And you as a child? ..

* And you ate as a child too lilac with 5 petals?
* And you, too, as a child my mother, buttoning his jacket on you, always prischemlyala chin hurt hurt ?!
* Do you have a child too mittens with elastic?
* And you, too, as a child, when washing socks, soap shoved in it and still trying to dial back the water?
* A child who put a donut on my finger, and then biting it right with your finger?
* And you, too, writing off any of the books in the book, tried to put in one line more than fit in the book?
* And you, too, as a child built huts in the rooms of the chairs and blankets? * You too, as a child, when his head washed, color different hairstyles and figures do?
* Do you remember when we were a child in the yard playing in the shop, the leaves were money?
* Does anyone believe in childhood toys that come to life at night?
* Are you a child also believed that large mosquitoes - malaria, that if you take a frog in hand - are warts?
* And you, too, as a child, when you will cross over, afraid that does not grow, and asked to step back?
* And you, too, as a child screaming people from the balcony, and then abruptly sat down to have not noticed?
* And you, too, when we were little, seeing on the electronic clock 11:11, 22:22 or 00:00 make a wish?
* And you, too, as a child, when turned off the light, the darkness will try to jump on the bed, because they were afraid that from under her arm pop out and grab you by the leg?
* And you, too, when a child was taken with a toy to sleep, thinking that others are offended, and then take all?
* And when you were young, also called a friend and called her to walk around the house?
* Do you remember when we were little and watched a movie where the kiss us mom or dad would say, "Close your eyes"?
* Do you remember when we childhood anecdote told a thread, be sure to first warned, "only he IDA"?
* Every company in your mouth turns microbe remember this poem?
* Remember as a child we were told "take out the drink," and we said, "if I go I will no longer be released?"
* And you, too, as a child sharpener sharpening pencils, not only, but also pens, markers?
* And you, too, as a child my parents were remote control?
* And you, too, when you read it - smile recognizing themselves here !?


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