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The volume of HPP generation each year decrease due to global warming, leading to the shallowing of rivers. Such opinion was voiced recently at the conference "Hydropower Siberia: how the climate affects the work of the largest hydroelectric power station". In these circumstances, hydropower is forced to find new technical solutions for saving and increasing the efficiency of operating hydropower plants.


New approaches to the cascadesAlready, hydroelectric stations produce less energy deficit is covered by coal, because of what global warming is evolving even more rapidly, forming a so-called vicious circle, said the General Director "EvroSibEnergo" (which owns the Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk, Ust-Olemskoi, Irkutsk HPPs) Vyacheslav Solomin at the conference "Hydropower Siberia: how the climate affects the work of the largest hydroelectric power station". The situation of water shortage is typical not only of Eastern Siberia, there are such problems, and Kama, and the Volga and other Russian rivers, experts say.

With the trend of reducing existing hydropower vodotoka try to use new technology to maximize the use of remaining resources. According to Vyacheslav Solomin, the first thing you need to do is to prevent the "idle" spillway, you must also change the organization of work within the cascades with the aim of maximising the efficiency of existing power facilities. "To do so that the cascades were probably not synchronized and not synchronized to generate a surplus or deficit in different seasons", he explained.

In the EuroSibEnergo developed a new project to increase the efficiency of water use – increase efficiency of turbines by replacing the runners. "The effect of this is equivalent to the construction of the new plant of 400 MW at a much lower cost," explains Vyacheslav Solomin. – In this global effort to rebuild the stations are not required," he added.

In addition, "the EuroSibEnergo" together with "RusGidro" develop different versions improve the overall efficiency of Energokaskad of lake Baikal, including the Boguchanskaya HPP. Experts say that an effective mechanism of saving water can also be a battery drain population.

Hydropower, among other things, trying to identify historical cycles of water level in river stages, checking with the scientific community existing theories, to be able to predict the energy production on rivers. For example, there is the theory of the seven-year cycle of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station, as well as the theory of 30-year work cycle of the entire cascade lake Baikal.

The problem of water shortage is global and is particularly evident in Brazil, where the country suffers huge economic losses due to abnormal drought in Vietnam stopped almost half HPS, and Tanzania – all.

The shift away from coal will stop the silting up of the rivers?In accordance with the signed last year, 190 countries the new "climate" agreement in the second half of the century all the greenhouse emissions of anthropogenic nature must be reduced to zero, that is, there must be a balance when the emission is equal to absorption. According to experts, the solution to this problem involves first the rejection of coal-fired generation in the energy sector. Replacement of coal generation is to use renewable sources of energy that will keep the serious potential of hydro power.
So, in many countries gradually have begun to abandon coal-fired generation. Even in China, where 70% of the stations run on coal, the decision is already made coal stations more to build, and those that are gradually closed and replaced by the generation based on renewable energy.

China today is the world leader in terms of generating renewable energy, the country also is the first production of wind turbines.

In Russia, this is difficult legislation to support re generation needs to change. "This is particularly evident in terms of localization of production of 60-70%, whereas, for example, wind turbines are not produced in Russia at all, because there is no demand", – said the head of the working group on climate change and control greenhouse gas emissions Committee on environment and natural resources of the RSPP, the General Director of the environmental investment Centre Michael Yulkin. You need some time to relax the requirement of localization of production in Russia and to give investors the opportunity to purchase wind turbines. "We know that the Russian North – a goldmine for wind energy. One of the Murmansk oblast can produce as much wind energy as the whole Europe", – adds Mikhail Yulkin. published


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