Prebrezhny cluster Olympics as it is.

Work suddenly presented a gift - an opportunity to go to the Olympic facilities in the three weeks before the start of the Games. Get hold of a pass, I spent five days in the Olympic Village in the coastal cluster and in the Mountain. This post I open a small series about an event in Sochi. Immediately say, that neither fans to write about "built on my money", "circle litter" and "we do not have time" or to the blind patriots - singers odes in praise of the White Olympics, I myself am not, but because in my reports are honest showing both positive and negative points that I managed to grab a week running around standing on the ears of Sochi.

Will be 39 photos and comments. A source.

2.Formalno speaking, the Olympics will take place not in the entire Sochi, but only in the Adler district. All places of Olympic Glory divided into two clusters - coastal and mountain. In the first, the subject of today's piece, are all covered arena of the Games, the main administrative building and the main Olympic Village.

3.Nachnu, perhaps, with the northern part of the Olympic Park, with the "general staff" of the Games - the organizing committee. Just ask not to judge strictly for quality pictures work was more than enough time and vice versa, so many shots were made on the run, without seeking perspective successful or beautiful prospects.

4.Zdanie organizing committee is quite interesting shape that something navrode mersedesovskogo rounded icon, two sectors which takes a couple of separate three-storey buildings.

5.Zdes, as well as throughout the Olympics (and indeed Adler), the most prominent characters in these days are volunteers. Dressed in formal wear cute games, they are trying to help the guests, but it turns out not always. However, to blame the children is difficult: sometimes the information you need to find is impossible. And it's not a figure of speech.

6. One of the striking problems - nobody knows anything. Events (such as the closure of the entrance to any cluster or the introduction of special permits to a certain date) occur suddenly, without warning. Also navigation is rather weak. Here exacerbates the situation the number of visitors, with both among volunteers, and in the ranks of the police and other personnel. On the first day to find the right PPC I traveled a quarter of the perimeter of the park, and every new counter pointed in another direction. It turned out that the right to pass a pointer there.

7.Zato pleases quality of the roads, which had to travel in search of open doors. It's not just about asphalt - excellent range of interchanges, dividing strips, lighting, signs in abundance. It is hoped that after the Games, it all falls apart.

8.Sleva the previous frame can be seen a brand new image of the temple of the Holy Face of Christ the Savior. It is situated at the entrance to the park, consecrated at the beginning of 2014.

9.Ryadom grow no less pompous building for the clergy residence.

10.Vnutri the Olympic Park after the organizing committee begins the territory has not yet completed the track "Formula 1". Here I am seriously going in October, he is seen as maybe a piece of asphalt so technical buildings, no more. And for the track tower novёhonkie attractions "Sochi Park".

11.Gonschiki Queen of motorsport will be dimmed circles between the Olympic Stadium. Chief among them - 40000th football "Fischt", but it is enabled only for opening and closing ceremonies, as well as awarding the medal. But in 2018 here will glance best in the world pinateli ball.

12.Nazvanie "Fischt" refers to one of the peaks of the Caucasus mountain range and at the same time to the Circassian language.

13.Vtoraya most important area - Big hockey ice palace for 12 thousand spectators.

14. Figure skaters can accommodate a third less, "Adler Arena."

I 15.Ostalnye stadiums are not normally see (at Coastal Cluster I had the least time, so close getting just do not have time), but they are already in a state of combat readiness. Between these two giants, arrayed around the perimeter of the circular area is the Olympic torch.

16.Gde something lurking in this place my very ambivalent attitude to the Olympics. As a sporting event, she was not very interested, and I will look unless biathlon. I take other people's money, as I said, is not going (even if they are stolen), but I can not help the thought of a certain futility of all this infrastructure. Indeed, in the city there is no hockey, no football high. For comparison, take Kazan: even if you are not a sports fan, you still probably heard about the "Ruby" and the "Ak Bars", and on the UNICS. There will be someone to use the Universiade building. But you need Sochi arena of this scale? Oh, not sure. On the one hand. And on the other - on the new stadiums look nice, it's really top class (take a look for another "Iceberg" Skating).

