Summer photos Greenland

Photographer James Balog from National Geographic provided interesting photos of Greenland, which were made in the summer. Greenland - is the largest island in the world, which is covered with ice. Island belongs to Denmark. Nuuk is one of the largest cities in Greenland, with a population of no more than 15 thousand people. Photos do interesting ways. They are installed in special locations and are charged by solar energy. Water- and windproof camera. In one year, each of the 35 cameras installed to make up to 12,000 images, which allows scientists to follow the evolution of melting ice.

Photographer descends into a round hole, which was created in the ice.

During the melting of ice, water droops in a very deep natural well.

One of the canyons of Greenland, which appeared as a result of melting ice. Ice thickness is sometimes as high as 700 meters.

50-meter canyon.

Black spot that you see in the photo, is a mixture of: dust, emissions from power plants and diesel engines. Because of these spots melting much faster.


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