Confronting the Navy and the US Navy

"When a submarine of unknown objects near
detachments of warships of the US Navy to force them to surface.
Otherwise, use weapons to kill »
(directive of the Naval Forces of the USA)

Rendezvous with Mr. Eisenhower

Mediterranean was steeped in death - anti-NATO assets continuously scanned the thickness of sea water, the air buzzed with basic patrol aircraft. Americans are clearly preparing for some important event.

But Soviet diesel-electric submarine S-360 has its own task - to reach submerged to Gibraltar, secretly sneak into the area of ​​combat maneuvering the aircraft carrier "Roosevelt", determine the composition of the ships of his escort, and after successful completion of the task safely return to base in the Bay of Vlora ( Albania). Opinion NATO anti-Soviet sailors were not interested.

Before Gibraltar reached normal - the time moved on batteries, and when conditions allow, surfaced to periscope depth and "strike sharply" on the surface of the snorkel. Diesel knocking, gasping for air is precious, charged battery, the next day to energize the submarine at depth. Aircraft carrier spotted, turned back. On the 18 th day of the campaign we received a telegram: towards the squadron is led by the flagship of the Sixth Fleet - heavy cruiser "Des Moines". Be on the lookout. Good luck!

In the control room C-360 arose revival - by all accounts it is impossible to evade the meeting. Maybe to get close to "Des Moines" as conditions permit, and write the background noise cruiser?

The reality turned out differently: skillfully maneuvering between ships escort boat from acoustic data came out at a distance of a torpedo attack, another second - and torpedo salvo upset the 20,000-ton cruiser into the sea ... The commander of the submarine S-360 wiped the cold sweat from his forehead - the noise of propellers Des Moines (CA-134) was quiet in the distance ... And if there really had?

The Americans apparently felt something was wrong - an hour later, abandoned on the search destroyers spotted C-360, began the exhausting pursuit. The commander of the C-360 Valentin Kozlov later recalled: "If I commanded a nuclear-powered icebreaker, then returned to thirty knots - and completely dissolved in the sea. But I had a diesel-electric submarines with chetyrehuzlovym swing. For three days they chased the C-360, we filled firecrackers and sonar pulses, leading to the surfacing. Only in the area of ​​the island of Lampedusa, managed to break away ... When we returned to base - could not otdrait upper conning-tower hatch. For a month stay in salt water he had "become attached" to the coaming, which had to work with a sledgehammer ».

The reason Americans are furious with which they pursued a lonely "dizelyuhu," it turned out: on board the Des Moines (CA-134) was US President Dwight Eisenhower.

Rendezvous with the Enterprise Mission

Quest for the bombers. At that time the US intercept aircraft carrier group was thrown Soviet K-10 - nuclear submarine with cruise missiles of the first generation. The situation was complicated by the lack of precise targeting: data on the target coordinates transmitted to the boat for a day out of date. Over the Pacific Ocean and the storm raged AUG clarify the situation there was no way. The boat had a problem in the turbine compartment - K-10 is not able to maintain a full course of 36 hours longer. And yet, it was decided to go ...

In the South China Sea, the Soviet sailors waited unmatched Miss "Enterprise" - the nuclear super-aircraft carrier with 80 planes on board, accompanied by their "fighting friend" - nuclear missile cruiser "Long Beach", "Bainbridge", "Trakstan." Top-notch squadron that carried out 4 years before the events described non-stop circumnavigation through all the Earth's oceans.

Captain Nikolai Ivanov led his icebreaker completely unaware of what awaits them in the design point of intersection of the courses. Maybe splash of heavy waves, but can - fire a barrage of anti-submarine torpedoes from ships AUG. It was 1968, just a month ago in the Pacific Ocean without a trace vanished Soviet submarine K-129. You can not hover over the grave of comrades and not think about it ...

K-10 helped the case - even a hundred miles to the intended point of "rendezvous" of electronic reconnaissance submarine spotted frantic negotiations Americans - commanders of cruisers and destroyers are continuously reported in the flagship about how the tropical typhoon "Diana" tears and cripples their ships. On the surface of the raging 10-meter waves, even here, at a depth I felt the powerful breath of the ocean. Ivanov realized that this is their chance!

