Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet (98 photos)

From the author: A month ago I visited with a visit to Murmansk icebreaker "Lenin", where we lived, and "50 Years of Victory", which is often rolled tourists to the North Pole. Honestly, I was struck by the power and uniqueness of the nuclear fleet and "uranium" core of people who have dedicated their lives to it. It is thanks to them that we have something that is not on the ability of other countries.

The first step in the airport, remembering their old rule that almost any city in Russia where I was, there is someone to call, sit down "on the device." Ten minutes later, it turns out that in Murmansk my cousin lives, and what's more, she is married to a senior assistant captain of the atomic icebreaker "Yamal". In general, I am in some way involved :) But more about that later.

Arriving at AL "Lenin" about an hour of the night, we met Constantine, in my opinion the boatswain, who was on duty that night showed us icebreaker. Actually it started with the generous, with whom we took, but it was unusual pervosti. Sensation of being in a fairy tale began with a cabin, the interior of which survived 51 years. In these cabins we spent three nights soaked in polar life and history.

For these corridors thirty years moved a crew of 243 people. They worked in the Arctic, write songs, loved to play KVN, made our history.

Now from the windows "Lenin" visible seaport of Murmansk. The world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker serves as a museum and the Public Information Center of Rosatom in Murmansk. He held the event, corporate parties, concerts. Once in kayutkompanii "Lenin" Pazmutova first sang the song "Tired submarine," which became a hit at the time. Still on board were noted in the journal Yuri Gagarin, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon and other "high" person.

Backup boiler. Even then, icebreakers were designed not only to avoid duplication, but also several options for their implementation.

As already mentioned, the interior is preserved from the time of launch, ie since 1959. Widely used in the decoration of the Karelian birch, very common electro-mechanical watches. For the safety of the interior need to thank the captain of the second "Lenin" Boris Sokolov Kravchuk, after decommissioning in 1989, he together with XO more than 10 years to maintain the state of the icebreaker, ie they have it washed, cleaned, heated and stuff, Boris Makarovich even died on the way to the icebreaker.

Despite the fact that the icebreaker is now forever standing at the pier he has a captain - Alexander Barinov. His way he started on the submarine "Arctic", which was distributed in 1978. As befits a captain, he lives on the ship. In the morning he took us to his cabin, talked about the rigors of daily life and romance sailor. With him, I understand, but when meeting with other captains made sure that the fleet is kept on charisma captain. If necessary, the captain of the icebreaker can go on an ice floe, take the rope in his teeth and drag all by yourself, with a crew silently does the same thing, but in our fleet and provided all of this is not required.

The second version of the model of the reactor plant. Because "Lenin" was the first version of the atomic icebreaker and a lot of knowledge and technology at the time could not yet exist, it was not possible to avoid two serious accidents. The first was in 1965, and after the second in 1967 reactor facility was flooded near New Earth and its place was taken by the current version with all the modifications and taking into account the previous problems. That's the price of modern excellence in the Arctic.

Well, we're still on the movies and cartoons know that the captain on the table should be a model ship :) In our case, this is a more modern icebreaker. Kam see, it has a helipad, it is in absolutely all icebreakers, although it is now almost ceased to use helicopters because they were needed for the study of the operational environment and the state of the ice on the road, at least for the delivery personnel. Now all the information transmitted by the satellite.

Continuing familiarity with the icebreaker. Multifunctional room-dining room-cinema auditorium. Ate in two shifts, because had a lot of people. The edges of the table is raised to the plates do not fall under the rocking. Actually there were competitions of bard songs and other performances. Well, without a portrait Ilyich also nowhere.

You may ask, how can that be, if the ship shakes? In many places, there is an element here, it clings to a chair or table, which also have the appropriate hardware.

The first machine room of the reactor plant. No backup, they were just two. Two reactors, four turbines, two on the reactor. Ie virtually all breakdowns can be reached on the course. Given that one reactor charge enough for 3-5 years, the survival rate was ultrahigh vessel.

The corridors of the lower decks. With a total length of 134 meters is where to walk.

If nuclear reactor control room is called the control room, the Navy is PCO. Here in this form embodies an engineering plan the Atomic 50s. Now it is a huge plasma display all kinds of sensors and so on. But at that time even a visualization state power plant was fantastic!

Warning! The work of setting up the next camera. She moved and zoom to the view. Remember, this is 50s.

In addition to various indicators have been printed and a device which has fixed settings in different times. Then copy the text on typewriters.

In MCC present visual aids for life-saving systems. That all was on hand for the surgery, if necessary.

The second machine room. Another two turbine generators. This is the back part of the ship.

From "Lenin" and the museum in the museum, which collected the crew in different years. Here and mammoth bones, and various awards and banner.

Prototype of the first radiometers and dosimeters.

