Melting ice in Greenland (10 photos)

Ice - the basis of the local culture, but it weakens the base. The entire Greenland ice sheet has become less stable over the past few years due to rising temperatures and early spring thaws. "Greenland ice sheet is no longer in equilibrium, - says the US National Science Foundation, - every year due to melting ice local global sea levels rising by about 0, 5 mm. In 2007, the territory of thawed exceeded the previous record by 10%. Suburb Greenland experienced significant changes - in recent years a huge number of melt water ».

1. It is difficult to get more than Uummannaq - district in northwest Greenland 2800 Eskimo tribes, half of whom live in the settlement. (Stanley Greene / Consequences by NOOR)

2. In Uummannaq boats are more valuable than dogsleds because of unstable ice. It also forces local men to stop the hunting of polar bears and seals and fishing - employment, which is traditionally done by women and children. (Stanley Greene / Consequences by NOOR)

3. The Boy in the robes of fur seals and polar bear resting on a rock in the village. Such clothing for centuries helped the Eskimos to survive in low temperatures, but less stable and decreasing glaciers not only interfere with the Eskimos hunt, they also complicate the life of polar bears and seals. Seals need ice to rest, hunt, fish, and even for the birth of pups. And the bears use ice floes as a place to hunt seals. (Stanley Greene / Consequences by NOOR)


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