115-meter steel fish bravely rushed to the goal, guided by the sound of sonar American ships. AUG reduces the rate of up to 6 knots! - Hence, the boat will not have to develop a high speed, thus reducing their noise. Moving on six sites, the Soviet submarine would be undetectable to anti-submarine defense AUG. ASW aircraft, too, can not be afraid - no aircraft will not be able to rise from the deck of "Enterprise" in this weather.

They completed their task. As if mocking super aircraft carrier, the Soviet seamen 13 hours were at his head. If there is an order for destruction, "roaring cow" could be shot at close range aircraft carrier and its escort, and then disappear as suddenly as it had appeared.

GOLD FISH. THREE last wish

 - Russian submarine was found, bearing a hundred and twenty, distance forty-seven!
 - Contact lost!
 - Another submarine, bearing a hundred and fifty, a distance of thirty-two.
 - Contact lost!
 - Oh shit! Third, bearing seventy, distance fifty-five.

On the calendar October 1971. "Wolf pack" of Soviet submarines pursues the US aircraft carrier "Saratoga" in the North Atlantic.

 - All ships compounds increase the speed to the full!
 - Frigates "Knox"! Bearing the noise. Full speed ahead. Run!
 - There is complete.

ASW frigate breaks the system and trying to ward off immune Soviet icebreaker. But where awkward "Knox" with its 27 nodes to the "Golden Fish"! The boat makes the circulation of 40 knots and is already with another aircraft carrier ...

 - A second Russian submarine is on the left side!

US sailors did not understand that they pursued one single submarine K-162 - a high-speed underwater killer Project 661 (code "Anchar"). By the end of carrier battle groups to cease all attempts to break away from the pursuit and returned to the track. "Goldfish" a little more "wander" around an aircraft carrier, and completely melted in the water.

The fate of the USS "Saratoga" hung in the moment "in the balance" - whether from the Soviet order for the destruction of boats, it would be a couple of minutes "have settled" all the ships, and sped away AUG 44 units of its full stroke.
K 162 - submarine Project 661 "Anchar". It has so far no one has beaten the speed record in a submerged position - 44, 85 knots. (≈83 km / h)! Titanium case, an experimental reactor with metal coolant. Armament - 10 supersonic anti-ship missiles "Amethyst" TA kalibra533 4 mm. The cost of the boat was 2 billion. Rubles in prices of 1968. This "Goldfish»!


October 31, 1983, the US Navy testing ground in the Sargasso Sea. On the waves of anti-slip frigate "McCloy" astern on his rope drags kilometer secret antenna sonar type TASS (Towed Array Surveillance System), is able to pinpoint the Soviet submarine in a radius of hundreds of miles.

Under the bottom of the frigate "McCloy" for 14 hours to be a Soviet nuclear-powered K-324, Soviet sailors with interest the study of the characteristics of the new anti-US Navy. Everything is as usual, but suddenly "McCloy" changing course ...

The central post K-324 received a report on strengthening the vibration of the boat hull. Emergency protection fired turbines K-324 lost speed. Extra surfaced, we looked around. Horizon clean. The weather is deteriorating rapidly. The stern of the boat drags a piece of a long cable ... It seems something is wound on the screw. Trying to get rid of the damn rope ended in failure - the rope was so strong that he did not take any one tool.

Meanwhile, the commander of the frigate "McCloy" tearing his hair. Damn storm broke off the antenna TASS! But then ask him.

In the morning the boat surfaced found US destroyers. To their surprise, the stern at the emergency Soviet K-324 hanging on the eve of the missing secret sonar. The commander of the destroyer "Peterson" was contacted on VHF with Russian submarine, offered to help in the liberation of the cable is wound, but was rebuffed: allow a potential enemy on board? It is possible!

The same "episode of the antenna!" Standing without running the K-324, accompanied by a destroyer of the US Navy, "Peterson." The two warships Soviet ship is due (scout) CER-506 "Nakhodka»

Having been refused, destroyers moved to action: dangerous maneuvering around a fixed subs, they tried all day to cut the screws unfortunate rope. Naturally, they did not. Realizing that the Americans can take the boat by storm, the crew of the K-324 in any case prepared for the icebreaker to the explosion.

