20 reasons that soccer is the sport in polar history


Although there are hundreds of popular games in the world, but football is considered to be the most favorite in the world sport. Especially now, during the Euro-2016, when talking about football heard on every corner! < Website publishes two dozen of the most interesting facts about football.


Harald Bohr - brother of the famous physicist Niels Bohr - he was a very famous mathematician and a good football player. And so good that when he defended his doctoral thesis in the audience there were more soccer fans than mathematicians.

Fans of North Korea in the World Cup is actually replaced the Chinese volunteers, as citizens of this country is forbidden to travel abroad.

The game is called football not because the ball being kicked, but because previously played it commoners - on foot, in contrast to the noble people, have fun on horseback

. At one point during the match in the Democratic Republic of Congo lightning struck a football field, killing all eleven players of one team, without touching any player of the other team.


The famous football player Abby Wambach at the age of 4 years old girl was transferred from team to team boys when she scored 27 goals in the first 3 games.

Greenland can not join the FIFA association, because there is so bad grass grows, that football field does not meet the standards.

In 1914, at the height of World War I, some officers from the UK and Germany have announced a truce for the Christmas holiday. They exchanged gifts and even played soccer.

In 1967, during the civil war in Nigeria, opponents announced a 48-hour cease-fire to look at the game of the legendary Brazilian Pele.

Footballer of Greece Giorgos Katidis was disqualified for life for Greek football association that said scored a goal reminiscent of the Nazi salute gesture.


German footballer Mesut Ozil donated his prize for winning the World Cup for payment of surgical operations for Brazilian children.

Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho first attracted the attention of the world media in the age of 13, when, during one game scored 23 goals, bringing his team to victory with a score of 23:. 0

World Championship 2006 in Germany brought a real baby boom: 9 months after the birth of his level has risen by 30%

. By signing the contract with the club «Racing Boxberg», 20-month-old Belgian brights Bruce became the youngest professional footballer in the world.


As a youth, Queen Elizabeth II liked to change the appearance and participate in football matches far from Buckingham Palace.

The logo of the Irish football club "Drogheda United" star and crescent painted in honor of the Ottoman Empire - in gratitude for smuggle food into the region during the Great Famine

. In 1985, through the fault of the British fans have suffered from injuries, about 600 people, and then all the British team for 5 years were excluded from participation in international competitions.

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