Seven nuclear icebreakers

Someone stabs the ice using a blender, someone - ice axes, and we, Russian, nuclear icebreakers ... Nowhere in the world do not have ships of this type - in the ice we have absolute dominance.
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This icebreaker Launched December 5, 1957, the world's first ship equipped with a nuclear power plant. The most important differences between its high level of autonomy and power. Already during its first use of the ship demonstrated excellent performance, which helped to significantly increase during the navigation season.
Over the first six years of using nuclear icebreaker traveled more than 82,000 nautical miles, spending more than 400 vessels. Later, "Lenin" first of all ships will be north of Severnaya Zemlya.


This nuclear-powered icebreaker (launched in 1975) was considered the largest in existence at that time: its width is 30 meters, length - 148 meters, and depth - more than 17 meters. The unit was equipped with a medical unit, where present and operating dental unit. The vessel had all the conditions enabling based flight and helicopter.

"Arctic" was able to break through the ice with a thickness of five meters, and to travel at a speed of 18 knots. A clear distinction was considered and unusual painting of the vessel (bright red), which represents a new era moreplavatelskuyu. A nice icebreaker was the fact that he was the first ship, which managed to reach the North Pole.


This ship was the direct continuation of the nuclear installations of the "Arctic". At the time of commissioning (1977) "Siberia" was the greatest width (29, 9 meters) and length (147, 9 m). The vessel operated satellite communication system, is responsible for the fax machine, telephone and navigation. Also present: a sauna, swimming pool, fitness room, recreation room, a library and a huge dining room.
In the history of the atomic icebreaker "Siberia" I came in as the first vessel has carried out year-round navigation in the direction of Murmansk-Dudinka. He also became the second unit, which reached the top of the world, entering the limits of the North Pole.

This unsinkable icebreaker Launched in 1985), was the first of a series of Arctic nuclear plants, whose power reaches 55, 1 MW (75 thousand. Horsepower). At the disposal of the crew has: internet, lounge "Nature" to the aquarium and live vegetation, chess hall, cinema, as well as everything else that was present on the icebreaker "Siberia».
The main purpose of the installation: the cooling of nuclear reactors and the use of conditions in the Arctic Ocean. As the ship was forced to reside in cold water, it could not overcome the tropics, to find oneself in the Southern Hemisphere.
For the first time on this ship was made cruise flight to the North Pole, specially organized for foreign tourists. And in the XX century in the nuclear icebreaker made the study of the continental shelf in the North Pole.

"The Soviet Union»
Design features of the icebreaker "Soviet Union", commissioned in 1990, lies in the fact that at any moment it can be retrofitted in a battle cruiser. Initially, the ship was used for Arctic tourism. Making transpolar cruise, his side managed to establish ice meteorological stations operating in automatic mode, as well as the American Meteorological buoy. Later, the icebreaker standing near Murmansk, used to power facilities located near the coast. Also, the ship has been used in the course of research in the Arctic impact of global warming.

The atomic icebreaker "Yamal" Launched in 1993, became the twelfth vessel that reached the North Pole. Total on account of his 46 flights in this direction, including the one that was specifically initiated to meet the third millennium.
On board there were several emergencies, including fire, the death of tourists, as well as a collision with the tanker "Indigo." Icebreaker in the last state of emergency did not hurt, but the tanker was formed a deep crack. That "Yamal" helped ferry the injured to repair the ship.
Six years ago, the ice drift is fairly important mission: Evacuate archaeologists from the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, who reported his own disaster.

"50 Years of Victory»
This icebreaker is considered the most modern and largest of all the existing ones. Originally, it was built under the name "Ural", but because the funding was not enough for a long time (until 2003) it was unfinished. Only in 2007, the ship could be subject to exploitation. In the first test of an atomic icebreaker demonstrated reliability, maneuverability, and the speed limit is 21, 4 knots.
At the disposal of the ship's passengers: music room, library, swimming pool, sauna, gym, restaurant, as well as satellite TV.
The main tasks assigned to the icebreaker - wiring convoys in the Arctic seas. But the ship was also intended for the implementation of the Arctic cruises.



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