A touching story of a duck. 11 photos

One bank employees working on the third floor have noticed that on the visor out of the building had built her nest duck ...

As time went on, duck living in a new place did not grieve. One day bank employees noticed that there were eggs in the nest. Then she finally did hatched ducklings dozen wonderful.

Time again went ducklings podrostaet

And it's time to leave their homes, being shipped in a long and difficult path to the big water Spokane River. And the way was really difficult and dangerous. Kids not being able to fly had to come down from the canopy to the ground, then cross a few blocks toward the river, had plenty of obstacles in front of pedestrians, cars, bicycles, ladders, crossings, etc..

Call of the Wild won all fears and ducklings entrained mother began to jump down onto the sidewalk.


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