Learn about yourself something new: a striking test that does not take you much time.

At the beginning of the XX century philosopher, mystic George Gurdjieff developed a method of self-examination, which is still used today. In 1960 it finalized a psychologist Claudio Naranjo. This method is called the Enneagram of personality.

The method is based on the fact that all types of personalities are built around one basic fear that originates in childhood. Total allocated fears and 9, respectively, 9 personality types, which are combined into one common polyhedron that characterizes the relationship between the types.

Try to be as objective as possible in relation to himself. In each of us there is a part of all personalities, pick one main answer and 2 secondary. The first option will characterize you the most accurate, the other two - your secondary person.

What scares you the most?
1. Imperfection
2. Loneliness
3. Failure
4. Run-
5. unceremoniously
6. Betrayal
7. Inactivity
8. Weakness
9. Conflict

Let us turn to the results.

1. Perfectionist


you regularly think that you make some errors. You're committed to ensuring that everything around you was perfect. At the same time you are very punctual and hardworking. Any mistake for you is tantamount to defeat. You will be extremely difficult to accept the fact that human abilities are limited. As a child, you did not have approval, so the criticism hurt you so far.

Striving for perfection - it's your basic quality. But you spend too much energy to contain his anger. If you learn to tame your anger, then your patience may be your forte.

To you could interact, they have to listen to your opinion, to approve your actions, but do not flatter appreciate your punctuality and honesty. And be sure to show how much they love and your imperfections, too!

2. Assistant


You all right only if all is well in others. You have the incomparable intuition, so almost no errors to determine what is good for others. For you the main thing to avoid loneliness, because you live for others, and if there's no one there, then lost the meaning of life. Is it easy to describe in one sentence: "I love, therefore I am." But you can not give yourself all that is ready to give to others, and that's your main problem. It is very likely that as a child your parents are not fully aware what you need, so you are very afraid of being abandoned.

You need to appreciate you for what you dedicate yourself to others. But when you're constantly sacrificing themselves for others, sooner or later you start to feel indispensable, and it is not good.

Your environment must regularly show that they care about your efforts. It is very important that they be encouraged to develop your personal qualities. It is important that they spare your vulnerability and you do not hide from (are you still understand that something is happening).

3. Fighter


You are driven by exceptional performance and actions. Do you think that any purposeful man who knows what he wants in life, a priori, can distribute the work and time. Any pause in their lives do you think a sign of boredom. You perfectly know how to adapt. Perhaps as a child you were praised for action and reward behavior. But enough talking about you as a person, so you think you love only those who have succeeded in life.

You do not brezguesh any means in order to achieve their goal. No need to constantly compare yourself with others, but you are doing it all the time. You definitely need to know that people appreciate what you're doing ...

Another is regularly congratulate you on professional achievements, not overly show feelings in your presence and maintain your optimism.

4. Romantic


You do not see sense to live a normal life, moderate emotions for you. Such as you are everywhere looking for beauty, aesthetics and originality, and most importantly - glow in the senses. Periodically, you can hide in your imagination, dreaming of a new and better world. Do you think that is too close relationships never last long. Perhaps as a child you experienced some emotional gap. You did not have the recognition of your deep personality.

Romantics tend to be creative. But in an effort to to avoid banality, can you envy those who have been able to achieve this. This type of person familiar with depression and fear of abandonment.

People around you need not hesitate to express his sympathy to you. But God forbid they start you with someone compare this you do not forgive. If you think some time in their lives unique, they also need to share your feelings.

5. Observer


Representatives of this type of personality is much more comfortable to stay on the sidelines and watch others at a distance. Do you like it in the whole deal and to understand everything, but you do not like to stand out. Your emotions should be only yours, and I do not envy the one who intervenes in them without permission. As a child, you probably do not have enough intimacy. You thought that your parents want to know everything that is in your head.

You're jealous of his time. You're hard to meet new people, as well as clearly and easily express their thoughts. Also, representatives of this type can hardly be called team players.

People around you need to respect your need to learn something new and to encourage you to share knowledge. You should not force you to make decisions and forced to meet new people.

6. Conservative


You know how to be a team only on clear rules. You need to know that the person or the situation is safe for you. But if you are fairly familiar with all the rules, then you can move mountains. For people like you, the law is important, you need a clear structure. You can torment the conscience of even the smallest violation of the rules or the law. Perhaps, in your childhood, one of the parents was absent or was too hard for you, and the rules of behavior in the family were fuzzy and indistinct.

Representatives of this type of person regularly have fears about the fact that someone had used. You're hard to understand themselves and to decide quickly.

Your environment does not need to play with your feelings or to conduct any talks behind your back. It is important to be honest with you, constantly assure you the authenticity of your relationship.

7. Adventurer


You're a true epicurean, so running away from suffering and stagnation. Representatives of this type - the real players, they have to travel a lot, and feel lucky to live in a fast pace. To expand the field of action and diversity in dating you regularly make new friends. If during any action you bored, you will not hesitate to switch to a new one. You difficult to empathize with the grief of others, do not you love when you share their problems. As a child, you notice the suffering of others and hid them in the game.

People of this type develop a tendency to excessive rationalization. They do not always have time to catch everything, it is difficult to establish a close relationship, and it is difficult to patiently listen to other people.

Associates should always take an interest in everything that you do, even if it is difficult to grasp, and as little as possible to make you do something monotonous. In your presence they need to always be in a good mood and never cry.

8. Leader


You can not stand all the manifestations of weakness. Only when people show their character, you begin to respect them. Do you think that nothing comes easy, and your whole life - this is one big battle. You like to help others, but sometimes it becomes a way of not saying the word "no" that you think a sign of weakness. As a child, you did not have love and in self-defense you start to deny all their weaknesses.

You are very important to you appreciated for the strength of your character. Defending himself from the outside world, you can not evaluate the real situation.

In communion with the rest of you need to forget about flattery, deception, and not try to manipulate you. In addition, you would appreciate if they speak directly, to keep your word and respect your living space.

9. Peacemaker


People of this type are very important to find agreement and harmony in ourselves and in the world. You're always on the side of any conflict, because I do not like to get on someone's side. You're important to work with well-targeted, without feeling any pressure. Only then will you be able to move forward, albeit at its own pace. You can easily understand the other, but you are much more difficult to understand yourself. As a child, to save the rest you said nothing. In addition, you do not have the opportunity to express themselves.

People of this type suppress their anger in any way possible: sweets, television, alcohol, work, tobacco. They are extremely lazy, but overcame my laziness can accurately solve life's challenges.

The people who surround you, do not force you to make decisions quickly, they should give you the ability to perform the work at their own pace. Okruschayuschim should be spent more time with you, and show that it is a pastime they like, but never abuse your kindness.

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