5 most interesting facts about football

In traditional World Football Day, we decided to collect the most interesting facts about this beloved sport in one collection.

1. longest in the history of football match lasted 36 hours

Many football fans think that 90 minutes - it's too little. The most desperate lovers can play football even more than a day. Thus, to date, the longest football match is considered the match, held on 11-12 April 2009 the UK between Bristol team football academy and the "Leeds Bedzhers." This match lasted 36 hours and ended with the victory of Leeds with a score of 285-255. Particularly distinguished striker Leeds, Adam McPhee - he scored 75 goals.

Each team had 18 players, each of whom played for about 18 hours. It is estimated that on average, players ran for this match by 70 kilometers. However, even during the breaks the players could not leave the field.

2. Greenland can not join FIFA because the island is too small grass grows

Greenland was under full control of Denmark until 1979 years as a colony and had limited autonomy. But since the early 1980s, Greenland is trying to get more independence and to be recognized as an independent state. One way to accomplish this is sport.

For example, Greenland Taekwondo Federation, badminton, handball, volleyball, table tennis and biathlon received full membership in the International Federation of the sport. But unfortunately, the Football Federation of the island still can not get a membership. The thing is that the "green island" is not enough green. FIFA executives argue that the lack of a suitable grass and weather conditions on the island makes it unsuitable for the proper practice of the football team, so membership in FIFA can not be granted to Greenland.

3. The largest expense in football history - 149: 0

The match ended most crushing score in history took place in Madagascar. Madagascar champion football team AS Adema won the match Major League country team Stade Olympique l'Emyrne. Score - 149: 0.

Get this strange world record helped themselves losers. In protest against the unjust decision of the Referee Olympique steel balls to score an own goal. And had until the end of the match to score 149 pieces. With what and made history.

4. In the DPRK for a loss in a football match, you can get into the camp

In August 2011, by a public authority Kim Hoon Cheng, coach of the DPRK, sent to a concentration camp to engage in heavy physical labor for 14 hours a day. North Korea's leadership found him guilty of crushing defeat team with a score of 0-7. Pyongyang players questioned all day, and the coach took the blame for the wrong strategy. He therefore, according to experts, saved the lives of the players. After the World Cup in 1966, when the North Korean team reached the quarterfinals for the loss in the camp sent all the players except one-hitter.

5. There is a three-way football

Danish artist Asger Jorn in the early 1990s, came up with three-way football. It is played at the same time three teams in the hexagonal field and gate commands are placed on the sides of the hexagon through one. The winner of the match shall be deemed not scoring more than anyone else, and conceded the fewest of all the team. The main idea of ​​creating such a sport author considered the destruction of the traditional bipolar confrontation in football and to give the game a more philosophical approach. Today Three sided football matches, usually confined to the non-systemic and festivals, exhibitions or major political events.


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