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Today, August 2, the famous and magnificent old Hollywood actor Peter O'Toole Guard marks 81. And have not received any education - first because of the war, after due ill-treatment at the guesthouse - and start working from 13 years by anyone, anywhere, the future actor back then realized that the scene - his vocation and irresistibly strives to get it . Great talent is hard to miss, and after taking part in several amateur productions of the young man was admitted to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and in the end it passed in Stretfordsky Shakespeare Theatre. World fame came when the already famous British stage actor turned 30, together with the famous Lawrence of Arabia's role in the film. Spectacular, charming, blue-eyed actor was there simply irresistible, which naturally attracted to him, and an incredible number of fans.

Good films and roles have followed one after the other, but it is noteworthy that in spite of their brilliant performance and numerous awards, the most coveted of them - the "Oscar" - I could not get his hands on. As many as eight nominations for "Best Actor" and in the end the only honorary "Oscar" for his contribution to cinema went to Peter O'Toole in '71. He did not at first want to receive it, but at the last moment changed his mind and came to the ceremony. And he's not the only one, of the role that the "Oscar" of course implied, but did not hand repeatedly nominated. On the occasion of the birth of a wonderful actor, we made a selection of "Oscar-winning" losers.

1. Martin Scorsese. The famous director, who once was recognized as one of the greatest and most influential living filmmakers. This incredible master gangster received nearly 105 tapes of various film awards and prizes. And the notorious "Oscar" of his films were nominated for six times, but alas ... more nominations thing does not move. But the most disastrous in this regard was in 2003, when the film Scorsese's "Gangs of New York" was nominated in as many as ten categories, but ultimately did not get any. It was after this rumors dislike kinoakademikov to the director, famous for his love of excessive expression of cruelty and violence, which characterized his paintings. And, the truth, Scorsese took to remove his most successful film to get the coveted statuette. This happened in 2007 for the film "The Departed," when the director with the rich in every sense filmography already 65 years old.

2. Alfred Hitchcock. More one "king of the genre," I could not get a golden statuette. The famous master of horror was nominated for an Academy Award five times for best director, and "Oscar" and received the only way and that O'Toole was dull (in other word) of honor. And he got it, too, has its venerable 69 years. By the way, all of his films at the same time earned 50 nominations.

3. Henry Fonda. Great actor and father of a wonderful actress Jane Fonda, who took 6 th place in the list of the 100 greatest movie stars for 100 years, was nominated for "Oscar" four times. But in total without much result. In the end he just entered the list of those who received an honorary award. Yet the validity of a sudden, but triumphed - in the year following the honorary award of the Fund still got his gilded man for Best Actor, which, not surprisingly, was his last role - six months after the long-awaited ceremony of the great actor died. He was 77 years old.

4. Stanley Kubrick. The legend of cinema, this kinomonstr truly universal scale cult director honored with a nomination thirteen times - and as a director and as a writer. And it is quite natural, but it was ... Kubrick his only "Oscar" is only for visual effects in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey." And yet.

5. Quentin Tarantino. In principle it is possible to say that Quentin still all ahead. In the end, will make sure the honorary prize. And not only two-then he already has, however, both for "Best Original Screenplay". Given that some of Tarantino's films have become a whole kinoepohoy, kinokanonom, kinokultom. Just one of the best directors of all time according to Total Film, and "one of the geniuses of our 100" received 37 film awards and has been nominated 47 times. Six of his films on the list of "100 best movies of all time," according to the magazine «FHM»: «Pulp Fiction» (1) "Reservoir Dogs" (11), "Kill Bill. The film 1 '(25), "Kill Bill. Movie 2 "(26)" From Dusk Till Dawn "(73)" True Love "(75). And then you can not argue, all of the above was already present film classics of post-modernism, which is amazing, but alas, all these incredible pictures came out in the same years when displayed on the screen and the masterpiece "classical classics." For example, in 1995 his film "Pulp Fiction", no doubt, had every chance of great success if, in the same year kinoakademiki not look "Forrest Gump».

