How submariners stole supersekret US Navy

At divers to assume that there is a submarine lucky and unlucky there and just daring. Such can be considered a multipurpose nuclear submarine "K-324" (NATO - Viktor 3, we have this type of submarines is listed under the code "Pike"), which was pursued by the misadventures throughout life in a combat fleet.


Thus, even during factory testing in the summer of 1981 at about. Askold "Pike" rammed into the area of ​​the 4th reactor compartment unknown nuclear submarine (according to some sources - Chinese submarines such as "Han", which, according to Japan, sank. The Chinese themselves on this account store deathly silence). Then there was an explosion of the battery and volume fire in the 1st torpedo room, where there was a full ammunition - 24 conventional torpedoes and two nuclear warheads. And only some incredible miracle saved the "K-324" and her crew from destruction and nuclear disaster: a compartment was completely destroyed, but not torpedo detonated. Sometimes, the icebreaker suddenly rapidly sank to a depth to the fatal spot, where the boat will not float - they are like a shell, crushes a wild water pressure. And PE pursued "Pike" even after the withdrawal of it in sediment. It all began, they say, from the fact that during the descent from the slipway at the shipyard in Komsomolsk-on-Amur submarines of the keel did not break the traditional bottle of champagne. Four times in a row (!), Which is considered an evil omen ...

Describe all the misadventures of "K-324" for 20 years of service in the Pacific, and then the Northern Fleet - not enough for an entire newspaper. Therefore, we will focus only on one story from the life of the submarine. Stories exciting, unbelievable, decent adventure story.


Emergency ascent

Hike "K-324" to the shores of America in the autumn of 1983 made a stir in the Atlantic. At the end of October, the US media rumbled throughout the world sensation by publishing pictures of emergency pops up in the Sargasso Sea off the coast of the United States of the Soviet multi-purpose submarine "K-324". The boat was in the drift, giving trim by the bow and stern with partially exposing the propeller.

I must say that while the Cold War was in full swing, and the attacks of Americans, including and prowling about the shores of the US nuclear submarines of the USSR with nuclear weapons on board and pose a mortal threat to America "and the entire free world," the military-political leadership of the Soviet Union did not respond. And what can be said if Moscow did not really know what happened in the Sargasso Sea is located on a combat service "K-324»?

In fact, Americans are not worried about the very fact of our surfacing submarine. The reason for such a nervous reaction wings quite different. In what turned out to be wound on the screw "K-324". Situation was very serious. And at the forefront of this confrontation by chance were the commander of "K-324" Captain 2nd Rank Vadim Terekhin and his crew, in whose hands in those days was the fate of the entire world.

So what happened to the Soviet submarine in late October 1983 in the Sargasso Sea?

Unintentional catch of $ 500,000

It was the first combat service in the Atlantic "K-324", which shortly before it went from Kamchatka under the Arctic ice to the Northern Fleet and was included in its composition. Two foreign fairly easy NATO ASW our submariners were held in secret. Anyway, the surveillance of a not found. However, five days later heard the work sonobuoys. This indicated that they detected. Communicate to the fleet this manual did not. Because it is a minus commander for the loss of secrecy. Captain 2nd Rank Teriokhin hoped that he would be able to break away from "ears" adversary. And the case has turned up. In went the right direction for some large ship. "K-324" successfully settled down under his bottom and four days followed by its position in the Sargasso Sea. As a result of this maneuver, the enemy lost contact with our boat.

Arriving in the Sargasso Sea, "K-324" took the position 38 miles from the US Navy base Wil Jackson. There was a shipyard where the Yankees were building nuclear submarines like "Ohio". Just at this time, according to our intelligence, had to pass the test of the 5th Corps of the type of boat "Florida." At the edge of the territorial waters of the United States of its output is controlled reconnaissance ship of the Northern Fleet "Godsend." The idea of ​​our commanders was like that. As soon as the scouts find leaving the base "Florida", they immediately have to hand contact with the crew of "K-324" to have divers worked with an American submarine - wrote it features elements of agility, etc. In addition, "K-324" was to carry out exploration of American long-range acoustic detection systems, our ships. After a while terehintsy got shifroradiogrammu: exit "Florida" delayed a few days, change the watch area, follow in such a square. Submariners moved to the area. Hydroacoustics found some ship. Our submarine decided that this fishing trawler. Then the crew Vadim Terekhina again ordered to change the area. At the same time, "fisherman", ducked under it, our guys have changed position.

