Guessing by the comments (the intelligent new entertainment)

Sixty six million five hundred three thousand thirty one

There is a popular a popular attraction and to spend time communicating in networks. People like to show themselves through that if others come to watch.

In social networks the person the impression that a guest has visited. And very nice many of that no-account do not have to pay to pay, no dishes to wash, and from "and in the face..." also declined, and the exchange of attention and emotional stroking took place.

Offer a fresh perspective for thinking — to use the comments for my own entertainment, self-development and subsequent use (of course humanity))

Even sorted waste becomes a resource of what to say about people. They suddenly become useful and not be afraid of this word, ALL.

"Yak, you don't like people? Yes, VI is just not vmeta z nih somatica" — says the modern proverb.

So posobirat "fleas" in the Internet, I want to share how you can use them. The word "fleas" is a collective image of people who are personally not name, but to appear in its territory allow it (and that, let's jump), and they are able to roam (it is a right given by birth) and start biting.

I use the Internet as a live platform for the exchange of experience, where they share their experiments and their lives and discoveries collected in the psychological laboratory of human development.

And in fact I am interested in Life in all its fullness and for its full contact with the whole world, prefer not to close from the review, "do not ban" people – well this is so exciting – everyone brings their whole world, and who can not stand my undivided attention to the person himself doing "seppuku"* away yourself from the conversation.

* seppuku — harakiri synonym, means perfect according to all rules of ritual suicide.

The real psychologist, in this priznaysya reveal a professional secret (forgive me, colleagues) listening to people – he looks at them. See what they are really doing when they think that they are listening, and that pokazyvaut yourself when you choose words describing anything. For purity of experiment will be more informative about where the person is not himself, namely, the something else describes and comments on. It reveals his way of life in General "firing" him. If we begin to look at process, not at the words, each speaking to us appears naked. In this process of our living mind and body, there is a pleasant naturalness and authenticity of the person, which of course is much better than "silicon surrogates" formally polite superficial dialogue — "billiard ball" as it was called Eric Berne in his book "Games people play, and people who play Games"

Because when the truth confronts us in all its beauty, it is in any case an aesthetic spectacle. People want to know the ins and outs. And here "to the fortuneteller do not go", a multi-layered reality in all its glory, with all older complexes and emotional injuries of childhood. Individual commentators even possible to "see" how a child "gets-hurt" and what was the Hyper-tonus at birth. If so carefully — "between the lines" people will start to look at life around, movies and TV shows will disappear as unnecessary. Who lives a real life, one of them, and so they were not looking (no time to look around so much live interesting sticks).

About the commentators in social networks.

Sighted — you will see, the listener will hear (I apologize in advance, some of the characters you can read yourself) You of course realize that this is a "random" coincidence  However, is to know you will be informative and at the same time terapeutiche

1.APPRAISER — "Get to five" / "Get — two".

Belief: Believes in the magical power of the wrappers/labels!

The man who came to estimate, and therefore the one to whom the most important assessment is important, he collects the evaluation values them donated from friends and important persons, they take pride of place in the iconostasis. It's like if a person comes with an empty box labeled "Hu-AE" or even "treasure untold" and thinks it can "provisional government" without unpacking and get emotsionalny effect.

And there is at least write what the price tag stick — values and use don't add. When a person is not their thoughts, experiences, and I want to communicate because of warmth and recognition is not enough.

He used to, because the right to himself to give them took away in childhood. Because many think the rating is informative, i.e. try to feed those that eat themselves, even if it is a food which has once “ate” (pardon the pun). Especially revealing in those comments — "it's complete nonsense not worth attention", etc. At the same time, such people are unable to consistently and persistently take place in the air. (?)

Life drama: the Sacrifice of our evaluation of the education system. And who is not a victim?, you ask, alas, almost everything. I gently call “nedomoganie”. unfortunately, they were denied the right to their opinions, their desires in childhood and it was unconsciously made by the parents.


mother: — Vovochka home!

son: I'm hungry or I'm cold?

mother: No, You want to sleep!

