In Russia will build three nuclear submarines

The other day was the start of construction of three nuclear-powered submarines, "Prince Oleg", "Krasnoyarsk" and "Khabarovsk". Besides continuing the previously started construction of another 10 nuclear submarines. All anything, but the extent of the substrate atomic Russia has produced since the Soviet Union collapsed sure ... read on!


We construct 10 new nuclear submarines

Sevmash are in the process of construction of nuclear submarine "Kazan" and "Novosibirsk" project "Ash", "Vladimir Monomakh" and "Prince Vladimir" project "Northwind." Also, apparently, at Sevmash built two nuclear submarines for special purposes or with a clean slate, or in cooperation with Petersburg's Admiralty Shipyard. One of them is a deep nuclear station, a related titanium bathyscaphe "Losharik" applied research of the seabed.

Sevmash is the Premier League remains "Vladimir Monomakh" project "Northwind", three weeks ago is already out in the White Sea in the first sea trials.
For the period up to 2020 approved plans for eight more submarines: four "Ash" and four "Boreas».
Russia is currently spending hundreds of billions of dollars on a rearmament program, including new submarines. (Photo: Thomas Nilsen)
At the present time, as already wrote BarentsObserver, Russia deployed in large-scale rearmament program from reaching 659 billion. Dollars. (502 billion. Euros) budget up to 2020, in which great attention is paid to the Navy.


24 on the go

In the battle of the Northern Fleet, which has bases on the Kola Peninsula, west of Murmansk towards the Norwegian border, including 24 nuclear submarines. How many of the new submarines will go to the Northern Fleet, it is not known but it is believed that it will be a big part of it. Usually, 2/3 goes to nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet, 1/3 - Pacific.
As part of the Black Sea and Baltic fleets of Russian nuclear submarines are not exploited.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, other countries have allocated billions of dollars to the disposition of decommissioned nuclear submarines of the Cold War and the processing of nuclear fuel and plutonium and uranium from warheads.
Norwegian officials visit the Saida bay storage where reactor compartments from decomeissioned submarines are stored. (Photo: Thomas Nilsen)
Norway paid for the disposal of the four old submarines
The United States funded recycling obsolete fleet of strategic nuclear submarine of project 667 (NATO classes «Yankee» and «Delta»), and Norway, the UK, South Korea, Canada and several other countries - shock and multi-purpose submarines. On the Norwegian funds butchered four submarines in ship repair Center "Zvezdochka" (Severodvinsk) and the shipyard "Nerpa" (near Murmansk).
In 2002, the country's "Big Eight" began donor program with a budget of $ 20 billion. Dollars. Aimed at preventing terrorists fissile material from old Soviet stocks, including spent fuel from nuclear submarines, which can be used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction.


On the new submarines are spending more money than recycling old
Information on the costs for the construction of a nuclear submarine in Russia varies considerably, depending on what type of in question, as well as what sources are used. According to Wikipedia, the price of nuclear submarines of the "Ash" ("Severodvinsk", "Kazan") is between 1 billion. 3, 5 billion. Dollars. "Borei" larger and more expensive armed intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads, should be much more expensive.
In Russia, one way or another, have spent more money on building new deadly submarine, 20 bln. Dollars. From foreign donors, intended for cutting older submarines and processing of nuclear waste.


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