As it turned out, terehintsy "to sit down" at the bottom of the US Navy frigate "McCloy» (McCloy), which is just looking for "K-324" using the latest super-secret towed sonar (it's a few hundred meters of special cable at the end of which is in the capsule smart sonar filling). Soviet intelligence was after this new American system of early warning of foreign submarines, but get it while it was not possible.

Then courses boats and frigates left. "McCloy" and finding no Russian submarine (taivshuyusya under him), he returned to base. And then the Yankees were horrified: it turned out that they somehow inexplicably lost their super-secret expensive towed antenna. Commander of the frigate superiors "flogged" so that he cursed the day and hour when he decided to go to the service in the US Navy. In the end, it was concluded: the antenna has come off as a result of a violent storm began. Although it is still hard to believe: it was too firmly it was fixed, the tank does not come off! Tank-it may indeed not tear, but the submarine, and even the Soviet ...

"From 00 to 8:00 am on 25 October, I carried a watch in the control room - says the former commander of" K-324 "Captain 1st rank stock Vadim Terekhin. - Speed ​​of 12 knots, go to a depth of about 100 meters. At 3 o'clock decided to drink tea. Just sat down, vibrating body and there was a panic alarm. Worked emergency protection turbine. We lost a move. The boat we have single-shaft, so the situation is very serious! Under the keel of more than 4 thousand meters. Keep depth on thrusters on a quiet move under electric motors 3-4 knots. About two hours trying to figure out what happened? Tried to run a turbine, but it failed. Mechanic Captain 2nd Rank Anatoly Sedakov knew that something happened with the screw, but what? If wrapped fishing net - nothing like this would happen, it would have broken screw. So it was something else. Meanwhile, it was time for a session with the manual of the Northern Fleet. Around 5 am commanded to emerge to periscope depth. However, at periscope depth the boat could not resist, we washed up on the surface. We have lost all BTF (main ballast tanks. - Comm. Aut.) And surfaced in cruising position. It is clear that thus violated the secrecy. Violent storm raged. To get to the bridge was not possible. In the periscope could see some loop on feed stabilizers 10 centimeters in diameter. Apparently, this nowhere grafted cable and screw on the screw. Suggested that it was some kind of cable for military purposes. When managed to establish contact, given the radio to the command of the fleet, reported on the emergency ascent, situation. Then tried twice to go under water. In vain.


And for the second time became so rapidly fall to a depth that thought flashed: all end! After 140 meters, where we were, blow tank hard. With some difficulty, but failed to prevent the fall of boats on the transcendent depth. Surfaced. The storm did not let up. Boat with a displacement of 7, 5 thousand tons of cast on the waves like an empty tin can. In compartments of everything that was not fixed, and even that was attached, posryvalo from their seats and were scattered across the deck. Received radio. KP Northern Fleet brought us to communicate with MSC Chief of Staff of the Navy. The situation is very serious. In Moscow have long thought what to do. CPSU General Secretary Andropov was sick, and the responsibility for any consequences due to our freelance ascent nobody wanted to take ».

"The boat did not take risks»

"... The main headquarters of the Navy finally gave a coded message in which he asked to determine what the rope reeled boat on the screw? And then he ordered not to risk the ship and the people. And what can we do if a ship without a course and a storm is raging? In the evening on October 26 element subsided a little, I took the machine's safety end and made his way to the stern. Come close to the stabilizer and the screw was impossible. 6-7 meters opened fire on a cable. Sparks fly, bullets do not take it. So, armored. Second attempt to do midshipman. He made his way to the stern with an ax, mounted the coil of cable and how you canceled your score! Ax flew to one side, Ensign - in another. What to do? Decided to wait for the storm to subside completely. While waiting, show Canadian airliner. We immediately realized: now tell the Americans and we added headache. And sure enough, 40 minutes later, two anti-submarine "Orion" of the US Navy have been right there. Threw us sonar buoys, cushioned on all sides, like a wolf hunters red flags. When the couple flew to the base, they were immediately replaced by another. And since more than 10 days. And even helicopters constantly hanging over us.

On the night of October 27, we get the radio from Moscow sent to you razvedkorabl "Godsend" and from Cuba rescue ship "Aldan" for assistance. Figured: "Nakhodka" - a small craft, much good with it a little. A "Aldan" to spank us for at least 10-11 days ...

