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American Odyssey Marine Exploration recently reported that they were able to raise a military transport ship, which sank in 1941 in the 300 nautical miles from Galway in Ireland, 48 tons of silver.
The ship sank in February 1941, on board were 85 people, only one managed to escape.
Since ship lying at a depth of 4, 7 km.

This finding is not a record. There are many valuable finds of our time.

"Naryshkin silver" in St. Petersburg, 2012

In March this year in St. Petersburg during the restoration of an old mansion Trubetskoys - Naryshkin workers stumbled upon a walled room filled with silver utensils. On most devices standing family coat of arms Naryshkin, and the products themselves are in perfect condition - in 1917 they were waiting in the wings, carefully wrapped in newspaper and a linen cloth soaked in vinegar, which prevented the silver oxidize.

$ 22 billion in Indian temple, 2011

Last year, the Indian temple was discovered one of the greatest treasures in the history of mankind. According to experts, the treasures, immured in the lower tiers Padmanabhaswamy Temple make up just 6% of the gold fund of India, that is about $ 22 billion.

Keepers of the temple, built in the Indian state of Kerala, began to fill the six underground storage offerings since the XIV century, and in the XVIII century it was decided to carefully walled up caches.

One and a half hundredweight of Roman coins in 2010

Two years ago, the UK was found a large hoard of coins of the Roman Empire weighing more than 160 kg. Bronze coins were stored in a clay jar, which was just under the 30-centimeter layer of earth and was discovered by an amateur hunters. According to experts, a jug of coins intended for a sacrifice to the gods.

Gold and jewelry in Staffordshire, 2009

In 2009 in Staffordshire amateur archaeologist Terry Herbert unearthed a treasure belonging to the Anglo-Saxon era. In total, it consisted of five kilograms of gold, about three kilograms of silver and precious stones.

Among the items found were gold brooches, armor and swords, utensils and religious utensils. Treasure hunter stumbled upon the treasure with a metal detector exploring the farm of his friend. Under the ground there were more than 1,500 different items that could belong to the representatives of the Anglo-Saxon elite.

The treasure hidden by Caesar, 2012

One of the largest in the history of the treasure was found this year on the island of Jersey in the English Channel. Amateur archaeologist discovered a cache, the total weight of the values ​​which amounted to more than 700 kg. According to scientists, put more than 2,000 years, and it may hide the Celtic tribes fleeing the troops of Julius Caesar.

Metal products so tightly packed in 2,000 years that have turned into one huge bar, the value of which, according to various estimates, ranging from $ 5 million to $ 17 million.

Millions of German Library, 2011

A collection of unique coins, total value of which can reach several million euros, was found among the books of the state library in one of the townships of Lower Bavaria. Maid found the box, which was a collection of Greek, Roman, Byzantine coins, as well as the French coins Napoleon Bonaparte.

According to one version, the collection was hidden in 1803 the authorities seized kept in monasteries coins and books in favor of the state.

Gold cruiser "Edinburgh", 1981

In 1981, in the Barents Sea was conducted the largest deep-sea operation to raise the sunken gold with the British cruiser "Edinburgh". At the end of April 1942 the cruiser came from Murmansk to England with 5, 5 tons of gold on board, but was damaged by German warships was sunk on the orders of the captain. Only in 1980, British experts have determined the exact location of the vessel, and in September 1981, most of the gold bullion was lifted to the surface. Several bars to find it was not possible.

17 tons of silver at a depth of 2, 5 km, 2011

About 17 tons of silver was discovered aboard a British ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Ship Mantola crashed in 1917 in an attack German submarine U-81. According to experts, the value of the treasure more than $ 19 million.

Treasure galleon "Atocha", 1985

In 1985, after 15 years of searching, it was found the legendary treasure of a Spanish galleon "Atocha", which crashed in 1622 because of the storm off the coast of Florida. Raised wealth evaluated at more than $ 400 million, among them were 200 gold, and a thousand of silver bullion, jewelry, gold chains, and an arsenal of weapons of the XVII century.

Pirate treasure on Florida beach, 1984

The treasure was found by one of the most famous hunters Barry Clifford just a few hundred meters from the beach of Cape Cod on the coast of Florida. He discovered the wreck of pirate galleys "Wide", which raised about five tons of different values.

Total price found more than $ 15 million: before the break about coastal reefs pirates robbed more than fifty ships.

48 tons of silver off the coast of Ireland, in July 2012

Recently, from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it was lifted about 48 tons of silver - the largest cargo of precious metal ever discovered in the depths of the sea. The treasure valued at approximately $ 38 million had been found on board the vessel "Jog Falls" off the coast of Ireland. This military transport ship sank in 1941 after the attacks of German submarines.

Gold, platinum and diamonds "ship without a name," 2009

The remains of a British cargo ship sunk by the Nazis during World War II, were found in the north-east coast of South America. The value of the findings was the fact that the ship was carrying a cargo of gold, platinum and diamonds, intended to replenish the treasury US.

Vessel name was not disclosed, conventionally called him Blue Baron. The ship was wrecked in June 1942.

Half a million gold and silver coins, 2007

In May 2007, the company Odyssey Marine Exploration, specializing in search of sea treasures, said the discovery of the sunken ship 500 000 gold and silver coins on the board. Treasures were raised and transferred to the US, but the company has not said who owned the sunken ship and where it was found.

Coins and a magic stone in the Caribbean, 2011

Last year, in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of the Dominican Republic US-based Deep Blue Marine hunters found treasure. In the XVI century on the site was a shipwreck. Divers find 700 ancient coins, whose value can reach millions of dollars, ancient statues and unusual mirror stone, which could be used in shamanic rituals.

Soviet platinum on the British ship in 2012

In February 2012, the famous treasure seeker from the US Greg Brooks discovered the sunken British ship Port Nicholson, which in 1942 was never able to take to New York platinum bullion from the Soviet Union. The ship was sunk by a German submarine. Its cargo was destined for the calculation of the Soviet Union and the US government for the supply of allied ammunition, military equipment and food.



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