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The influence of the "Oscar" of the world of cinema is difficult to dispute, it is not surprising that even award nominees (I'm not talking about the winners) is automatically transferred to the category of the most talented and sought-after stars not only in Hollywood, but also throughout the world. It is for these people, each of whom 24 February can become the owner of the coveted statuettes, and organized a dinner in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton. Party nominees for the "Oscar" - a traditional holiday on which stars will once again receive the congratulations of his colleagues on the occasion of the prestigious nomination, demonstrate impeccable sense of style and make a general picture of a long memory.

This time at a dinner on the occasion of the ceremony bestowed 160 nominees, among whom were the producers, writers, makeup artists, costume designers, and many other talented people, whose efforts and create a magical magic of cinema. But special attention this evening, of course, honored actors - major and minor roles in films nominees and directors - creators, without which the world of cinema simply would not exist. I, with your permission, I will begin with the beautiful ladies.

List of nominees for the title of best actress at this time was very interesting and, above all, because this award is presented very elderly (85 years) and the youngest actress (9 years) in the history of the ceremony. Emmanuelle Riva, unfortunately, was not able to attend the dinner, but the baby Quvenzhané Wallis just could not miss such an important event in his life. The film "Beasts of the Southern Wild" became not only the first girl (!) In her filmography, but also opened up access to the world of cinema.

Jessica Chastain is the second nomination for the statuette - last year she claimed her in the category "Actress" for the film "The Help." The likelihood that Jessica will go into a "closed club owners" Oscar "" This year is very high because of its role in the thriller "The number one goal" has been awarded the "Golden Globe".

This year, Naomi Watts is the film "Impossible", which tells the story of the terrible tsunami in Thailand in 2004. Paradoxically, it was in 2004, Naomi was nominated for the film "21 Grams" and received an award. How would this year has not ended in defeat for the actress.

Jennifer Lawrence was already in the nominees "Oscar" 2 years ago, but this is the year of her chances to win big. The actress showed brilliant acting talent in the film "My boyfriend - crazy", which is presented in this year among the best films of the year. By the way, after this film, I realized why everyone is so enthusiastic about the figures Jen. It is really a luxury.

The list nominatok for Best Actress this year is represented by five actresses and each of them has already been noted nomination (or even several) in the past year. Moreover, some of them are already owners of gold statuette (and even a few!). Helen Hunt won the "Oscar" in 1998 for the title role in the movie "Never better," where her partner was Jack Nicholson, and this year was nominated for the motion picture "Surrogates».

In the piggy bank Sally Field for two "Oscars", both for the main role. At this time, it can get, and the third - for the historical drama "Lincoln", but, in my opinion, her chances are slim.

Jacki Weaver played a minor role in the aforementioned movie "My boyfriend - crazy", where her partner was the legendary Robert De Niro.

Strange but true - in the bank Amy Adams as many as four nominations for the award. Perhaps, this year one of them will result in victory. Amy was nominated for her role in "Master».

Of course, many people think Anne Hathaway favorite in the fight for the title of Best Supporting Actress, I was able to make up their minds until tomorrow, when I visited at the premiere of "Les Miserables." However, the chances of the Oscar-winning actress Anne to become this year is very high - on the face of victory "Golden Globe" and a bonus in the form of singing talent.

From talented actresses to talented actors! The nominees in the category "Best Actor».

Role in "My boyfriend - crazy" was for Bradley Cooper's first truly major role in all of his movies, so nomination for "Oscar" - this is a big success for him. I'm not sure that it will become the owner of statues in this time, because the competition is high, but the choice kinoakademikov is sometimes very unexpected.

In my opinion, the "Oscar" Joaquin Phoenix had to give back in 2001 for his role as Commodus in "Gladiator", and then another one in 2006 - for his role as Johnny Cash in the biopic "Walk the Line" (where he is, by the way, played all vocals on their own). Let's see what will happen this time - nominated actor for the film "Master».

"Les Miserables" Hugh Jackman brought not only a victory for the "Golden Globe" and a nomination for "Oscar". Perhaps soon Jean Valjean becomes the main role Jackman Wolverine and postpone the background.

Denzel Washington: six nominations for "Oscar", including two victories. Drama "Crew" can bring the actor and the third.

Unfortunately, vechernika nominees this time was not present Daniel Day-Lewis, nominated for "Oscar" for the fifth time and became the owner of the statuette twice. He, like Washington, are very strong and dangerous opponent for the rest of the nominees. And my vote goes to him - Lincoln in his performance is incomparable!

Artists secondary male roles in this year's delicious. Each of them has in the bank "Oscar", and Robert De Niro for two. Veteran movie nominated for supporting actress in the drama "My boyfriend - spih", but with all due respect and love for him, I believe that this year was the role and stronger.

Under strong roles I mean Dr. King Schultz by Christoph Waltz ...

... And the role of Thaddeus Stevens, who so successfully embodied a Tommy Lee Jones. His rasprekrasny wig I will remember still very, very long time :)

Unfortunately, I can not fully appreciate the game contenders for the title of best supporting actor, because I saw only three films of the five presented in this category, but it seems to me that the two remaining nominees showed themselves in their roles just fine. By the way, these two contenders - Philip Seymour Hoffman ("Master") and Alan Arkin ("Operation" Argo ") did not come to dinner.

But now for the big masters of cinema - to the directors and producers. Steven Spielberg was presented in the categories of "Oscar" as many as 12 times, and this year he can take home his fifth gold statuette for his film "Lincoln".

Ang Lee has five nominations, two of which he won.

Ben Affleck this year is on "Oscar" in this new incarnation - as a producer. His film "Operation" Argo »& quot; has already collected numerous awards, he may receive and "Oscar". I recall that Ben already has a gold man for his screenplay for the film "Good Will Hunting."

David O. Russell was nominated this year in two categories - for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. All this for the film "My boyfriend - crazy».

And finally a few more photos from the dinner nominees. Sure to remember our heroes in person, because very soon, namely February 24, they will enter their names in the history of cinema. Many of them once again.


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