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46 years ago a submarine "Dakar" mysteriously disappeared in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. And this is just one of hundreds of mysterious stories that happened with submarines.

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Today marks 46 years since the death of the Israeli submarine "Dakar", which thousands of ships could not be found in over 30 years. Eventually found the boat, but find out the cause of the tragedy still have not managed. This is not an isolated case - in the history of the world's submarine fleet only officially reported incidents with the disappearance of submarines - 235, of which 64 falls on the Soviet and Russian vessels. Versions of the set - the existence of another intelligent civilization under water, which attacks the submarine (version scientists at Yale University), to Ichthyology - yet unknown to us huge cetaceans animals that live at great depths, disorganized radar radiation and therefore collide with boats (version Research Institute, Academy of Sciences of the seas RF). To eliminate the risks of information, tell only those incidents that have been documented and real witnesses.
January 9, 1968 submarine "Dakar", just bought Israel from England, without arms, with 69 crew members on board, went from Portsmouth to Haifa. January 15 refueling took place in Gibraltar. Solemn meeting of "Dakar", which was to engage the Israeli government almost at full strength, including Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, was appointed on January 29, 1968. At 10:00 am on January 24 "Dakar" followed by the island of Crete, about what the commander of the boat Ranaan Jacob said at a base in Haifa, specifying the exact coordinates of finding at that time. January 25 Ranaan said that he should be ahead of schedule and will come to Haifa on the day before. In response to the command is transmitted to the "Dakar" order to arrive at the port exactly on time. After 6 hours, was to be held the next session, but the "Dakar" it has not come out. Search for missing the boat lasted more than two months - officially of their termination was announced March 6, 1968. In Israel, was mourning for the dead sailors.

A year after the tragedy, a fisherman from the village of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip, who was at that time under Israeli control, found on the banks of the emergency buoy with "Dakar". Bui then was sent for examination to England, where on its surface were detected marine organisms specific to a certain area in the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Found that buoy surfaced from a depth of 300 meters, of which concluded that the boat must lie close to the coast. The search was resumed, but again to no avail. Finding the submarine did not stop for 30 years, was conducted 168 search operations, which together involved more than 2 thousand vessels of various classes. Command of the Israeli Navy has promised a reward of 300 thousand dollars for any information about the whereabouts of "Dakkar».

The boat was found only May 29, 1999. Then the French anti-submarine ship between Cyprus and Crete at a depth of 3,000 meters was discovered a suspicious object. After detailed study of deep-sea robot images, the researchers concluded that this "Dakar". Hull plating had no signs of damage, so the version of the attack or landmine fell off immediately. The long-awaited discovery of the boat only confuse the investigation. After careful study of "Dakar" divers and robots, cut off a piece of her cabin and put it in the museum of the Navy of Israel. The story seems to be how to finish.

However, materials of the Special Investigation Commission, declassified in 2013, contains an interesting report of the Special Operations Command of the Navy of the United Kingdom. It argues that it is precisely on January 26 sailors fishing vessel observed near Crete, in the halo of the most likely crash site of "Dakar", the strange underwater object. He was a big, bright light, but moved absolutely silently. This evidence is not in vain and to adduce them audited. Conclusions The investigation concluded that these events can be directly linked.

Also in 1968, but two days later, a thousand miles to the west of the place of loss "Dakkar" were teaching French naval forces. At some point, the submarine "Minerva" to convey that begins the persecution of an unidentified object appeared on the sonar screen. At a depth of 58 meters bond with the submarine was lost. In a rescue operation involved several dozen ships and planes of the five countries, but not the slightest trace of "Minerva" is not found. And also during search operations in the area of ​​searches now and then fixed and immediately disappeared unidentified underwater object.

As a result, the area lost another 3 French submarine. At different times in the same water area for unclear reasons disappeared "Sibylle», U-2326 and "Eredis." Of all four was found only "Sibylle". It lay at a depth of 800 meters, but the cause of the accident could not be determined.

But more recent history. Icebreaker "Samara" is back on the Kamchatka base of autonomous navigation in December 2002. The boat arrived before the deadline by as much as 2 months, and in her body several gaping holes. By itself, this incident was not at all out of the ordinary. The submarine under water could face anything: with another ship, floating objects, with a pier, and even with a coral reef, as happened with submarines Casper-Justa. According to the report by the commander of the vessel, the crew of "Samara" in swimming near the attendance of foreign submarines, but contact with them is expressly excluded. At the moment when the collision occurred, the instruments are not noted around any submerged or surface objects. Suddenly, sonar and other members of the crew heard a clap, but the bomber continued to go smoothly. Reported to the central office, checked equipment and instruments - damage was found. All this time the boat was submerged by a large margin depth under the keel, so clash with bottom objects were excluded.