Live child's initiative was nipped parent "think what they do." From this living child energy out of the body “shot” in the head paralyzed the body and the child could not remain “alive” in its spontaneity. Next, the child begins to exist looking back, with hindsight, that constantly it is necessary to weigh and to look for it in the "right" what and how to do, want, and even think. In such an atmosphere the child had to be protected. Because life is a circle of three strategies: to feel guilty, make excuses and blame. So crippled the momentum to build for fear of mistakes. Child refuses to do/act, and if he doesn't do, then what he will respect himself? Therefore, people often depend on someone else respect and recognition. These people communicate with labels and generalizations, while hiding behind the beautiful packaging I think that they are not visible.

By the way, APPRAISERS are not always critical commentators, is laudable – are also here. Laudatory comments are valuable in themselves, to whom it is important. In fact, the review certainly become more valuable if there is a clarification that caught/surprised/interested. Then it goes into the category of discussion that is becoming very different and creative game.

What to do with APPRAISERS

To praise in your own words of course, to say what he is(a) done ("get five").

What gives?

Praise stroking, sometimes "against the grain" of the EVALUATOR and gives him the opportunity to "eat" their most beautiful and "proper" wrapping.

2. ADVISOR – "it would be you to go... and that's it... "

Beliefs: He believes that "correctness" actually exists and that It knows the "right"way.

The person who gives advice in the mode of instruction, when requested to do so by the lack of recognition in life. Activities in the world such a person is not tied to its author's vision. Such people on social networks sometimes genuinely trying to be helpful.

ADVISOR "in the red" is hiding behind the advice of the APPRAISER, which asserts itself through the advice with the claim for mockery, such as "read more".

Life's A Tragedy:

The ADVISOR wants to demonstrate itself, but as a child she scolded him for it – saying "I-Cach and visovivat" ugly and man is "study, study and study again" — he does and offers to others. Because in the personal drama of a COUNSELOR is not provided, the script of success, he himself will always seem that he is still not competent enough and annoy the people who are doing something and less worry.

What to do with the EA?

You can pay attention to its purpose/meaning and to return him to his informing that this is not your meaning. Surprise him that the purposes and meanings humans are different and he can also review your if they are obsolete.

What gives?

Typically, the ADVISOR varies in shape: it relaxes tense or Vice versa, receiving the attention and enjoy the insight (that the meanings are different people) is to think about the right of people to have different personal "correctly and beautifully"

3. JUDGE: "did that... got ... something" "so...." "it is when..." and shares his experiences in a narrative style.

Belief: All that can be verified empirically it is necessary to check all by itself. Believes that body, mind and emotions given to man for practical studies and experiments.

Note — this type of people can really DESCRIBE what is happening, and not to ASSESS – this skill is possessed by those who many of the events tend to pass through itself. Please do not confuse them with notable “readers”. Readers are the ADVISERS on the "right" EXPERTS, "his". EXPERTS suggest they are not — they share, what worked they personally, or those whom they know through a handshake. What "hunting" got the EXPERT he brings / offers for General consideration. If "game" is right, and without edifying of the Council it will take and apply those to "the same".

Drama: children warm, warm-hearted, but lazy parents were loved, but "not inspected". Who received the first (7 years) its "noble education" in the yard. Growing up in the circle of peers provided a large field for games and experiments, with permission to use with impunity of things to study their properties.

What to do?

Offer to continue research in related fields.

What gives?

New projects and thinking of the companions and initiative partners.

4. PATRON: "you are the author, Bob the idiot, excuse me...", "he just doesn't know who (what) he says..."

Belief: patron of Heroes should always be!

If this morning if the sun comes up, so the sun will be me! And if I also need to poganyat and cast lightning, for good cause, of course, and with pleasure.

And this is a wonderful and courageous people who are themselves not much floundering in the ratings (they took off), but still remember well how the scores/labels affect the middle and therefore often do not mince words when someone intercede. Safely use them as a weapon for good purpose.


