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Kefir cucumber diet is a wonderful find for anyone who wants to lose weight. This diet is also called emergency, because after its use the result is visible almost immediately.

Such a diet shows excellent results. We must remember that many diets are advertised everywhere, just can cause intolerance. And kefir cucumber diet has virtually no drawbacks. All who applied himself really was able to lose weight. This is possible due to the perfect combination of two components – a cucumber and yogurt. Cucumber is the most low-calorie product. One vegetable contains approximately thirteen kcal. In addition, the cucumber ninety-three percent consists of water. This fact contributes to the fact that cucumbers go so well together with yogurt.

This diet is based on the fact that eating cucumber with yogurt, we will quickly be filled, filling the stomach. However, it will not contribute anything extra. Plus, due to the water contained in the cucumber of excess fluid from the body, and the fiber is great to cleanse the intestines.

However, we can assume that the minus is still there. When cleaning of the intestine may accidentally be displayed and beneficial bacteria, and this can lead to bloating and flatulence. With this problem can handle yogurt. That's why these two components fit together. They kind of complement each other, helping, at the same time, to struggle with excess weight.

So, consider kefir cucumber diet for three days:

This diet is based on dead sea cucumber thick soup. It is necessary to eat throughout the day. To prepare this soup you need to take a cucumber of medium size, peel them, cut into slices and put in blender. Then add to the cucumber Cup of yogurt and whisk the ingredients until smooth. The resulting portion is designed to receive. Eat this soup to three times a day: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, a day to eat an Apple and drink a liter of plain water without gas.

Now consider kefir cucumber diet for five days.

A period of time – five days is not accidental. This is the period of time for which this diet is able to give maximum results. More than five days, you cannot follow this diet as it is the strongest protein starvation, during which the body has to burn fat and muscle mass to maintain immunity. This can lead to painful thinness. According to many nutritionists, it is best to prepare your body for a diet. You need to pass a three-day course of this diet.

If in three days you do not feel discomfort, then you can extend the diet to five days.
The secret to this diet for five days is quite simple. Throughout the day you should eat only cucumbers. And, to add salt, eat only fresh (allowed up to one kilogram). In addition to cucumbers, you need to drink a half liter of yogurt a day. Products can be mixed together and can be used separately. Also keep in mind that during this diet there is a strong loss of fluid. It is impossible to prevent dehydration. For this you need to drink at least three liters of mineral water without gas per day. Besides water you can drink green tea or any teas based on herbs. In the afternoon you can eat an Apple or an orange.

Kefir cucumber diet you can and diversify. Of course, you need to consider that eating only two foods – cucumber and yogurt – can quickly get bored. For this reason, there are some recipes that will help to diversify the monotony of this diet.
Cold green soup. To prepare this soup, you need to take one medium cucumber, any fresh herbs (e.g. dill, parsley), green onions, one bunch lettuce, leeks and half a head of Chinese cabbage. All the components of the soup to slice, pour the yogurt and mix well. This soup can be used as lunch or dinner.

In addition, you can prepare a yogurt-cucumber cocktail, which will be very helpful. To prepare this cocktail, you will need one cucumber of medium size. The vegetable should be crushed, mix with yogurt and add a pinch of cinnamon. This drink can be drunk throughout the day.

As any other diet, kefir cucumber diet also requires the right output. The correct diet is very important. To avoid problems with digestion, to get out of the diet should gradually. For this diet you need to add close to the diet menus products. This can be yogurt, beets, chicken breast, zucchini, cheese and so on. These products will diversify your menu and help you smoothly transition to a normal diet.


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