The next day, the second part of "marlezonskogo Ballet": trying to remove secret sonar under the unfortunate K-324 "ducked" the American submarine "Philadelphia" - a couple of awkward movements - and part of the rope caught behind the wheel of "Philadelphia." Two irreconcilable enemy was chained! After a day of forced joint voyage wire armored cable finally burst and "Philadelphia" happily swam away, taking on his body with a piece of rope capsule secret sonar. Alas, metrovnizkochastotnoy 400 antennas were still tightly wound on the screw K-324.

When arriving to the scene sea rescuer "Aldan" ringleaders towline, shots rang out - in impotent rage, Americans began to shoot the cable from the machine. Nuclear-powered ship was towed to Havana, where with the help of the special tool removed a secret cable antenna. That same night, a military transport board with fragments of the American antenna TASS flew to Moscow.

WHO YOU ARE? We call!

Fought the armies of naval exercises of NATO, Admiral content gathered in the main cabin, ready to "Combat" to note the results. Navy Western countries have shown a brilliant proficiency and high combat capability. The personnel of the ships acted boldly and decisively, in the course of the exercise showed personal courage and bravery. It was found, taken to support and conditionally destroyed all air, surface and underwater targets "potential enemy". For success, gentlemen!

What? Alarm in the combat control center. The connection went unidentified ship seems he wants something. But, damn it, where it could take even in the midst of the area of ​​naval NATO exercises?

The nuclear submarine K-448 "Tambov" Russian Navy is requesting help - there is a patient on board. As it turns out in the course of dialogue, one of the divers complications after appendectomy required emergency surgery.
"Pike" proudly emerges in the midst of NATO warships. The injured sailor with great care delivered on board the British destroyer "Glasgow", from sending a helicopter to land in the hospital. Russian "Pike" politely says goodbye to all honest company, sinks, and contact is lost ...!

It happened on February 29, 1996. The British press broke the flow of biting irony to the Navy Her Majesty, some analysts have compared the K-448 "Tambov" from the German submarine U-47, which is 55 years before the events described boldly broke into the British naval base at Scapa Flow and carried it a cruel pogrom.


CABLE in the Okhotsk Sea

One of the most mystical of joint operations by the CIA and the US Navy is considered "hacking" submarine cable connection at the bottom of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, which connected the submarine base "Krashenikovo" and rocket range "Kura" to the mainland - Americans are very interested in the test results of Soviet ballistic missiles, as well as Accurate information about the combat service of the Soviet submarine fleet.


In October 1971, in the territorial waters of the USSR nuclear submarine quietly infiltrated "Helibat" with equipment for special operations. Slowly moving along the coast of Kamchatka, the Americans surveyed signs on the coast, and then, finally, good luck - was seen a sign on the prohibition of any underwater work in this place. Immediately released controlled underwater robot with which could see the bottom of the 13-centimeter thick cable. The boat moved away from the coast and hung over the cable line - four divers secured eavesdropping equipment. The first data interception, "Halibut" headed for Pearl Harbor.


USS Halibut, was launched v1959 city, like an underwater vehicle cruise missiles. V1965, the conversion took place, turned the boat for special operations. To survey the sunken ships and submarines, looking for the wreckage of the Soviet ballistic missiles on the ocean floor, "hacks" line of underwater communication. Fierce baby!


A year later, in August 1972, "Helibat 're returned to the Soviet shores. This time it was a special instrument aboard the "Cocoon" weighing six tons with radioisotope thermoelectric generators. Now the years Americans could "shoot" the data from the secret communication cable on the seabed. In the summer of 1980 the same "bug" appeared on the cable in the Barents Sea. "Slept" Americans completely by accident - during another trip to the "object" in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the submarine accidentally fell upon his whole body to the ground and crushed cable.


Here they are, the submarine!

The most invulnerable naval weapons and destructive in the history of naval warfare. The credibility of the submarines is so great that they entrusted "honorable" role of gravediggers of humanity: nuclear submarine can operate for months covertly surface of the sea, and his weapons can incinerate all life on several continents.

Until now, however, there is not any reliable systems to counter these "Sea Devils" - if there is proper training of the crew, the modern submarine can slip unnoticed through all security systems and perform any task right under the noses of the unsuspecting enemy. If you went to battle submarines - the enemy can safely buy brooms and order his coffin. As they say, will ascend!




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