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Over the past month we had seen on all the stars who attended the Oscar ceremony. And how about those at this time there was not?
Seemingly, Academy Awards should collect the biggest stars of the screen. However, many celebrities have ignored the ceremony of the first magnitude, depriving their fans the pleasure to witness them on the red carpet. Some, however, appeared on the after-party, which only emphasized the lack of them at the main ceremony - obviously not an urgent trip to Uganda prevented them come! Who are the favorites capricious audience?

Leonardo DiCaprio is probably neglected Oscar because Oscar had once again neglects them. DiCaprio was nominated for the award for the role in "Blood Diamond," "The Aviator" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," but never received statuettes. Hopefully, Leonardo pleased that the film "Home" was as much as 4 Oksaroy.

As for Johnny Depp, his absence did not surprise anyone. The actor is quite indifferent to the social life of Hollywood.

Brandzhelina - the celebrity couple in Hollywood, but they ignored the ceremony. However, they always liked the mystique.

Jennifer Aniston was apparently too busy selling his house to find the time for the ceremony.

What a unique Oscar night without George Clooney? However, George instead invited his girlfriend romantic dinner Elizabettu Canalis.

John Travolta had a good reason: it once again became a father, and with his family to enjoy your vacation in Hawaii.

No red carpet Meryl Streep simply deserted!

Julianne Moore also stayed with his family in New York.

Keira Knightley seems to have decided to engage with the film and to devote himself to theater. On the night of the Oscars, she was again on the stage.

Julia Roberts stayed at home with her husband and children.

Diane Kruger appeared at the presentation of Caesar, but ignored the Oscars.

Drew Barrymore has visited the pre-Oscar dinner hosted by the house Chanel, but the ceremony is not reached - really ate something wrong?

For Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, it was a tough year, so they preferred to stay in his house in London.

Renee Zellweger did not come to the ceremony, though she was in Los Angeles - instead, she devoted time shopping and meeting with his longtime girlfriend Alyssa Milano.

Kate Winslet is especially lucky though it was not in the room, but that her name mentioned Melissa Leo during his obscene speech.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, it seems, the more trying to stay in the shade, the more attention attracted by her brother Jake. Instead Oscars she stayed with her family in Brooklyn.

And these stars have visited just after-party, missed the ceremony.

Madonna forgot not only about the ceremony, but about pants. Sclerosis, probably ...

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber used the party to finally come together in all its splendor, befitting a stellar pair.

Taylor Swift received a criminal, depriving Oscar ceremony this dazzling spectacle!

The star of such magnitude as Charlize Theron - and then only to the after-party! It's amazing.

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