Medical unit icebreaker. Because Flights were far away from civilization, the necessary operations done on board. Qualifications doctors allowed, but if necessary, was delivered on board the appropriate doctor. In the infirmary there's room for analysis, operational, x-rays and dental office. But the dentist attended in shifts on a schedule, or rather run on ships.

Polar day in Murmansk. Rather it is even noon, because "Day" lasts more than 4 hours at this time of year.

AL "Yamal" on maintenance. The one with the mouth on the nose. About the shepherd is an interesting tale, without going into details, it caused by drunk. Then she washed, but the governor ordered the return, as mouth has become a symbol of Murmansk :)

The width of the ship is 27 meters. There where carousing. Even the coast icebreaker strikes greatness.

Incidentally, the first captain of the "Lenin" - Paul Akimovich Ponomarev, was an experienced sailor, for which he was actually appointed to the newest ship of those times. Then he turned 63. So, he was captain of the old school, and commanded a ship directly from the outside of the bridge! Ie in the Arctic ice in the cold and wind. Actually it was his dobilo and, in 1970, he left us.

And here is the reactor system icebreaker. If someone in the subject, the reactor water-leading, ie moderator and coolant is water. We lead the little window 7-8 mR / h, which corresponds to all norms of law. In the evenings before bed after a shower I went to say goodbye to the reactor, no one does not talk about. Very much fascinates me these things.

Actually layout settings in the section. Who are familiar with VVER in principle the same.

The bridge. No you here "nanotechnology". All manual.

Broadcasting center.

Monument "Alyosha," one of the songs. Murmansk "eternal flame".

On the second day we went to the icebreaker "50 Years of Victory", which was on a planned maintenance Rosatomflota. Yes, the entire nuclear fleet in 2008 passed Rosati, who created Rosatomflota, docks that "regime" and photography is prohibited. So the following picture with photos of the icebreaker. "50 Years of Victory" length of almost 160 meters, width 30, which at the moment is the limit until expand Shipyard Baltic Shipyard. Draft 11 meters, depth of 17 meters. Team 138 people.

In MCC "50 Years of Victory" cool guys work, quite a real nuclear scientists. Questions on the degree of enrichment of fuel refused to answer, said smoking, but the Internet can be said to read, called me on the concrete figure smiled and asked why I was asking if he knew everything :) Thank you, the nuclear industry!

The now traditional button automatic protection.

Here, too, there are visual aids, in case of "little is that".

That's two reactors "50 Years of Victory". In principle, in their place could be a gas boiler and diesel, and whatever. The main task of the reactor - steam generation, a simple standalone reactor 5 years, and diesel icebreakers have a power reserve of a month and a half. The radiation background at the window 6-8 mR / h.

On internal decks can be removed quite a fantasy, not a German, and like "Alien 5" and all, but really all clean and tidy.

Desalination plant. Gives an excessive amount of fresh water that other non-nuclear ships luxury.


As we remember, all the vital functions of icebreakers duplicated, in case of shutdown of the reactor and the lack of supply from the shore there is a diesel generator. It usually operates on shore. In our case, just worked.

Well, if you end solyarochka, you can splash out of the reserve canister until someone runs to the gas station. All provided)

Behind the door did not seem to dining ...

More on all icebreakers have a locksmith shop. Almost all of the repair work can be carried on board, including welding, lathe and other.

Actual slogan, even for discipline fleet

Average motor. All three of them. They are the driving force and allow to unfold even in place.

Funny decoration on the wall under the appliance.

Tiller - the upper part of the wheel and on the analogue photo-steering car. With three screws wheel do not really need, but in the case of hydraulic failure have compressors that allow to steer manually.

At the disposal of the crew has a gym, sauna, swimming pool, library and music room. Powered satellite TV system.

Traditional fastening to chairs and tables, only this time more glamorous than "Lenin".

By the way, "50 Years of Victory" has its own particular cruise. He is better than others equipped for cruises to the North Pole, there's even a post of "First Mate on tour", which makes you all the conditions for a stay. Basically service is used by the elderly foreign millionaires and Asian entrepreneurs. Most adult tourists were 96 years old and he went on a cruise, because 65 year-old woman sought. He wanted to prove that she is not so old and called her a pole. In general, they were married

Average-statistical design of the cabin. This back-and it usually does not live one.

The bridge "50 Years of Victory". Here everything is modern. Despite the abundance of equipment is carried out in the ice visually. Here's a job.

Marine navigator. Satellites, ice conditions and all that.

This device, nothing more than the same "GLONAS." Despite the modest label "made in China".

Floating platform.

Now the only aircraft carrier in Russia is attributed to Murmansk and out to sea on holidays.

Captain AL "50 Years of Victory" - Valentin S. Davydyants. When we talked with him in his cabin and he signed us to book for a full entourage lacked only a pipe, as it turned out on the table she was still here :) Here are the captains.

Thank you to meet and shelters Rosatomflota, information center of the nuclear industry, the crews AL "Lenin" and "50 Years of Victory". These people impressed me with its openness and cordiality.


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