In childhood in their families was a heroic example of the correct use of anger or was an example of flexible and vibrant intellectual defense with passion.

What to do?

Here a person active position, it is enough of your fact of acceptance, and even tacit – it is he gets pleasure and gives himself recognition of this. Heroes, they are usually self-sufficient. Appreciate, suddenly it is an endangered species and sometimes “enrich” the population.

5. NYASHECHKA... "mi-mi-mi..."

Believe: That good will conquer evil and therefore is going to seem good.

“Girl nature” — avatars often choose natural landscape, peruski, handles / legs (limb, not the torso; do not confuse, please, the torso is about something else ) Attributes the “nice” state of the coffee with hearts and smoke, rays, glitter and kittens))

It announces itself, like nature itself, what it is and you happy. Personalization – no, no, it is very scary — can for something to complain about, and the nature and parts of the body like the kittens they are perfect, and all are recognized as divinely beautiful.

Of course, waiting for understanding to a lovely and it, too, and will be very happy.

NADECHKA or what not to improve / fix and war with anyone that this unexpected wisdom from sensory void – All is well!

Drama: the kind of woman a child to experience a vivid drama of psychological violence or ridicule. And to be a witness, a hard confrontation focused on himself and his right of parents to make the decision now not to interfere in any war, not to take either side, since they love both parents and are having a great time when there was peace/truce.

NYASHECHKA is usually not deep. To delve into the nuances of it's dangerous for her, there may be discrepancies and destructive controversy, so it's not because she's stupid, but because she's scared. Therefore, the "feathers" "fluffy" and often children's myopia protecting the details and the details of life.

What to do?

Smiling and waving! Warm the adoption of them may suddenly discover its depth, but more in PM. If you want to take care of, very gradually, they can talk. Often it is subtle, vulnerable and unexpected in his childhood stories girls.

What gives?

The natural situation of the protection, affection, tenderness and recognition for heat.

6. SKUNK "Hu-nya, is your fish in aspic"

Believes All men are evil! Single I'm good, sitting here in the dugout ... shoot.

He was very offended by the unfairness of life in relation to itself. And he can be an acceptable situation, but the degree of happiness in life and satisfaction is at the Skunks are not affected. A person who is so tired of its own depending on the rating and the fact that he always something to choose what revenge, now everyone puts two and often obscenities. It stifles envy to positive feelings, annoying "arrogance" of others to live and to do it in another state.


This, oddly enough, the polar pair of NASECKI – partner injury.

There, too, in childhood powerlessness from the inability to affect a quarrel of parents and maternity from despair to change something. They first chose someone's side of the parents, and then disappointed and now deeply inside strongly condemn yourself, for what they believed and were committed or used by parents with war among themselves. They don't know whom to believe anymore. When we grow up, there is still a need for this confusion to mask and to participate in life. So they keep “abusive defense” (mostly boys of course, but there are girls. Girls "went, like breathing" and devalue anyone who tries to stop them.

What to do?

Sending smiles from the sisters for the trauma and leave them to psychologists and psychiatrists.

7. BOASTER "Yes, you would go there......I would look at you then..."

Believe: to Speak frankly about himself and his "exploits" that's not nice!

Oddly sweet, with a strange is not a direct friend request and simultaneous use of a chance to demonstrate in action.

Drama: Often the victim of this parent "to stay put".

Feel too embarrassed to refuse when it is necessary to tell directly about myself. As if to apologize that because they say so. But then, when “train out” their ambitions are catching up, and they misplaced and crooked wedged in another process with its own history. The BOASTER often comes in conjunction with the ADVISER, to justify somehow his demonstration of “I-stories”.

What to do?

To draw/to attract attention, that you hear his story. She has a right to be, even without contrasting with your words.

What gives?

Quick issue resolution. A strong mutual love (because they actually want to be like you the courage to manifest) or immediate flight from the battlefield (if you hang out in antagonism to the world)

8. PANIBRAT "eh I do not know you, friend... you still have no idea..."

Believes: That all people are Brothers!

