The new type of icebreakers will break ice when moving sideways

In most cases, the icebreakers which clear the way for big ships, have to do more than one pass in order to clear the way for the slave ship. The exceptions to this are only vessels-icebreakers "Arctic" and the like, they leave a trail sufficient for the passage of vessels of large tonnage, but these icebreakers are the most powerful of existing icebreakers in the world, they can be counted literally on fingers.

To work in less extreme conditions the engineers of the Finnish shipyard Arctech Helsinki Shipyard came up and started building a light icebreaker amazing design. Due to the asymmetric shape of the icebreaker can break the ice, moving at an angle of 30 degrees to the direction of movement that will allow to expand considerably cleared the way.

The specialists of the shipyard Arctech icebreaker under construction called "Icebreaking rescue vessel NB 508," but after the completion of this vessel will be named "Baltic" and will do it at the disposal of the Russian Ministry of transport. The vessel "NB 508" will be used not only for breaking the ice and posting other vessels, its main task is to participate in search and rescue operations and operations for elimination of consequences of oil spill in the Gulf.

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