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