15+ The Most Horrible And Tasteless Outfits "Oscar" For The Past 30 Years

One from the first years of life bathed in compliments: all call them for the extremely adorable doll face and good behavior. Others have been less fortunate: he had to accept the role of an ugly duckling due to the angular appearance. Looked like the most popular Russian and foreign celebrities in early childhood, look at fresh gallery Haba.

Fashion verdict following the presentation of the award by the American film Institute has long become a tradition of sorts. 88th Oscar ceremony was no exception. And although the Grand failures of the stars this time managed to avoid, some celebrities still managed to impress the audience with their outfits. Take a bright dress blanket Actresses Alicia Vikander and colorful "carpet" attire of comediante Amy Poehler.

However, compared with the worst dresses of the ceremonies of years past closet of these Actresses are not so bad. The editors Anews decided to remember the worst outfits of stars appeared on the red carpet "Oscar" in different years and able to serve as an example of how to dress is not necessary.

Cher, 1986

Actress and singer cher is one of those who is absolutely not trying to keep up with fashion trends. Most of the artist outfits are pure extravaganza. The "Oscar" in 1986 a star was seen in a revealing black dress, ograve big torso, long Cape with wide sleeves and an absolutely fabulous hat that eerily resembled a sea urchin.

Jodie foster, 1989 His first Oscar she won in 1989 for her role in the film "the Accused". At the ceremony, jodie foster appeared in sky blue cocktail dress from Giorgio Armani off-the-shoulder, white tights and black shoes. Alas, outfit from famous designer impressed fashion critics and was named not differently, as "ridiculous".

Kim Basinger, 1990

Almost in the image of the bride appeared at the ceremony, 1990, actress Kim Basinger. Lush white dress with the cut left sleeve and helped star stand out from the crowd. However, later the tabloids sarcastically called the outfit tasteless.

Geena Davis, 1992

Two years later, after the failure of Kim Basinger on the white attire in the wedding style burned the actress Gina Davis. Press the star then compared with the bride, have forgotten the cloak with a veil at the hotel, and a cancan girl.

Lizzy Gardiner, 1995

At 67-th ceremony "Oscar" the owner of one of the most extravagant dresses remembered by the press, was not an actress, costume designer Lizzy Gardiner. The lady appeared before the photographers in the outfit of their own making – gold dress, "woven" from the 254 Bank cards.

As soon as the talk about fancy dress subsided, Lizzy sold it under the hammer for $ 12. The proceeds from the sale of the money the artist gave to charity.

Whoopi Goldberg, 1996

The eccentric actress has always been distinguished by love for unconventional outfits. In 1996, the star appeared on the red carpet in a cloak of purple with a lining of acid-green color. Complement bright outerwear, patterned cropped pants and a top with a deep neckline. Then in the press outfit of the actress called comical, noting that it would be awesome to some hero of the disney cartoon.

This year, the outfit of the actress was made in more conservative colors, but still has not escaped criticism. Black floor-length dress off the shoulder press called baggy, which increased the star visually several sizes. Especially went to Whoopi bracelet, made in the form of an octopus.

Trey Parker and Matt stone, 2000

I think only ladies are fired on the unfortunate choice of outfits? Sometimes in the lists of the most tasteless and ridiculous guests and nominees on "Oscar" are men. A good example can serve as lovers of eccentric garments, animators Trey Parker and Matt stone, is widely known for the cartoon "South Park." Let's see what the guys appeared at the ceremony in 2000.

Björk, 2001

Ambiguous reaction was caused by dress-Swan Icelandic singer and actress björk. In this outfit the star appeared at the 73rd ceremony of delivery of film awards.

Then opinions about the Swan dress of the singer were divided: some called it almost a genius, others – total nonsense and bad taste. However, after a few months began to appear dresses-clones, and in 2014 the Italian fashion house Valentino and completely took the idea of the Swan dress Bjork the basis of one of the samples of his new collection.

Pamela Anderson, 2001

A total boycott of the traditional evening toilet was marked by the appearance of a Busty actress at the 73rd ceremony "Oscar". The blonde appeared before the paparazzi in a dress more appropriate for clubbing: denim mini shirt with open neckline, dark glasses and high leather boots.

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2002

Long gown with translucent top, through which shone the bust, has impressed colleagues and journalists, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow at the ceremony in 2002.

Subsequently, however, the star admitted he went too far with the outfit. "I still like this dress, but then I had to wear a bra," shared the actress.

Uma Thurman, 2004

12 years ago pretty much fluffiness the skirt and the "wedding" elements of the outfit the actress Uma Thurman. The star appeared on film in an air white dress with a Golden vest and a bright blue sash. For this outfit, the actress was dubbed "Miss Switzerland".

Meryl Streep, 2012

Managed once to get the list of the tawdry stars and actress Meryl Streep, is often called in the press "style icon". The culprit – too much gold (in the tone of the statue) the outfit in which Hollywood diva shone on the 84th ceremony of "Oscar".

Liza Minnelli, 2014

But the actress Liza Minnelli remembered by the guests of "Oscar-2014" as a woman in a ridiculous blue pajamas, through which shone unobtrusive Breasts.

From committing unforgivable fashion mistakes while preparing for an important event no one is immune.

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