The 7 most impressive in the world of wind farms and turbines

Wind energy is one of the rapidly growing industries of alternative energy. The pace of development is exceeded only by solar energy. The use of larger turbines, especially designed for most efficient operation, allows you to convert the passing breeze into power for our homes, offices, industrial premises and transport.

Do not believe? Here are a few staggering facts about the Global Vetroenergeticheskogo from wind energy Council (GWEC).

As of early 2013, the world spun 225 thousand wind turbines;

One 6-Megawatt marine wind turbine can supply environmentally clean electricity to 5.5 million households;

Wind turbine satisfy about 30% of energy needs of Denmark in 2012. The Danish government intends to increase this figure to 50% by 2020 and plans to fully!!! go to renewable energy by 2050.

By 2020, the expected level of employment in the wind energy labour market of the European Union is estimated at 520 thousand jobs. By 2030 this figure will increase to 795 thousand jobs (62% of workers will be involved in offshore projects).

At the moment, the US wind turbines produce electricity sufficient to power more than 11 million households and offers at least 75 thousand jobs in the fields of production, construction and maintenance.

The facts clearly illustrate that the wind is not only the fresh air; it's a revolution in the energy sector, giving us necessary for the development of energy, without the need to pollute our environment. This is a technology of the future.


1. Energy Center Alta Wind (Alta Wind Energy Center) – Kern County, CA

Alta wind is the largest wind Park in the United States. The complex develops rapidly and by the end of 2013, producing more than 1.5 GW of clean energy that allows to satisfy demand of 450 thousand households.


2. The Wind Farm Hansa (Gansu Wind Farm) – China

This is a group of large wind farms, also called Wind farm, Jiuquan, which is being built in the province of the Hanseatic League in Western China. The capacity of 5 GW will be increased to 20 GW by 2020. At the end of the implementation the whole project will be the largest wind farm in the world.


3. London Array – United Kingdom

Opened in summer 2013, the London Array (London Array) is still the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Located in the Delta of the Thames, the Array generates 630 Megawatts of electricity, enough to power 470 homes. The total British offshore wind farms produce more than 3.6 GW and will increase the amount of generation to 18 GW by 2020.


4. Jaisalmer Wind Farm (Jaisalmer) – India

It is the largest wind project in India. Developed by Suzlon Energy Ltd and commissioned in August 2001. In 2005, Jaisalmer reached 1 GW of installed capacity, making it one of the largest wind farms in the world.

Undoubtedly, the future of large wind systems – that will allow humanity to get rid of fossil fuel combustion. But sometimes the positive aspects are evident in small scale. This is an innovative wind turbines.


5. A Quiet Revolution

Wind farms is a great way to generate clean energy, but what to do if your area is not built anything like this? Home wind turbines allow private owners to produce their own clean energy and reduce dependence on the General mains supply. Wind turbine models Q5 was developed in response to the increasing need to install wind turbines in close proximity to places of residence. Spiral blades mounted around a vertical axis horizontal is more efficient. The unit is compact and easy to install (at a height of 5 meters, diameter — 3 meters). A big advantage for personal use is the presence of only one moving part, which reduces the service interval is sufficient for annual technical inspection.


6. Generators Windspire (Windspire)

A height of just over 9 meters and 1.2 meters in diameter, generators Windspiel (wind spiral) are another example of wind turbines with a vertical axis. These settings are convenient for use in cities, suburbs and rural areas. The lack of a massive rotating parts contributes to the preservation of peace and quiet.

7. Turbine "Dragonfly"

Progressive Italian architect Renzo piano, has designed the wind turbine, based on their observations we all known insects – the dragonfly. Using only two blades of special design, it is able to operate effectively in winds of small force.



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