Nuclear submarines in combat

Early morning unkind day, deep in the cold waters of the South Atlantic is moving ship Her Majesty "Conqueror". Already 30 hours British submarine continuously monitors the Argentine connection, led by the cruiser "Gral Belgrano". Here it is - 7 miles straight ahead, swinging in the foam on the ocean waves, confident in their invulnerability. Cruiser cover two destroyers - the Argentine fleet represents a mortal danger to the British surface ships. 15 six-inch guns of the old "Belgrano" can tear apart the fragile frigates and amphibious ships of the fleet of Her Majesty. A significant threat is and Argentine destroyers armed with missiles "Exocet».
In the semi-darkness of the control room of the submarine "Conqueror" tense silence reigns, officers waiting for orders from headquarters squadron ...

At the same time in the London mansion on 10 Downing Street takes the conversation along the following lines:

 - Admiral Woodward crazy. He wants to sink the Argentine cruiser.
 - This is the right decision.
 - We have no right to attack. Argentine ships are still outside the 200-mile declared war zones.
 - Sir, she has "a 200-mile zone of military operations", declared unilaterally by us, it is a violation of all international rules. Flush "Gral Belgrano", if necessary.
 - Miss Thatcher, are you sure?
 - Destroy the cruiser and do not ask stupid questions.

A month ago, none of the admiral of the Royal Navy dared to lead a risky trip to the Falkland. Margaret Thatcher had personally appointed Commander Rear Admiral Woodward - not the most experienced, but extremely "turretless" a naval officer. To successfully complete the task without hesitation demanded to include in the strategic missile submarine squadron "RESOLUTION" - in the case of the destruction of all British ships in the Argentine military bases from heaven come down nuclear fire. It's hard to say - whether it was a cruel joke or a real threat, but determination Woodward was well known in the admiral's quarters. "Iron Lady" Margaret knew who to trust is "hopeless" expedition.
And now, being on the aircraft carrier "Hermes", Admiral Woodward wondered why submariners have not received his order to destroy the Argentine cruiser. For some reason satellite communications center in Chelteme blocks transmission. However, the reason is obvious - briefs of Naval Staff are afraid to make a responsible decision. Damn them to hell! Argentine Navy takes mites British squadron - you need to until it is too late, to break at least one of the enemy's "claws." Staff rat! Anchor your throat! Octopus without oil in nadraenny fairlead!

Only at noon, with a delay of several hours on the nuclear submarine "Conqueror" I received a radio message from London: "Urgent. Attacked a group of "Belgrano».

The cruiser was 36 miles from the border declared "war zone" and obviously felt perfectly safe. Brave muchachos did not try to hide in shallow water, the Argentine destroyers aimlessly roamed the right abeam "Gral Belgrano", covering the cruiser from the banks Bredvud where, of course, no submarines could not be. They even did not bother to turn on sonar!

Looking through the periscope at all this strange company, kommender Reford Brown surprised shrugged and ordered to complete the course. The huge steel "pike" rushed through the water towards its goal. After completing the circulation right, the boat went smoothly at the point of attack of 1000 meters on the left side "Belgrano". The win was already in the hands of the British sailors, it remains only to choose the right weapon. Actually, the dilemma lies in two types of torpedoes: homing latest Mk.24 "Taygerfish" or good old Mk VIII of the Second World War. Taking into account all of the circumstances, and believing that "Taygerfish" not yet sufficiently reliable kommender Reford Brown chose pryamoiduschuyu torpedo the old type. At this time, "Gral Belgrano" serenely rocking on the waves, moving 13 hub swing to his death. The commander of the Argentine cruiser kaperang Hector Bonzo did everything possible to destroy your ship.

At 15:57 the nuclear submarine "Conqueror", while almost field conditions, produced trehtorpedny volley at the compound "Belgrano". After 55 seconds, two torpedoes Mk VIII sank into the left side of the Argentine cruiser. Explosions 363-pound warheads surrendered echoing in the compartments of the submarine, battle stations resounded with shouts of joy.


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