The most beautiful and amazing planets outside the Solar system

The largest exoplanet from once found, one of the most incomprehensible. As scientists say, theoretically, its existence is incredible. Planet TrES-4, approximately 1.7 times the size of Jupiter and belongs to planets with low density.

Epsilon Eridani b is the closest planet to us. It revolves around an orange star like our Sun, only at a distance of 10.5 light years from Earth.

Planet CоRoT-7b, the first outside our Solar system, where zakonstatiroval rocky surface. The global temperature — 2200 degrees Celsius. This volcanic tyrant throwing stones.

HD 188753 is a planet "three suns", which is removed from the Earth at 149 light years away. This planet has three bodies, the largest of which has mass similar to our Sun.

ОGLE-2005-BLG-390L b is the coldest and most distant planet from us. This planet is about 5.4 times heavier than the Earth, and on the rocky surface of her -221 degrees Celsius.

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