This deals directly, as a mother and if with knowledge of the case, which of course can sometimes warp. He is at this moment about something ... his.

Yes, he forgets to clarify some things, as they are considered not important for the experience of kinship and belonging. Generally not dangerous bite if “stomp out some” how great good the bear and pelt him lush. If anything, you can go and cry or to talk for life as many an old friend ... about the past.

Drama: Childhood in a large noisy family, a favorite class, son/ daughter of the regiment. From that early experience around the world as a large house.

What to do?

To drive it is not necessary, even if it hurt your feelings, don't turn into a SKUNK, you have it on the wall in FB came not for war, but for belief in brotherhood. “Pat on the shoulder” comments friend and can from this is born a new, or at least warm.

9. BLAGESCU (probably so Fucking Cute) "Oh Oh Oh, and you really meant what I thought..."

Believe: the Holy believe that sex is a basic instinct!

Energetic, emotional female. If this personality is not to sit down cynical SKUNK and/or the EVALUATOR, without excessive vulgarity is a lady, still, easy virtue and enliven the communication networks (not so much the went, how much flirting) tense "analiziruyut" situation, and also sometimes attacks attack non-aggressive vulgarity as a reaction to fear. Vulgarity relieves the tension, but prevents the birth of something real.

Drama. Usually these girls in the shower daddy daughter competing with the mother for the love of the father, and thus aware of its beauty and often a good first sexual experience.

What to do?

Feel like a member of the opposite sex, regardless of the topic and be happy for them, but not much, and it is difficult to stop and your wall in FB, you may find the color “red light”.

10. BRIDEGROOM (lover boy) "Love. Love...."

Believe: the Holy believe that compliments are pleasant to each woman, and it's way to her heart.

Drama: Mama's baby, whom my mother taught me "correctly" apply to women, as the Pope could not) Basking in the rays of romance "nascent life." In networks it is more comfortable and most importantly cheaper to make your acquaintance.

What to do?

If you are a woman and you have a personal request, please sport. If no such purpose, it is better to ignore. Because any attempt to redirect communication in a different direction is automatically seen as flirting.

11. The TROLL (Clown) "ha Ha... this is so... wow!" "That's what, turns out you're the "reindeer" really!"

Believe: That for all that is put on display, hiding something!

Looking for hidden meaning in everything. Finding the “sick” button on charged topics that Shine through between the lines of your post immediately clicks, and sports.

Drama: Childhood interesting, but not necessarily cloudless of travels and trips. Parents from different you can say "castes" because the sense of humor formed very early. As a strategy to find interesting and to enjoy any event and combine "absurd."

What to do?

Fear and "repent" of course drinking a sedative. If you have a dependency on evaluation and fear of exposure and there are charged themes and “skeletons in the closet.” Moreover, it is possible to repent even in the fact that you did so TROLL calm down faster. And God forbid you defend, if it got to the sore point – can't leave any stone unturned. So effortlessly and incidentally, may very well undermine your picture of the world showing them inside out. Better laugh at him or shoot at once.

The result: This kreativnaya friends with high IQ and never-ending source of humor.

Well, perhaps all (who left without attention, so you provide a better draw J ).
These cute characters as you guessed, I can come to you in pairs/threes in one person and crawl on your wall.

Enjoy socializing in any combination thereof. And don't be afraid to see and be seen.

Suddenly I remember one live scene in Simferopol at a meeting with Slava Gusev.

One of his student, sharing his discomfort from what others consider it closely.

— So people, you know, that look, that look sometimes.

Glory to him and says:

- You're sitting in a cage. And the guy who runs the zoo certainly interesting to look, and who was there in jail, what kind of Beastie is this? And you come out of the cage and he begin to look at those in the cells.

PS by the Way, thank you to the girls from "Russian Emirates", who inspired me by their activity, to write this article. published

Author: Natalia Walicka

P. P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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