The first atomic

September 15, 1959 in the maiden voyage went nuclear icebreaker "Lenin", a true legend of the twentieth century. "Lenin" - the world's first surface ship nuclear power plant. Glad that the first such Mahina was built exactly to the USSR. The primary task of the icebreaker was the service of the Northern Sea Route. The project was implemented quickly and efficiently, even by the standards of the day - only three years have passed since the bookmark to its implementation and running tests.

In honor of the memorable events - interesting facts about the "Lenin", as well as a selection of archival and contemporary images.

"Nuclear-powered icebreaker" Lenin "was launched on!" - Sounded exactly 55 years reporting another success of our country, which instantly spread all over the world.
The decision on the establishment of nuclear-powered icebreaker to service the Northern Sea Route was adopted by the Government of the USSR in 1953, as the need for such an icebreaker acutely felt.

New icebreaker was innovative for its time. In his design to implement complex task of creating a power plant, a cadre with extraordinary strength and decision automation control nuclear installation.

Foreign delegations visited icebreaker even during its construction and testing. On board visited: Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and the then US Vice President Richard Nixon.

At the stage of design and construction icebreaker called "Project 92" in honor of the source of nuclear energy uranium present in the periodic table under the 92-th number.


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