Week extreme diet

Proper nutrition without overeating and frills will not only not gain weight hateful weight, but quickly and effortlessly drop the one that you already have and requires immediate deliverance.
Diet for the most part, as you know, are not instantaneous, that is for a certain, sometimes a long time. In addition, the diet is "kicked out" of the diet of many favored products, what gives a lot of sorrow and sadness, along with the feeling of constant hunger.

Diet duration exactly 7 days are called "weekly". During this time, it is possible to get rid of excess ten pounds, which spoil a figure and mood when you look in the mirror.
Variety in the diet for a week is huge. You can select product and eat it only, for example, cereal or your favorite soup, naturally, not fat.

If everything is done properly and without fanaticism, in addition to effect reset of pounds, you can still thoroughly clean the body from all kinds of formations in the form of toxins and harmful substances. In addition, intestines and stomach will thank correct and precise work, without crashing, of gravity and pain.

Weekly diet implies without having to count calories not do, how would not like it. The most common variant offers a day not more than 1,5 thousand calories with moderate eating 5 times a day.
Diet is not the most exhausting. While balanced in vitamins and all necessary substances. Enriches the diet with fruits and vegetables.

For example, it is permitted to eat a variety of fresh salads, including the vinaigrette, cheese, and other "kislomolochny", cereals, except manna, eggs, better if boiled.

An example of the power on one of the days:

Breakfast: salad of 160 grams; polovinku Cup low-fat cow's milk; a slice of bread
Snack: cottage cheese half a pack, the best low-fat; a piece of black bread or cereal.
Lunch: soup with vegetable broth 250 grams; salad fresh, not thermally processed vegetables and a piece of black bread
Afternoon snack: a piece of boiled fish; brown bread.
Dinner: cereal, half Cup milk and black bread.

Following week diet it is allowed to combine products, and sometimes eat a sandwich with butter at lunch or dinner.
Last, the seventh day of the diet is said to be, and should be fasting in order to fasten the result, which certainly managed to achieve with the right approach and good motivation.

On the last day in moderation eat vegetables and fruits, total calorie content of which does not exceed 600 calories. You can eat everything but potatoes in any form, bananas and grapes.
One of the most common variations of the diet, long a week, will help to forget about, on average, 7 kilograms of weight, not only affect the health but also on self-esteem. Also you can forget about toxins and wastes settled in the body and slowly poison him, reflected, for example, on the skin color.

This implies that in unlimited quantities throughout the week will be used a special soup. You can, but there are fruit, about bananas, of course, have to forget, and vegetables.

The recipe for "wonder soup" is simple and unpretentious, as well as all magic. You need to take a bow in the amount of 6 pieces, cabbage and celery, couple tomatoes and sweet pepper. Boil these vegetables in water, seasoning with salt and pepper. Thickness to avoid.

About food during the week will look like this:
Day 1 – soup and any fruktiki
Day 2 – the first and most vegetables, even potatoes, season with butter.
Day 3 – soup with a combination of fruits and vegetables
Day 4 – soup and any of the most favorite fruits, even a small banana
Day 5 – soup and boiled lean meat, of course.
Day 6 – soup and meat with vegetables
Day 7 – soup, boiled rice and juice from the fruit.

Each day of the diet you need to drink a lot of fluids. The best option would be pure water and green tea.
Another option is based on the beneficial properties of Herculean porridge. Its main principle is to eat only and exclusively oat porridge. Can be replaced and in the wheat gruel, but the principle remains the same.

Week diet, of course, more rigorous and exhausting than the previous version, but no less effective. You can say goodbye to ten pounds. Here are foods that you can eat, much less, therefore, it is necessary to be careful. There are times when in the pursuit of beauty, health has caused considerable damage and we have then to treat the consequences of this approach to getting rid of excess weight and centimeters in volume.

An example of a week in extreme restriction in food:
1 day – only water, better mineral water, the total quantity of one liter and a half.
Day 2 – liter of cow's milk and fruit for dinner.
Day 3 – again the mineral water in the same volume as the first day.
Day 4 – vegetable salad, water or tea.
Day 5 – exactly the same treatment in food, as in the second.
Day 6 – egg, some tea, dinner, soup vegetables, beef and green peas, snack and dinner – Apple.
Day 7 – a little cheese and yogurt, in the evening tea.

The effectiveness of the diet is huge, but it should be remembered that any fanaticism in the pursuit of the appearance of the model, facing challenges that can negatively affect the whole life. To repeat this diet for a week is possible, but not very often, as the body can respond as it should. The anticipation of a beautiful figure, can turn into weeks and even months of recovery, sometimes even at the hospital.

It is a good idea before you use any of the options week diet, consult a doctor or expert in nutrition, to minimize all possible problems and side effects.
It should be remembered that a sudden change in diet, amount of nutrients and time of food intake can reflect very negatively, for example, mood swings or blood pressure. Of course, this cannot be considered as a positive effect of the diet.

It is very important to listen to your body and if he will give signals of distress, dizziness or other feeling, should immediately stop the diet or make it less severe. In addition, you must immediately seek doctor who will help to restore the health.

If everything goes smoothly, then after a week we will see the first major changes in appearance. Harmony and beauty demand attention to itself, so it is very important to fix the result going to the fitness center or at home, in a cozy and quiet environment to perform simple exercises that will allow you to find the way home dropped pounds. If you do everything with a smile and by the rules, the result will be long, and life is easy and fun, though there was never any overweight problems.

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