6. Leonardo DiCaprio. Go to the "young growth", which is no longer so young, but hope to read a list of thanks to the famous scene "Kodak" feeds. Brilliant actor's talent is not questioned even by those to whom it is not very nice, was nominated for "Oscar" three times - for roles in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," "Blood Diamond" and "The Aviator," Martin Scorsese. But while all potential statuettes went into other hands. Naturally, Leo has many other awards, but I think he still had a little sorry for his role in Quentin Tarantino's western "Django Unchained", did not even make the list of nominees.

7. Johnny Depp. I feel that I and all the beloved "Jack Sparrow" from the honorable pigs can not get away after so many years. But the reasons were much earlier. Johnny also nominated three times: as Best Actor for the film "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," "Finding Neverland" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the" Black Pearl. " However, Depp and already the idol of millions, and incredibly high demand. The only pity is that his retirement suddenly spoke. Although, maybe this is just a ploy to get academics, finally, to think and to his account.

8. Julianne Moore. Red-haired, talented actress-pretty much as four times received the invitation to the Golden Ball. And she could be his true mistress, because of her roles in such films as "Boogie Nights" (1998), "End of the Affair" (2000), "The Hours" (2003) and "Far From Heaven" (2003) . But, unfortunately, becoming the winner of the "Emmy" and "Golden Globe", winner of the Berlin Film Festival, and even three times winner of the Venice Film Festival Julianne Moore is still no 'golden' statuette.

9. Brad Pitt. Another of the "squad nominated three times." One of the sexiest and talented actors in Hollywood that Pitt also three times a thanksgiving list prepared in 1996 was nominated for her role in the movie "12 Monkeys" in the category "Best Actor". For this role, Pitt, for example, received the "Golden Globe" and Saturn Award, but "Oscar" is not difficult to guess, I have not won. Already in 2009, the actor was nominated for best actor in the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Loaf", and in 2012 - for his role in the drama "The man who changed everything." Incidentally, the latter critics unanimously called one of the best in the career of actor Brad, but academics have remained deaf to such "hints". However, Pitt has someone better "Oscar". And maybe they are just jealous of him.

10. Annette Bening. Also, like Julianne, four-time nominee and a great actress. The first nomination happened only two years after its debut on the big screen for his role in the film "Grifters" (1990). This was a real breakthrough. The second nomination brought Oscar-winning, but of course not for Bening, "American Beauty." The third nomination is quite naturally followed after her brilliant Julia Lambert in "Theatre." In the film "Kids Are All Right" actress along with her "sokollegoy on nominations" Julianne Moore played a homosexual couple that has two children. Critics were again delighted with the game Annette Bening, and particularly stressed that "it deserves" Oscar "for his brilliant role." Of course, a great actress has been nominated for the fourth time, but again, without the ceremonial happy ending.

11. "True Grit." Yes, yes, and among the films can be found big losers-winners in the nomination "by Oscar". On the "Gangs of New York", we have already mentioned, which was first a unique neschastlivchikom. However, not for long. Already in 2010, a fine of not less than beautiful western Coen brothers received as many as 10 nominations for the prestigious prize. But, alas, none of them turned into a gilded victory.

12. Roger Deakins. Meet a famous English operator which at the same time is a favorite of the Coen brothers. He was nominated for the "Oscar" of ten (!!!) times. Ninth, just for the ill-fated "True Grit." And without exception - from the first to the last criticism of the journalist - were convinced that this time too his talented work will be rewarded on merit. But the long-awaited statue again only left alone. As there are only listed the beautiful, something to work Deakins, but has gained the opinion of academics is only nomination: The Shawshank Redemption (1996), Fargo (1997), Oh, where are you, brother, & quot; (2001), The Man Who Was not There (2002), Old Men (2008), The Reader (2009), 007: Coordinates "Skayfoll" (2012) and others.


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