Atomic diet —7kg in a week

Weight loss program "Nuclear diet" will allow you to lose weight by 5-7 pounds in just a week. That's why she has the same name. Who invented this weight loss program is still unknown on the forums it is called "Atomic", or know its name "Swiss".

Very similar method could be seen in the television program Elena Malysheva, the essence of which was that two days you need to eat protein foods and then two days to eat vegetables and fruits. According to the program "Nuclear diet" proposes alternation not two by two, and day by day. The author of this diet does not impose limiting the amount of food eaten. Perhaps that explains the great popularity of the offered diet.

Atomic is built on a diet of carbohydrate alternation If the diet in more detail to consider, it is similar to the second stage of weight loss programs, proposed by Dr. Dukan. Through basic alternate, days in which the diet proteins and carbohydrates, the human body does a kind of "metabolic round":

* On the day of the food proteins the glycogen stores are depleted, the body begins to use fat to provide activity, which is achieved if taken daily caloric content in foods foods containing protein, will be less than the total calorie consumption;

* A day of eating carbs will replenish glycogen storage reserves, but the body will continue to burn fat due to the fact that, the calories this diet is much less basic energy needs of the body, and therefore it is almost impossible, eating only fruits and vegetables to get more than 1200 kcal. Eating carbohydrates helps to cleanse the intestines and prevents the characterized by protein diet constipation, in addition promotes physical activity. Protein diet contributes to the feeling of low muscle tone and lack of desire of physical exercise, the distinctive feature of carbohydrates, especially contained in fruits, that they contribute to raising human energy and positivism.

Basic rules "Atomic diet": * a day of food proteins you can eat just any meat, fish, sausages, low fat sausages, cheese and dairy products. The author of the program does not recommend any restrictions in your diet – do you need to fill at least 3 times a day. But it is advisable not to consume food products such as breading, sauces and other carbohydrate products. During the period of use of the program is not recommended to drink alcohol, at least, be restricted to a glass of dry wine on a holiday;

* A day of eating carbs, you must eat various vegetables, sauté, stews, vegetable soups with vegetable broth. But remember that you can not eat potatoes, but bananas and grapes are not more than 1 piece or 100-150 grams.

The influence of Atomic diet on health by having healthy kidneys, liver, heart and gastrointestinal tract, "Atomic diet" won't hurt. It is impossible to reach ketosis during the day protein supplementation, just like "die" per day fruit and vegetable diet. But it would be better about the state of his health to consult a doctor, but in any case not to focus on the well-known rule "does not hurt, then all is well." Sometimes the slightest deviation in health status may not interfere with daily food, but to emerge with the food on the diet program.

Remember: eating large amounts of sausages and meat products can lead to fluid retention in the body and overload the kidneys and liver, not to lose weight by this technique. Pickles from the jar also is not identical to fresh vegetables, buy only high-quality products for diet meat you need to cook at home themselves in a double boiler or the oven, and semi-finished products to exclude from the diet as they contain in excess soya, starch and other carbohydrate sources.

This diet can be followed in conjunction with fitness training. Do strength exercises in the morning, after Breakfast on the day of food protein, or in the evening, after dinner, a day of eating carbs. Thus, you can begin to exercise with high glycogen stores and work out effectively. Day evening power protein it is possible to visit aerobics or swimming to relieve stress and enhance the effect of weight loss.

Before you can use the "Atomic diet" consult a doctor.



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