17.Teper let's look at the Olympic Village. A few words about the organization. To contact the Olympic territory needed a cunning pass sewed magnetic chip, pass on it is possible only through multiple transmission, often presented in the form of white tents.

18.Vse checkpoints equipped with scanners and a bunch of serious protection. Rayed with great care, inside you can carry only a certain range of things that depends on the type of pass and holograms, to allow, for example, to enter the territory of the Olympics with the tool. The laptop and cameras is not forbidden to bring (and photographed), but you need to show that the technique works. The pass must be applied to the turnstile reader (in the picture it is lit in blue) and white on the big screen will be your photo to guard saw stole thou who coveted key. We must pay tribute, not once a week at the checkpoint have not checked carelessly.

19.Do not do without idiocy. Food and drinks can not carry. This, in principle, of course, but the thing is that to get something fit for human consumption, within only accreditation and holders of ordinary passes (as was I), at best, find a machine with chocolates and hot tea . And then, this diet champion was waiting for me in only one place of three. Feel at ease organizers, some of which can even ride on the objects on the machine. Their frontal glasses emblazoned infinity sign - as I understand it, there are no restrictions.

20.Vprochem, they also do not zabaluyut: hanging over the Olympic Park airship observer.

21.Proshedshemu all barriers opens the holy of holies - the Olympic Village. Her brain - the main media center of the Olympics, a huge building, probably in a couple of times more "Fisht" area.

22.Ryadom him a winner is an interesting-looking hotel.

23.Na edge of the village is a bus fleet of impressive size, and above it hangs Adler CHPS, Gazprom built specifically for the Olympic Games.

24.Esli continue to move along the edge, it is impossible to miss the slender ranks of the police barracks town. We catch up with law enforcement officers from around the country, the most common of St. Petersburg. Two, they say, even they fled, unable to endure living conditions.

25.No more interesting, of course, look at the accommodation of athletes and other participants of the Games. In total there are 47 buildings, they have to fit three thousand people. Here the houses are placed along the southern edge of the Village:

26.S them side by side luxury "Radisson", where it will hang out the tip of the IOC ...

27. ... and Congress Centre.

28.S other hand their backs semietazhek quarter "for the Olympic Family and the IPC" (IPC - a Paralympians IOC). Behind the line - the Black Sea, so the cluster is called the Coastal.

29.Osnovnaya same part of the village looks like. Well, in my opinion. I thought, would khokhloma, dolls and clumsy pseudo-Russian mansions and otgrohali neat houses.

30.Mestami already idyll. Probably, this village will appear during the Games.

31.Odnako and withered bushes, and black earth here still in bulk.

32.Mestami mud painted in green color to the authorities not propalilo afar. Motherland.

33.Machty communication disguised as palm trees.

34.Na territory of many large tents. Apparently, they dismantled after the Games.

35.Tsentr welcome and reception area waiting for the delegations the same fate. Capital construction will also be used as, quote, "Four Seasons resort" Juicy "." Again, I do not know how it will be in demand - Sochi lived for many years without the status of the largest resorts in the country. Whether the city is waiting for a qualitative leap in service of visitors or a quarter of luxury casting - today hardly anyone will tell.

36.Vnutri many buildings still quite empty. Construction, in fact, just beginning.

37.No work in full swing, I think, by February ripen. In general, the situation here at the same time labor and chaotic. If something is not ready for the Olympics, responsible comrades of the drain nasuyut be healthy; At the same time, organizational talent - is clearly not our strong point. It turns out that we have to do many things is not wrong. On the other hand, damn nice to see a bunch of Russian working tirelessly.

38.Mne think (for a long time, by the way), that the Sochi Olympics will be quite a normal: no high-profile failure, or the phenomenal success she will not see. Undoubtedly, the schools will be, but certainly there will be good moments. What more - depending on the past few weeks. Also note that the Coastal Cluster seemed to me the most chaotic and unprepared.

39.Tak what I mean? Every coin has two sides. What is the favorite to decide each on their own. I tried to show both.

This is all. Thanks to all.



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