Here is another case. In 1992, the submarine K-447 crossed the La Perouse Strait. There were no signs of trouble. Suddenly there was a strong blow. The boat stopped and began to lurch. When he reached 12 degrees, roll stopped submarine leveled off and moved on. After autonomous navigation at the time of the boat, divers found that almost all the nose portion below the waterline has turned into one huge hole. Only thanks to the powerful double hull submarine successfully return to base. Accident blamed on collision with a submerged iceberg and the boat set for repair. However, what really happened, still unknown.

So far we do not know about the nature of the phenomenon, which scientists call "Quakers." For example, referring to reports of Rear Admiral Oleg Chefonova, who was the commander of the nuclear submarine. Quote: "When the boat returned to base, walked on the surface, there was heavy fog and zero visibility. Suddenly appeared on the radar screen goal, which was to cross the course of the boat. Then I gave the command to increase speed. The aim is also increased. Then I took no chances and gave the command to lock the move to skip the unknown object. At this time, the object went on convergence. From the boat began to signal: let flares, include howler, Kindle spotlight. But the goal is not to react and quickly approaching. The tension was great. When an object is passed under the boat, everyone was waiting for, he emerges on the other side, but it took a few minutes, but he never showed up. " The second case with Chefonovym occurred a year later. "When the boat was surfaced on the radar screen was clear illumination. Purpose dangerously approaching. I ordered all record in a logbook. Again unknown object, swim under the submarine disappeared. Investigation II Management Staff of the Navy found that this happened with the other submarine.

End of the 60th and beginning of the 70s were literally overflowing with reports of NGOs (unidentified submerged objects). In different parts of the world now and then observed unidentified submarines have unprecedented characteristics. It almost came to international conflict between the United States, Norway and the USSR. The Soviet Union was suspected in the development of high-powered underwater secret weapon. Evidence, however, was not. Yes, and the Navy of the USSR officially declare that they have no submarines with similar technical facilities.

Class submarine "Scorpion" was the pride of the US Navy. This icebreaker ship was considered the most reliable in the entire Navy. During exercises off the coast of Indonesia's "Scorpion" found nearby unknown maneuvering object and decided to go for rapprochement. Suddenly there was a collision, followed by a loud explosion, and then the submarine and sank an unknown object. With escorts promptly lowered divers to assess the extent of damage and the possibility of retrieving the boat to the surface. Divers had to go upstairs only something like a piece of skin, and photograph crumpled and torn to pieces like a submarine hull.

The Soviet command first, these messages shrugs. But the time came when underwater UFO began to bother them. Then, by the decision of Marshal Grechko Intelligence in the Navy, a special group, whose task was to study, analyze, organize all the unexplained phenomena in the oceans, which may pose a threat to our ships. Commander Sergei Gorshkov, said: "The problem is extremely complex and new to us, but because of its decision to the forces and means will not be sorry. We give both people and vehicles. The result is important! »

The Group continuously went on fleets and collect information literally bit by bit. Commander in Chief of the fleet was also instructed to organize a series of expeditions. During one of them, where the ship was "Chariton Laptev," in the North Atlantic killed our nuclear submarine K-8. "Laptev," broke all records noises, rushed to the aid of ailing submarine and rescued most of the crew.

In the early 80's program "Quaker" unexpectedly closed. The group was disbanded, the materials collected her, secretive, and they all disappeared in the depths of the naval archives. Some former members of the group still believe that the Quakers - not that other, as unknown to science marine animals with high intelligence, like dolphins. This version of the stick and the staff of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Institute of the seas of Russia. Naturally this is not about some sort of mythical fish the size of a whale, but quite real being which is not yet known to modern science. Incidentally, the evidence of encounters with unknown species there abound. So, for example, about the giant squid arhitevrisov, dead carcasses which are sometimes found on the shore, more recently, was unknown. It is possible that "Quakers" may belong to the cetacean whose senses are working in the acoustic range. Then it becomes clear why they show such an interest in submarines. And probably submarine knock them astray, and "Quakers" for a long time circling around, trying to understand what they are doing.

Some scholars have expressed differing, sometimes sounding fantastic version of this phenomenon. Professor astrobiologist Vadim Sergienko believes that "maybe it's aliens staged their secret underwater base and conduct covert surveillance of humanity?" A team of archaeologists from Yale University led by Professor John Finney, suspects that "perhaps under a huge body of water inhabits another terrestrial civilization - more ancient, more technically advanced. Hostile or friendly to mankind, these unknown forces, we can not say for sure ».

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