Russian writers who were Nobel laureates

Ivan Bunin gave the Nobel prize to friends
Everyone knows that Nobel prize winners can decide how to spend the money. Someone is investing in the development of science, someone at the charity, someone in your business. Bunin, a creative person, and devoid of "practical ingenuity", ordered his prize, which amounted to CZK 170330, very irrational. The poet is not counting the money, he began to organize feasts to hand out "benefits" to immigrants, to donate money to support various societies. Finally, on the advice of well-wishers, he put everything he had left in a "sure thing" and left with nothing".

Boris Pasternak refused the Nobel prize
Boris Pasternak was nominated for the Nobel prize in literature "for outstanding achievements in contemporary lyrical poetry" every year from 1946 to 1950. In 1958 his candidacy again offered from Nobel laureate albert Camus, and October 23, Pasternak was the second Russian writer, who was awarded this prize.
Writing Wednesday in the homeland of the poet, the news perceived quite negatively, and for 27 October, Pasternak was expelled from the Union of writers of the USSR, together with the filing a petition to deprive Boris of Soviet citizenship. In the USSR the award Pasternak was associated only with his novel "Doctor Zhivago".

Mikhail Sholokhov, won the Nobel prize, did not bow to the monarch
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov the Nobel prize in literature was awarded in 1965 for his novel "the Quiet don" and went down in history as the only Soviet writer who won the award with the consent of the management. Sholokhov same king, as it was obliged by the rules of etiquette, I did not. Some sources report that he did it specifically with the words: "We, Cossacks, to no worship. Here's to the people — please, and before king won't..."

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