Russian submarine off the coast of Florida

The second in the last three months the Russian nuclear submarine was spotted Tuesday off the southeastern coast of the United States, said Wednesday the broadcaster CNN, citing sources in the Pentagon.

According to the US military, this time for the first time at the American shores, a new Russian submarine Sierra-2 (NATO) of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.
It was discovered on Tuesday in international waters about 400 kilometers from the US coast. However, she came to the area around Florida, where the US carrier battle groups to conduct exercises, according to sources in the US military.
According to them, now the Russian submarine turned back toward Europe and is already about 950 km from the American coast.

At the same time, Pentagon officials say they do not know the specific purpose of the visit of the Russian submarine, while noting that "they (the Navy of the Russian Federation) are doing the same, what they do and the US patrol, hold exercises».

Speaking of how the submarine was detected, but the source said that "everything was as it should have been", "Interfax».
Sierra-2 - a Russian multipurpose nuclear submarine of project 945 "Condor". It is equipped with cruise missiles "Granit". The submarine is designed to track strategic submarines and aircraft carrier battle groups of the potential enemy and assured their destruction at the beginning of the conflict.
According to the newspaper VIEW, in mid-August, the Western media wrote that the Russian nuclear submarine Project 971 "Pike-B" (according to NATO classification - "Shark"), capable of carrying cruise missiles, long-range, supposedly for the month was unnoticed Gulf of Mexico, relatively close to the coast of the United States, as it became known after the submarine left the area.
The first of what happened told the author of Washington Free Beacon Bill Gertz, known in journalistic circles proximity to the Pentagon and intelligence agencies.

Hertz pointed out that we are talking about the Premier League, which is considered "one of the most quiet" and elusive enemy radar for Russian submarines.

"The Russian attack submarines patrolling the waters in the vicinity of the coast of the United States only the second time since 2009", - stated in the article.

According to US officials, the presence of Russian submarine off the coast of the United States testifies to the shortcomings in the work of anti-American complex. They stressed that the administration of President Barack Obama to reduce the funding of these systems in the framework of a plan to reduce defense spending to 487 billion dollars over the next ten years.

Later, the Pentagon denied reports US media. "I do not know what is the basis of this information, but it is not true," - said Pentagon spokesman Wendy Schneider.




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