The team leader osnaz Senior Lieutenant Sergey Arbuzov, assigned to the "K-324" from the intercept learned that the Americans stormed captured Grenada, and now two destroyers of the US Navy, "Nicholson" and "Peterson" in full swing follow to our boat. I announced the alarm. We are not running, helpless, what to expect from the Yankees, is unknown. Especially that Arbuzov has learned that "K-324" caught and broke the top-secret ultra-modern cable-towed sonar antenna system TASS, which felt the US destroyer "McCloy." So we unwittingly stole a big secret US Navy. It became clear that the Americans will try to recapture this cable ».

Confrontation on the verge of foul

Approaching the helpless Russian submarine, the Americans began to clamp it in a vise: on both sides maneuvered dangerously at a distance of 30 m. At the same time mocking, politely offered to help. The commander of the "K-324" Terekhin ordered to post a signal to the periscope, "Thank you, do not need! Stop dangerous maneuvers! Have hazardous cargo on board! ". A load was really dangerous: torpedoes and missiles with nuclear warheads, a range of 3 thousand. Km, easily the deficient Washington. Meanwhile their ships could if not special, then because of the wave to hit the icebreaker and seriously damage it, and even sink. Destroyers, going from the stern "K-324", tried to catch the cable hooks antenna. The same operation was performed, and hanging over the boat helicopters. But it failed to do. It was a real battle of nerves, threatening about to escalate into military action.

Particularly critical situation is November 5th. The Yankees have raised alarm: prepare to descend air assault means! Aboard destroyers were fighters, pointedly puts on costumes divers.

Icebreaker "K-324" - the territory of a sovereign state. Is in neutral waters. If Americans really dare to seize the boat - this is war! Captain 2nd Rank Teriokhin invited to the council exec, political officer, a special person and a miner. It was clear that if the assault, submariners did not fight back. In any case, the commander of "K-324" Miner ordered to prepare icebreaker to undermine and flooding. The crew planned to transplant on rafts, and then approached razvedkorabl "Nakhodka».

When Americans began to prepare landing a boarding group commander in the aft superstructure sent eight officers with assault rifles and grenades. Ordered, shoot, if the Yankees dare to assault. A warning divers defiantly purged ballast tanks feed pressure of 200 atmospheres. Bubbles with noise up to the sky! To combat troops in the circumstances, it is also a weapon!
There is just Moscow coded "K-324" sent not to yield to provocations, the situation is extremely dangerous! Terekhin did not know yet that all NATO forces are given in high alert and were just waiting for the order to begin hostilities. The world was on the brink of war. In other coded messages signed Commander of the Soviet Navy Gorshkov was ordered in that whatever was to preserve the "trophy" antenna and a convenient opportunity to send to Moscow. Severe confrontation between the two superpowers continued until 7 November. But the Americans did not dare to take the Russian submarine boarded.

Yankees left holding the bag

November 8 came a rescue ship "Aldan". Lowered divers. At the hub of the screw "K-324" found strong tangle of torn metal and the two ends of the cable, trailing far aft. Loosen the screw in field conditions was not possible. As for the cable length of 420 m, the whole day our guys chose him out of the water with the help of elektroshpilya and placed in the 1st compartment. Then MSC Chief of Staff of the Navy instructed: to follow in tow to Cuba.

Easy to say - go! Free lift was not so simple: the Yankees until recently did not want to let go of the Soviet submarine with a "prey". "Aldan" stood up to the wind, "K-324" - the wind. Use a rubber raft, our sailors became start towing dredge, which took about 10 hours. And when almost everything was ready, the American officer on board the destroyer "Peterson" rafts shot from a carbine. Began to do it all over again. And the Yankees again shot, drowned our rafts with a tug. To "Aldan" was last set raft. What to do? This time, the operation of charging tug decided to cover exploration ship "Godsend." It worked! And emergency "K-324" led to the shores of Cuba. US Navy destroyers escorted the boat to the territorial waters of the Island of freedom.

Cubans met Soviet submariners welcome. Isolated platoon frogmen to protect the boat, at the entrance to the bay put two small anti-ship. On the first day of the secret cable was sent by plane to Moscow. But to smelt metal from the propeller hub "K-324" two Cuban brothers-cutter had four days. After 11 days of the Soviet submariners left Cuba and headed in the Sargasso Sea, where two more weeks patrolled. And only then were ordered to return home. Came to the base for a week before the new 1984 year. At the command boat took special department logbook and all other documents. They say that all official documents epic "K-324" in the Sargasso Sea classified to this day. And with our own, and on the American side.
- Vadim, will reward you for what albeit inadvertently, by chance, but carried out, in fact, the work of scouts, producing supersekret US Navy?
- Thank God, not punished! In our case, it was the best reward!


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