In Armenia started the production of cheap fuel from biomass

Scientists of Armenia have created a generator of synthesis gas, who are already interested abroad. The installation can produce energy from straw, sawdust and sunflower husk. The resulting mass is poured into a special machine. The temperature and quality of combustion of biomass are not inferior to coal.

Pellets one and a half times heavier than water. So they burn slowly like a coal. From one kilogram of pellets can be 2 cubic meters of gas. Its cost is significantly lower. For example, 1 kg of pellets together with all costs costs us just 7 cents — explained manufacturing. If this design is to connect the pot, it can fully heat a home of 200 square meters, it will be cheaper than gas in four times. The contract is for six units, the developers have already signed with Cyprus.

It should be noted that in Armenia, these generators are going to install in greenhouses. Local scientists plan to establish production of nitrogen fertilizers, which will get from the biogas.published

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